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Ice fishing is fun. To get the most out of it, you need the best ice fishing rods in the market. Ice fishing requires you to have different fishing rods than regular fishing rods. If you are new to this blog, you need to know that I fish a lot from my kayak. Since it’s winter, I can’t stop myself from fishing. When everything starts to become white, I start ice fishing on the local ponds, lakes, or rivers. It’s fun, challenging, and makes me happy.

Just like other fishing gears, you need to have the best ice fishing rods to make the most out of it. I am going to share some of the best ice fishing rods below. These ice fishing rods have one thing in common, to maximize your ice fishing experience.

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Best Ice Fishing Rods 2022

Tailored Tackle RodCarbon FiberYesbuy button
Shakespeare Ugly Stik GX2 graphite fiberglass blankYesbuy4
Piscifun Storm Spinning Rodgraphite constructionNobuy4
Fiblink Graphite RodGraphiteNobuy4
Celsius Boiling Point 24”Not mentionedYesbuy4
Baitrunner Noodle RodE-glassNobuy4
Fenwick Elite Tech graphiteNobuy4

Shakespeare Ugly Stik GX2 Ice Combo

Shakespeare Ugly Stik GX2 Ice Combo

Ugly Stik GX2 is one of the best ice fishing rods available in the market. Ugly Stik GX2 is the upgraded technology of the Ugly Stik generation. While maintaining the traditional performance, it comes with better durability and functionality. Shakespeare Ugly Stik GX2 Ice Combo is one of the best ice fishing combos you can find on the market. This ice fishing rod and reel combo will provide a lightweight graphite body reel with one ball bearing. The cold-forged aluminum spool for better durability.

Ugly Stik GX2 rod is constructed with the ugly tech construction. It uses graphite fiberglass blank for more power with low weight. So no matter how harsh the environment it is, you can always rely upon this ice fishing rod. As I mentioned earlier, the ugly construction with the graphite fiberglass blank offers superb performance with high durability. If you are new to ice fishing, you can rely on this best ice fishing combo. The great thing about Ugly Stik GX2 Ice combo is its ultra-low price. I bet you can’t get any other high-performing ice fishing combo at such a low price.

Notable Features:

  • Ported aluminum spool
  • Clear rip design blank
  • Twist-lock reel seat with EVA design
  • Light, medium, and medium-heavy option available
  • Stainless steel guides
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Piscifun Ice Fishing Rod Medium Light

Piscifun Ice Fishing Rod

This is a medium-light action ice fishing rod from the Piscifun. As you can see in the picture above, the high tenacity allows it to be bent the almost tip to the reel. Despite being so strong, thanks to the graphite material, it’s very sensitive too. The lightweight stainless guides are helpful to reduce friction. The rod blank is made of graphite for high durability. TO provide better comfort and better grip, it uses an EVA handle. In a nutshell, this

Piscifun Ice fishing rod is available at a very cheap price. It’s available in two different sizes at the moment of writing, and both of them are very reasonably priced.

In a nutshell, this medium-light action ice fishing rod can withstand harsh environments, and help you catch fish. What’s more, its travel-friendly design makes it easy to move with it.

Notable Features:

  • Graphite rod blanks
  • Lightweight and durable aluminum oxide guides
  • Different Sizes
  • Solid cork handle offers nice grip
  • Stainless guides

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Fiblink® Graphite Ice Fishing Rod

Fiblink Graphite Ice Fishing Rod

This is a light, strong and sensitive ice fishing rod from fiblink. The blank of the fishing rod is made of graphite. Most ice fisherman complains about the comfort, but thanks to Fiblink for providing solid cork handles. This cork handles are sized and shaped appropriately for excellent comfort with a great feel.

There are two sizes available for this rod, one of them is medium-light power and another one is medium power. Despite the sizes, the price is very cheap and almost anyone can afford it. In a nutshell, fiblink graphite ice fishing rod has the ability to make ice fishing easy and enjoyable.

Notable Features:

  • Lightweight, sensitive and durable
  • Pure power transition
  • Technique specific actions and lengths
  • 30 ton sanded smooth carbon blank
  • High-quality IM6 carbon
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Berkley Lightning Ice Rod

Berkley Lightning Ice Rod

Berkley Lightning is one of the best ice fishing rods in the market for its rugged but lightweight fiberglass blank. This lightweight fiberglass blank offers a responsive and durable performance in a harsh environment. Despite the good fiberglass blank, this ice fishing rod comes at a very low price. The guide is intentionally oversized to keep it warm. The cork grips also come very handy to keep the fisherman warm with a comfortable handle. The graphite spinning reel comes with the ball-bearing drive, smooth front drag, and either left or right convertible retrieve.

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Celsius Boiling Point 24” Ultra-Light Ice Fishing Combo

Celsius Boiling Point 24” Ultra-Light Ice Fishing Combo

Celsius Boiling Point 24” is an ultra-light ice fishing combo. Celsius Boiling Point is available in three different actions: Ultra-light, Medium, and Medium Heavy. The rod used in this fishing combo is pretty good. However, there are no strings in the combo. So you need to get it by yourself. The handle is slightly clumsy but can withstand harsh environments. It may not be the best ice fishing rod combo but does the job smoothly. You can grab this at a very low price.

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Baitrunner Noodle Ice Fishing Rod

Baitrunner Noodle Ice Fishing Rod

This 28” E-glass ice fishing rod has a high sensitivity for easy fishing. The backbone and handle of this ice fishing rod are pretty strong for secure hook setting. As you can see, the handle is slightly different than the most ice fishing rods handle. It has been patented for its design and features. Unlike most ice fishing rods, this one comes with a high price for it’s high-quality. The special ABS handle design has improved the sensitivity and allowed better reel positioning. Once you grab the Baitrunner Noodle ice Fishing Rod, you will feel it’s premium quality.

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Lunkerhunt Fast Action Ice Fishing Medium

Lunkerhunt Fast Action Ice Fishing Medium

Lunkerhunt first ice rods are very popular for their brilliant design, material, and durability. Most of lunkerhunt fishing rods are built with unique flat and vertical blank technology for excellent flexibility and high durability. You will find a hard time finding a similar ice fishing rod, but once you grab one of these rods, you will feel the vibe.

This unique vertical blank technology provides high flexibility with ultra-sensitivity. It also features Lunkerhunt’s innovative Ice Flex Technology. Thus, the soft tips can detect the strikes pretty easily. The backbone can haul the lunkers to the hole when needed.

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Why are ice fishing rods so small?

If you wondered why the ice fishing rods are small, you are not alone. You need a good sensitivity in the rod to feel to detect the bites much faster. That is the single big reason why ice fishing rods are small. Sure, you can try using a big rod, but the detection rate is quite weak in such rods. However, if you are targeting larger fishes, a bigger pole may come in handy.

Final Verdict

There are lots of other ice fishing rods available in the market. Ice fishing is different than typical fishing, and it requires you to have the best ice fishing rods to make the most out of it. The winter is very close, and you need to prepare for ice fishing. We will continue to update this list with more ice fishing rods. If you have any suggestions about the best ice fishing poles, leave them in the comments section below.

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