River Thames

Glide along the serene stretches of the Thames in Richmond, where history and nature merge, offering breathtaking views of the riverside mansions and verdant meadows.

Regent's Canal

Kayaking on Regent's Canal offers a unique perspective of London's historic waterway, meandering past picturesque houseboats, iconic landmarks, and serene urban green spaces.

Royal Docks

Kayaking at Royal Docks presents a blend of London's maritime heritage and modern skyline, with expansive waters bordered by historic docks and contemporary architecture.

Richmond Upon Thames

Kayaking on Richmond Upon Thames provides a tranquil escape, gliding through the scenic beauty of leafy riverside landscapes and historic Georgian architecture.

Grand Union Canal

Kayaking along the Grand Union Canal takes one on a journey through Britain's industrial history, lined with charming old locks, traditional narrowboats, and bucolic countryside vistas.

Walthamstow Wetlands

Kayaking in Walthamstow Wetlands offers a serene encounter with London's rich biodiversity, as one paddles amidst thriving birdlife and reed beds in this urban nature reserve.

Hyde Park’s Serpentine Lake

A wonderful place for a leisurely kayaking experience right in the heart of London.

Hampstead Heath Ponds

A wonderful place for a leisurely kayaking experience right in the heart of London.

Brent Reservoir (Welsh Harp)

Located in North West London, Brent Reservoir, commonly known as Welsh Harp, is a large water body that offers a peaceful kayaking experience within an urban environment.

Limehouse Basin

As you paddle around Limehouse Basin, you’ll experience a fascinating blend of modern and traditional London. The waterway is surrounded by contemporary apartment complexes, trendy bars, and eateries, juxtaposed against remnants of the old docklands, such as the restored Victorian clock tower.

The River Wandle

A tributary of the River Thames, the River Wandle is a lesser-known but charming spot for kayaking in London.

Little Venice

Known for its beautiful canals and colourful narrowboats, Little Venice provides an idyllic setting for a relaxing kayak trip. It’s easily accessible via Warwick Avenue tube station, and there are several boat hire services nearby, including the Paddington Sports Club.

Lea Valley

Stretching 26 miles through North East London, the Lee Valley, also known as the River Lea, offers a lengthy and diverse kayaking trail that takes you through an array of landscapes.

Shadwell Basin

Paddling in Shadwell Basin is a unique experience, with the modern skyline of Canary Wharf visible in the distance.