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Best Fishing Kayak Reviews

10 Best Fishing Kayak Reviews 2017 -Fishing kayak Buying Guide

Fishing kayaks are one kind of kayak which is best used for fishing purposes. Our today’s article will focus on the best fishing kayaks available on the market. Even though any kayak can be used for fishing purposes, but these best fishing kayaks will enhance your fishing experience with extra support.

Choosing the best kayak for fishing is not an easy task as there are many variables in this and these need to be cross-checked before getting one. However, we have researched a lot on the best fishing kayaks for sale and we have compared them below.

Best Fishing Kayak Reviews 2017

Perception Kayak Pescador Pro 4.812 footPolyethylenebuy button
Malibu Kayaks X-13513' 10"Hard Shell
Useful UH-TK181 12.5 foot Tandem4.812.5 footPolyethylene
Old Town Predator 13 Kayak513 ft 2 inpolyethylene
Sun Dolphin Journey SS Kayak4.810 ftRugged UV-stabilized Fortiflex® High Density Polyethylene
Sun Dolphin Aruba sit-in Kayak4.510 ftHard Shell
Lifetime Sport Fisher Single or Tandem Kayak4.810 FeetBlow-molded polyethylene
Coleman Colorado(TM) 2-Person Fishing Kayak4.715-16 feet
18-gauge PVC
Ocean Kayak Prowler Big Game II Angler Kayak512 feet 9 inchesLT9000 Polyethylene
Lifetime Tamarack 4.310 FootPolyethylenebuy button


Lifetime Sport Fisher Single or Tandem Kayak

best tandem fishing kayak
Best Tandem Kayak for fishing: This 10 feet fishing kayak can be used for single or tandem use. It can even carry three riders, so if you are looking to take your dog while fishing then this is a good option. Many anglers love this tandem fishing kayak, and most of them are recommending this to others.

This ultimate fishing kayak has a tunnel hull design which allows the users to stand up while catching fishes. If you are planning a fishing trip with buddies, then this can be very handy as it can carry up to three people. As a result, the fishing picnic will become very enjoying and effective. It comes with scupper holes which will drain the cockpit area. With the four pole holders, you can easily start a fishing picnic or solo fishing picnic.

Undoubdetly the best Fishing Kayak


  • Can be used single or tandem or even three riders
  • Four fishing pole holders
  • Comes with dry storage compartment
  • Well balanced
  • can sit side saddle easily
  • 6 inch rear storage hatch
  • Excellent stability with good tracking

Buy From amazon

Large Sit On Top Kayak Review

Malibu Kayaks X-13

This is a top notch sit on top fishing kayak for the expert anglers. It comes with many features, 29th inch, especially for the anglers. This kayak is quite big with 13 feet le29th-inchwidth. The manufacturer intentionally made it super friendly for fishing and recreational purposes.

One of the best thing about this fishing kayak is that there is plenty of storage to store catches, fishing equipment, camping materials and other stuff. The storage comes very handily if you are planning a fishing trip. This fishing kayak is equipped with 2-rod holders on both front and rear for incredible fishing experiences. There is plenty of spaces to install any kind of gear you want to like fish finders. It’s just the best deal for a fishing kayak. Check full through Malibu Kayaks X-13 Review.


  • Huge storage capacity
  • Fast speed with excellent stability
  • 2 front rod holders
  • 2 rear rod holders
  • Very big gator hatch
  • Wide cockpit area
  • Very lightweight
  • Looks very cool
  • Enough space to mount several fishing gears like Fish Finder


  • None

Old Town Predator 13 Kayak

Old Town Predator 13 Kayak Review
Best Fishing Kayak: This is another long fishing kayak which has a length of 13 ft 2 inches. This fishing kayak is very powerful and engineered to provide the maximum support to the anglers. It comes with all the support an angler could ever ask for. From stand up fishing straps to six removable mounting option this one is a great kayak for fishing.

This sit on top fishing kayak has removable six strong mounting option which is more than enough to customize where to put the rod holders, fish finders or other fishing gears. It’s large capacity exo ridge tank well can keep the gear like a fishing cooler, battery for trolling motor and other kinds of stuff.

  • Engineered to provide support to the anglers
  • High durability & strength
  • slip-resistant Exo-Ridge deck
  • Eight scupper holes
  • Easy to customize with six high strength mounts
  • Stand up fishing straps
  • Superb stability with tracking


  • Slightly expensive

KL Industries Sun Dolphin Journey SS Kayak Review

KL Industries Sun Dolphin Journey SS Kayak Review


This powerful fishing kayak is very popular among anglers. It comes with well equipped system to enhance your fishing experience. There are two flush mount rod holders along with one swivel rod holder. This 10 feet fishing kayak come with great sitting arrangements and provides easy entry via the open cockpit.

There is enough space for via portable accessory carrier and there is even dry storage compartment. As anglers take some fishing gears with them , it becomes really easy for them on this kayak. If you are tall or has long legs then you can easily be relaxed as it has adjustable foot braces. It’s a low weight fishing kayak which weighs at 41lbs only. This actually makes it very easy to carry. As a result people who likes to fish alone can easily load it in their pickups.



  • Made for fishing
  • Huge & comfortable space for sitting and moving
  • Lightweight
  • Good legroom with adjustable footbraces
  • Sufficient space to keep fishing gears
  • Provides excellent value for the price


  • Even though weight capacity is 250lbs ,but becomes unstable over 210

Buy From amazon

Sun Dolphin Aruba sit-in Kayak

Sun Dolphin Aruba sit-in Kayak 10-Feet

Best cheap fishing kayak for beginners: If you are just beginning and looking for a sit in fishing kayak then Sun Dolphin Aruba Sit-in kayak is your best option to go for. Even though it’s cheap but it comes with very useful features for fishing purpose.

This is a 10 feet sit in fishing kayak which has a weight of only 40 lbs. This fishing kayak has a hull design which has optimum combination of tracking and turning. This kayak comes with great gear storage with shock cord deck rigging. One of the great features of this kayak is that it comes with a deluxe adjustable seat with high back support. It’s comfortable and easy to adjust.

This is an entry level fishing kayak which comes with great price tag. You can mount few fishing rods and gears.


  • Very reasonable price
  • Good stability
  • Comfortable sitting arrangement
  • Can mount fishing rod
  • tracks good


  • Not suitable for advanced anglersBuy From amazon

Coleman Colorado(TM) 2-Person Fishing KayakBest inflatable fishing kayak

Best inflatable fishing kayak : There are many people who loves inflatable fishing kayak and this one is very popular among them. This inflatable kayak guarantees not to leak. This inflatable kayak can quickly set Rod holder which will allow you to hands free fishing. Thus you can d other gear stuff while catching fishes.

This inflatable kayak can be easily inflated or deflated. You can easily attach other gears with the D-Ring, and you can easily adjust your seat moves. This is tandem kayak for fishing is excellent for lake usage. If you are planning to fish with your friend, then this tandem kayak is best.

  • Easily inflate or deflates
  • Airtight® System is guaranteed not to leak
  • Easy to set rod holder quickly
  • High build quality
  • Easy to carry and move
  • Hands free fishing
  • Mesh storage pocket included
  • High stability


  • Slightly expensiveBuy From amazon

Ocean Kayak Prowler Big Game II Angler Kayak

the best fishing kayak sit on top
This is a 12 feet 9 inches long kayak for anglers which can load up to 550-600 lbs. This is a perfect fishing kayak for anglers as it come with huge features. If you want to pass a cool time of the water along with catching fishes then this is the best fishing kayak for you.

This wide fishing kayak provides excellent stability for the anglers. There is molded seat with adjustable foot brace system which is really great. You can catch an enormous amount of fishes if you are an expert. You can use two rods on the side holders, grab a beer and wait for the fishes to get caught or use a fish finder to know the spot of fishes.


  • Very stylish with various colors
  • Lighter in terms of size
  • Adjustable foot braces system
  • Spacious
  • Good storage system
  • 2 Rod holder mounting on sidebar


  • Expensive


How To Choose Best Fishing Kayak For Anglers

It’s not a tough job to find the best kayak for fishing purpose. You need to understand your requirements first, and thus you can easily pick the best kayak for fishing. See the points below, and you will understand which will be good for you.

Sit on top vs Sit in kayaks

One of the most important thing about choosing a fishing kayak is to understand whether you need a sit on top or sit in kayak. Both have their own facilities.

Sit in fishing kayaks

Sit-inside kayaks are best for less warm places as they keep your body warm. If you are fishing in a cold area, then these sit-inside fishing kayak is best for them. These are more like vehicle stuff. One of the biggest con of using a sit inside kayak is that you don’t get the freedom of moving easily. If you are fishing, then you need to move or get in or get out of kayak quickly. This is what is missing from sit inside fishing kayaks.

Sit on Top Fishing Kayak

Sit on tops are very user-friendly regarding fishing. You can easily get in the sit on top fishing kayak, and you can easily get out also. These types of kayaks have scupper holes to drain out the water from the cockpit. If you love to stand or sit while fishing, then this is the perfect choice for you. I love to use sit on top kayaks for fishing as this gives me extra space for moving on my kayak. The only cons of using a sit on top fishing kayak are that you might get wet or the cockpit will surely get wet while paddling.


Length is another important thing that you need to check while getting a fishing kayak. If you are a tall person, then you might need enough space to keep your legs. Thus you need a lengthy fishing kayak with proper leg management or foot braces. Note that, a long kayak will be heavier than small kayaks.


If you are fishing on your kayak, then you need to check whether the kayak provides good stability or not. Since you are fishing, it is highly important to have a kayak with good kayak stability.

Mounting option

A great fishing kayak will allow you to mount your fishing gears like Fish Finder. Some of the fishing kayaks have already mount installed for easier usage.

Rigged vs Unrigged:

Usually, all kayaks are same unless you have rigged it. Regular kayaks don’t come with fishing rod holder. However, fishing kayak comes with rigged units. As our primary purpose is to catch fishes, we will be using rods on our kayaks. Thus we need to find fishing kayaks with rod holder. However, you can mount rod holders on many kayaks and turn them into fishing kayak. If you want to save some buck then you can do the rigging process by yourself. It might require some skills, but if you are handy then you can do this.


Definitely price plays a great role in purchasing a kayak for angling. One thing that you need to understand that you get what you paid for. In order to get maximum support for fishing , you need to pay more. However, if you can check the features then you will find a lot of good fishing kayak for the money . We have mentioned some good fishing kayaks under $500.


Since we are fishing it’s good to have a good storage system where we can keep catch cooler bag or the catches itself. Having a good storage will allow you to keep the fishing gears also.

Motor Or Paddle

My personal suggestion is to buy trolling motor for fishing kayaks. As our primary target is fishing, then why would we waste our times & energy on the paddling while we can use trolling motor. Check some best trolling motor here. However, if you feel like using paddles then check these Best Paddles for kayaking.

Final Verdict

My vote will go for Old Town Predator 13 Kayak. It’s made for fishing and it really provides excellent performance on the water. However, if you are looking for cheap fishing kayaks then go for Sun Dolphin Journey (amazon link). If you are looking for tandem fishing kayak then go for Lifetime 10 Foot.

I hope that our report on the best fishing kayak will help you to get the best fishing kayak. Life is short, go fishing and don’t forget to share this article with your friends.

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