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Best Apps For Kayaking

5 Best Apps For Kayaking

Ever searched for the best apps for kayaking ? Don’t worry , cause we already did. Kayaking is a great water sport for many people and if you are like me then it’s more than a hobby or sports to you. It’s a lifestyle for many kayakers. This is a new era where technology is overtaking everything and in order to stay updated we need to take help from technology too.

There are many apps which can help us in kayaking. We have tried to collect them and post them here. We will continuously add new apps on this list to make it easy for you to find the best apps which will enhance your kayaking experience. From fishing to GPS we are going to share a big amount of apps in this list.

5 Best Apps For Kayaking


Not all kayaker own a GPS or a fish finder with GPS. However, now a days most of the people owns smartphones. If you don’t own a GPS machine then you can take help from your smartphone. iPhone, android and windows users are lucky that there are many GPS apps on their smartphone.  One of the best option is to use Google Maps GPS. It’s undoubtedly one of the best GPS apps for fishing and other purposes. Check Google Maps on : android, iPhone & GPS.


No matter whether you are kayaking on the lake or sea you need to check the weather status. You may not need this if you are kayaking in the backyard pond ,yet it can come helpful if you do. From wind speed to the possibility or rain and thunderstorms , this app can surely help you for better kayaking. It even has push notifications to the united states. Great app for kayaker to get. It’s free and available in almost all platforms. Download : Android, iOS, Windows, AccuWeather Premium

FirstMate (paid)

FirstMate app for fishing

This is an excellent app for fishing purposes. If you don’t want to burn your times but want to get the weather updates easily then this is going to be a very good app for you. From moon phases to tide charts this app will feed you with all the relevant information for fishing. It’s available on the iPhone and it will cost you $4.99 (at the time of writing). Buy from appstore.

Google Keep

You might be wondering that why I am posting a note taking reminder app in this list. Well, most of the times we forget to take the gears that we need for kayaking or may be you want to get a reminder of the gear. This small app can keep a log of what you should take while going for kayaking. It’s simple and it’s fantastic.

Download : Android, iOS

Boating US & Canada by Navionics

Another paid app for kayaker and anglers. Despite the fact that it’s costly, it provides excellent information to the users. This is world’s most popular marin and lakes app. It’s very popular among cruisers to kayakers. You can get detaile chart on several important things like nautical charts, wind forcasts , routes etc. There are free versions to check out the feature first. Use the free version first and get pro if you like the app.

Download: iPhone, Android

We will continue to add more apps to this list. Meanwhile don’t forget to share this post with your friends.

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