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Are you looking for the best marine speakers? We are sharing our in-depth research to find the perfect marine speakers to listen to music. Besides helping you how to choose the best marine speakers, we will also share a chart of top marine speakers. It may sound a bit weird, but marine speakers are actually quite popular amongst boat owners. We give you the best options for you to buy online.

Music is perhaps one of the most important things in life; any person who doesn’t at least enjoy music can’t really be trusted. Listening to your best tunes on a portable device or at home is one of the most rewarding experiences in everyday life, but there were times in the past before technology took over the world, when music couldn’t be heard on a boat. That has completely changed, the modern world has given us a fantastic chance to listen to our preferred singer or our favorite band while we are sailing. But things have gone up in scale quite a bit now, today you can even choose from a wide variety of luxurious speakers that can give you the sharpest sound to party up your boat with the best marine speakers for you.

If you get one of the speakers we are about to review, you can rest assured that any party you throw in there has the potential of becoming one of the best experiences in your guests’ lives. We will help you make the most conscientious decision regarding the best marine speakers there are available to buy online, one of the luxuries you didn’t know you needed until now.

Best Marine Speakers 2023

Fusion Electronics MS-FR6021

Fusion Electronics MS-FR6021 Marine 2-Way Full Range Speakers

Fusion FR6021 is one of the most balanced marine speakers on the market. These come in dual colors of black and white with a beautiful design. Their only negative is that they don’t come with remote control, but they have all the other perks you want from a set of marine speakers. They are water-resistant, heat, and UV light resistant, the sound quality is top-notch, the grills equipped with them provide safety to the softer areas, and their durability is amongst the highest on the list.

Also, the price is very affordable, one of the safest bets on this list. If you are in a hurry and don’t want to read a lot of reviews, you can rely on these marine speakers.​ After our thorough review, we decided that these is the best marine speaker at the moment.

  • Stylish and effective design
  • Curve cone technology used
  • Able to withstand harsh marine environments
  • IP65 waterproof & dust standards
  • Meets International ASTM Standards for UV Stability or Fog Resistance
  • Tested before releasing
  • Rugged design
  • Rugged marine grills offer strength
  • A central core titanium tweeter will stabilize the speaker grille
  • Two Grille Optin – Ice White & Midnight Black
  • Easy installation process
  • Not for extreme wet condition like jet skiing
Boss Audio ASK904B.64


There is really no pun intended here, but these speakers will literally have you listening to music like a boss when you are sailing in the sea. This set comes with an amplifier that is waterproof and easy to use under any type of weather condition due to the UV coatings and waterproof materials. They also have a 4-Ohm stable which will grant you the power needs your need for the boat; the speakers reach every single corner of the space you place them and have subwoofers.

The best part of these is that due to their Bluetooth tech, you can stream music on wireless mode especially if you pair them up with Boss made music devices. These speakers also come equipped with a USB port that will give you the chance to pack it with up to 32 GB of space which is quite a lot for listening music for weeks. The price is also relatively affordable.​

  • Weather Proof – UV coating and waterproof material used
  • Bluetooth Audio Streaming
  • USB port
  • Flush mount included
  • 180 Watts MAX speaker power handling
  • AUX with low level & pre-Amp outputs
  • If you love crystal clear loud sound, this may not suffice your need
Wet Sounds XS-650 Series 6.5

Wet Sounds XS-650 Series 6.5

Despite not really having great mid-range quality audio, the accurately named Wet Sounds XS-650 has nearly perfect power handling and is resistant to all types of weather and extreme conditions. The audio quality is slightly above average, but the telling name they have is due to their unique manufacturer which specializes in waterproof marine products. The volume also reaches the highest levels which are perfect for a boat party or for sailing with a lot of environment noise.​

  • High-performing Coaxial Speaker
  • Titanium High Output Dome tweeters for better sound
  • Able to withstand the harsh environment
  • High-quality material used
  • 100 watts RMS
  • Slightly expensive
Pioneer TS-MR1600 Nautica Series 6.5-Inch

Pioneer TS-MR1600 Nautica Series 6.5-Inch Dual-Cone Marine Speaker

There is no doubt that when it comes to sound systems and gadgets, there are very few products Pioneer doesn’t produce at a high quality. But specifically talking about speakers, these have a great design, have a fairly decent price tag, and can be a relatively good choice for anyone who is buying their first set of boat speakers ever.

This is an excellent choice for beginners, many don’t like the white color because they tend to think it’s outdated but if you have a boat that combines with them, then you have got a winner. But perhaps the best feature of these is the incredible water resistance they have, if you go out sailing a lot and get soaked every time then these are for you.

  • Both speakers take advantage of elastomer surround to prevent the color from fading
  • Dual cone tweeter
  • Water resistant
  • Corrosion and heat resistant
  • Frequency response: 30Hz to 30KHz
  • Low price
  • Sound could be better (you get what you paid for)
JBL MS6520 6 marine speakers

JBL MS6520 6″ marine speakers

This is just a perfect addition to the list because they are incredibly accessible and have some of the best mid-range sounds on the market. Their downside lies in the durability because there have been many customers in the past who have complained about the low life expectancy of this set of marine speakers. They do lack low-end audio, but that doesn’t take any credit from the other good qualities they have, JBL turns out to be one of the most popular speaker brands that operate under the Harman International company name.

  • 6.5″ two way marine speaker
  • UV & Water resistant grill
  • Excellent sound for the price
  • Additional cone surface area
  • RMS: 120 watts per pair
  • Fragile

Kenwood KFC-1652MRW 6.5-Inch Two-Way

There aren’t many speaker sets that can take a difficult sailing trip; the Kenwood’s definitely can as they are a world famous brand that has always been considered at the top of the quality line. If to that you add a decent enough price for your needs, then you get this weird perfect combination you don’t really get anywhere else. One of their main features is a waterproof polypropylene cone and UV protective frame, this will protect your speakers from any type of weather you go through while sailing your boat and turns these puppies into one of the best options on the market right now.

Many customers also hate the installation process of any type of speakers, but the Kenwood set won’t give you any trouble because they are incredibly easy to install; something that reminds every one of the best Ikea products.​

  • 2-way speakers
  • All around sound with a reasonable price
  • Easy to mount
  • Compact design
  • Good bass and treble
  • issue with connectors
Infinity Reference 612m

Infinity Reference 612m

These speakers look like they’ve come out of a space ship we know, that’s kind of what they were aiming for with this futuristic design. But the Infinity Reference set of marine speakers has a lot more features than just a pretty design. For starters, they are sold in pairs of two for a reasonable price so make sure you put that in the balance when you are comparing prices with other sets. These usually get rave reviews from all customers that have purchased them, their most attractive perk is the power they have.

At 225 watts of elevation, there is no way you’ll ever get to the maximum volume without feeling like your ears are being abused. This set was made for the customers who love throwing parties on their boats with loud music, or for the customers who love sailing at high speed with the wind is blowing on their faces. Audio quality is also pretty decent, customers who know their way around audio devices are the only ones who can tell the difference between these speakers and some of the higher ranked on this list.​

  • Two-Way Marine Loudspeaker
  • Clear sound
  • 225 watts peak power handling
  • Polypropylene rubber surrounds
  • UV-resistant rubber surrounds provided
  • Ready to protect moisture contamination
  • Stainless steel mounting hardware
  • Bass could be better
Rockford PM262 6-Inch

Rockford PM262 6-Inch Marine Full Range Speakers

While these puppies may be amongst the most expensive sets of speakers on this list, the many positive elements they have are well-worth your while. The design may be simple, but they don’t need to be flamboyant because they have some of the best sound quality on the market. These are the go-to speakers for boat parties; there is absolutely no doubt on durability either because they come fully equipped with all the great features the other speakers on the list have. Perhaps these are great for those 24-hour boat parties the kids these days love so much.

Polk Audio DB651 6.5″/6.75″

Nobody can really complain about the top quality these speakers have; their reputation precedes them as the top speakers on the market today due to their durability, sound quality, and water resistance. They have a 60-watt non-stopping RMS and plateau at 180 watts which give them the highest power and fidelity out there, and there is simply no missing with this set.

Another thing that is very important to take under consideration is the wattage and output because a boat engine can reach a high pitched sound that will mess with your sound quality if you get a set of speaker that can go above this sound you get a winning product. When you are at wide open throttle, these babies are perfect for you to enjoy some smooth sailing with your favorite music. Amongst all the speakers on this list, the Polk is perhaps the most expensive one, but they are well worth their price without any question.

  • Cheap price
  • RMS 120 watts per pair
  • Peak is 360 watts per pair
  • Dynamic Balance Driver Technology offers a distortion free sound
  • Able to withstand harsh marine environment
  • Build quality is poor

How To Choose The Best Marine Speakers?

​We are guessing that choosing the best possible marine speakers for your boat need to be a smart decision, it’s not wise to just go out and pick the first set you see whether it’s at an online store or a regular electronics store from your nearest shopping center. There are several things you really need to consider to pick the ideal set. We’ll tell you the main things you will have to consider while choosing the best speakers for your boat; we first start with the following recommendations.

Sound Quality​

This is perhaps one of the most important factors when you are choosing marine speakers for your boat, and you have to realize that making this decision has pretty much the same ritual you complete when buying speakers for your car. You have to think about the acoustics of the boat you have, consider which speakers are best suited for either a large or a smaller boat. If you are going to buy a huge set of speakers, try to get the ones that will improve sound throughout the whole boat no only in certain areas. Considering the most successful and top rated brands will come into play here, you can even go to an audio engineer and ask him about the best options for you, they have a pretty good idea of which speakers are best suited for your boat’s needs. Don’t just go out and buy the first set of speakers you see.​

Battery life​

Remember you are going to probably be sailing for significant periods of time, which is why choosing the speakers with the longest battery life on the market will be the way to go about doing this. We’ll tell you which are the best options for this, but it will be very difficult to miss on what you choose because we got you covered with the best options on the market.


It’s not as if you will bash the speakers when you are on the boat, but having a set that is well known for lasting for years without any technical difficulties may be the best way to go about buying marine speakers. Please make sure you test them first before you buy them, ask your salesman to do that for you and get on with the following thing to consider.​

On water testing​

On water testing: As odd as this sounds, turns out that marine speakers sound very differently when you use them while sailing on water than when you use them on firm ground. In order to test this theory, you might want to go out and take them for a test drive. Soon enough you’ll see that the sound they produce when you are sailing is the best quality test you can put any speakers through, there are many parties that have gone terribly wrong because a set of speakers didn’t work.​

Waterproof standard​

​It’s not weird to say this because we already know marine speakers are supposed to be mostly waterproof. However, technology wasn’t as advanced as it is today and there are some companies that still have problems with their merchandise. You need to make sure the speakers you choose are completely water resistant because you may end up regretting buying them if something goes wrong after a short period of usage.

Final Verdict

In general, choosing the best speakers for your boat comes as one of the most important decisions you are going to have to make eventually if you are the kind of person who loves sailing and can afford it. You should always try to find the best quality products of anything you are trying to buy, but when it comes to marine speakers, we appreciate you came to us for advice because we love doing research for these types of recommendations. Go on and pick the best marine speakers for your boat, you can thank us later.​