Top 10 Best Kayak Fishing Tips Every Kayaker Should Follow

Fishing Kayaks are getting more popular day by day, and the users are also happy with their performance. If you are into fishing and got a new kayak for fishing, then we might have some useful fishing tips for you. This thread is dedicated to kayak fishing tips only. Most fishing boats cost a lot and that may be tough for people like me. However, this is where the Fishing kayak comes to the rescue. Fishing kayaks prices are way less than fishing boats and easy to use. If you are expecting to start an amazing fishing time on your kayak then you better follow these Kayak Fishing Tips.

10 Best Kayak Fishing Tips

A kayak is Different than a boat

It might look like a simple point yet many experienced fishermen got confused about the difference between these two. They both can be used for fishing but they do have their differences. If you are new to kayaking then you have to learn how to kayak first. You have to know how to put the gears in a kayak and how to use them within compact spaces. There are several gears like a fish finder, GPS, paddles, and others that occupies a good space on the kayak. Basically, you can fish from any kayak. However, you can just take a rod and go with your kayak for fishing. If you are serious or want to make a real fishing kayak then you may want to do some modifications.

Find the Best Places for Kayak Fishing

You can’t concentrate on fishing if you are in a rough place like whitewater. It is better to find a place where there is less noise and the number of fishes is good. In order to find the best fishing spot or to identify the fishes, you can use kayak fish finder. Finding a good place for fishing will rapidly increase your fishing experience.

Don’t Get Exhausted

Most of the kayakers get exhausted by paddling for a long time. Not everybody has enough strength to paddle for a long time. This is what every kayaker should consider that if they are out for a fishing day or for a fishing trip then they need to have enough strength for all the day. Most of the time kayakers paddle a lot to get in the fishing spot and they get tired. There are two ways you can be stay fresh for the whole fishing time

  1. You can choose a nearby place for fishing
  2. Use portable Fish Finder to save time
  3. You can buy a trolling motor for kayak
  4. Or you can buy a good paddle for kayak

Choose a Proper Fishing Kayak

Although all kayaks can be used as fishing kayak yet we can choose a best kayak for fishing. Usually, kayaks are two types :

So it’s an important thing whether you would prefer to sit on top or sit in kayak. In my opinion, it’s better to choose sit-on-top kayak as it will allow you to move easily. Most of the anglers choose to sit on top fishing kayak. Since you will be moving a lot on the fishing kayak , you need to make sure the stability of the kayak is good.

Customizing your Fishing Kayak

If you are taking more than one rod then you need to have rod holder on your kayak. Buy the best rod holders for your kayak and mount other fishing gears on your kayak fora better experience. You can use electronic mount and other mount to hold gears. You need to have paddle leash, paddle holder/clip, an anchor, a Catch cooler , and storage system too. These will not only maximize the fishing experience but give you an extra advantage on the water. If you want to purchase a fishing kayak then I would suggest you to check these best fishing kayaks.

Get dressed for Fishing

Since we are talking about fishing, we should get dressed up properly for the environment. There are few chances that you won’t get soaked. As a result, you should take a proper dress and extra clothes.

Use float-able items

If you are taking fishing gear with yourself then try to use the stuffs that are floatable and water proof. Make sure you buy a paddle which can float on the water. There are chances that some of the stuffs might be damaged if not waterproofed. In that case, you can use Dry bags.

Focus on Stability

No matter whether you are an expert on fishing , you need to keep your focus on stability. Don’t try to lean heavily as it will get you fall on the water. If you are using two or more rod then you may have to move more on the kayak. It is suggested to keep an eye on the cockpit and other places as they are wet. If you have a narrow kayak it’s better to spread the legs over the side.

Use proper Fishing Rods

Using a long rod will allow you to get longer casting to get the desired distance. As a result, you will be able to pick up the line more faster with a better hook. Keep the lure wet & keep the bait close to the bass.

Don’t make extra noise

Try to paddle slowly so that won’t make extra noise on the water. Noise usually drives away fishes. If you are using a trolling motor , try to choose the best trolling motor with less noise.

Bonus: Take proper Safety On Kayak

Taking proper safety caution on the kayak is a must thing for users. If you are going to fish on the deep ocean or unknown places then I would suggest you to take GPS with yourself. It will help you to spot the previous fishing spots easily with providing extra security. Before going to fishing you need to check the weather report , take dry clothes and some snacks also. Please don’t forget to take a life jacket for yourself (Best PFD for kayaking) and life jacket for dogs.

We will keep enriching this fishing tips for kayakers on a monthly basis. Some of these kayak fishing tips are beginners, but all can be benefited from these fishing tips.  Please note that fishing is fun and don’t catch extra fishes which you won’t consume or need. It’s better to have some people with yourself while fishing on a kayak. It allows you to talk with some other people.

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