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Are you looking for the best ice fishing shelters? If your answer is yes, we got you covered. In this article, we are going to share and review some of the top best ice fishing shelters for ice fishing. If you are into ice fishing, you must know how difficult it is to fish in harsh cold weather. One easy way to fend off these cool breezes is to get the best ice fishing shelters available on the market. Ice fishing tents are designed to make it comfortable for the anglers to fish in cold frigid weather. Some of them come with insulation, some have bigger space, and some even come with a window. Eskimo is one of the best ice shanty manufacturers, but there are a few other cool brands that make great ice shelters as well.

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10 Best Ice Fishing Shelter 2022

Best Ice Fishing Shelter Reviews

Eskimo Quickfish 2 Ice Shelter

Eskimo Quickfish 2 Ice Shelter

Eskimo is a famous ice fishing gear and accessories manufacturer. Eskimo Quickfish 2 is a two-person ice shelter for the cold weather. With a set-up size of 60×60 and 67 high, this is a great ice fishing shelter for two people. This ice fishing shelter comes with a single door with a durable YKK zipper for easy entry and exit.

300 denier ice tight fabric is used with a 59 percent higher thread count for high durability. It comes with a vivid red type color to easily get noticed. There are 4 detachable hook and loop windows to adjust the ventilation easily.

You will find 6 self-tapping ice anchors which are quite easier to grip and won’t bend under pressure. The reinforced bottom of this ice shelter is quite hard and has high durability. This pop-up portable ice fishing shelter is easy to put up and put down. What’s more, the backpack style carrying system makes it one of the best portable ice shelters.

  • Two person ice fishing shelter
  • Easy to adjust ventilation system (4 detachable hook and loop windows)
  • 300 Denier Ice Tight Fabric for high durability
  • 6 self-tapping ice anchors are easy to grip
  • Single door with sturdy YKK zipper
  • Easy to put up and put down
  • Oversized zippered backpack bag for easy carrying system
  • Very reasonable price
  • Takes 60 seconds to set up
  • Poles could be better
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Eskimo Quickfish 3 Ice Shelter
Eskimo Quickfish 3 Ice Shelter

Eskimo Quickfish 3 Ice Shelter

Just like the previous listed Ice shelter this one is from Eskimo too. If you love to fish with some company, and love to have more people, then this is the best ice fishing shelter for you. Up to three people can accommodate to this ice fishing shelter.

This is a highly portable ice fishing shelter which can fit into a bag for easy carrying. Like the Quickfish 2 ice shelter, this one also comes with removable windows to adjust the shelter’s ventilation. The detachable hook and loop windows come very handy at different situations.

There are other features like the mesh storage pockets where you can keep your essential fishing gear for easy access.

  • Three person capacity
  • High portability
  • Reasonably priced
  • Keep essential fishing gear at the mesh pockets for easy access
  • corner joints are sewed with heavy-duty material for high durability
  • Self-tapping ice anchors are easier to grip and won’t bend under pressure
  • Strong poles
  • Removable Windows available
  • Entry door is slightly tight and compact
Eskimo Fatfish 949 Insulated Ice Shelter
Eskimo Fatfish 949 Insulated Ice Shelter

Eskimo Fatfish 949 Insulated Ice Shelter

Eskimo Fatfish 949 is an insulated ice fishing shelter to combat the harsh weather. If you love to fish more people, then this one will be very handy to you. This ice fishing shelter can accommodate up to 3 to 4 people into it. The Fatfish 949 is designed to provide more than 80% fishable area to you. It is fairly easy to set-up and the portability is also very high. Fatfish series ice shelters are equipped with metal ball-and-socket design with larger diameter poles. This makes it strong, durable and comfortable.

Fully insulated iq fabric is used to provide 35% more warmth than traditional fabric. There are two doors with YKK zippers for easy entry and exit. There are 6 large windows which offer more viewing configurations. In a nutshell, this is one of the best ice fishing shelters in my opinion.

  • Capacity: 3-4 person
  • IceTight/IQ insulated fabric
  • Insulated for great warmth
  • Two doors with strong YKK zipper offers easy entry and exit
  • 6 large removable windows provide better viewing configurations
  • 6 self-tapping ice anchors are easy to grip
  • First pup-up, Easy to set-up or break down
  • Oversized zipper backpack bag for better portability
  • High durability
  • Slightly expensive
  • Slightly heavy (because insulated)

Yokstore Ice Fishing Tent

If you like colorful ice fishing tents, you will love Yokstore’s portable shelter for ice fishing. This fancy ice hut is available in black, orange, and blue color. This ice hut can be set in seconds to create an excellent accommodation as an ice shanty while you fish outside with your buddies. Unlike most ice huts, this one is quite big and can accommodate up to 4 people.

It has a dimension of 58″ in length and 65″ in height. While they claim it to be for four people, I highly suggest it be used by up to three people. Yokstore uses 300D oxford fabric cover, which is waterproof and has minus 30 degrees Fahrenheit frost resistance. The fiberglass is 9.5mm solid strong!

You will find three to four detachable windows that can be adjusted to limit the light and warmth inside. If you feel suffocated or want to have better ventilation, start using the detachable windows. The main door comes with a zippered opening that allows you to have excellent access to the shanty. This is a great hut to start with if you are new to ice fishing. Once disassembled, you can carry this ice shelter easily with the provided carrying bag.

  • Can be used by up to 3 people
  • Available in four different colors: black, blue, orange,
  • Uses waterproof 300D oxford fabric cover
  • Has minus 30℉ frost resistance
  • Very easy to set up: takes a minute to set it up
  • minus 30℉ frost resistance
  • Four sets ground nail and wind rope provided with the hut
  • Comes with a couple of detachable windows
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Goplus Portable Ice Shelter
Goplus Portable Ice Shelter

Goplus Portable Ice Shelter

GoPlus is a famous brand when it comes to outdoor gear. This ice-fishing shelter uses durable 300d oxford fabric, which keeps the chilly air out to help you fish comfortably. You will find two layers of the window in oxford and transparent PVC. Two layers will put you in a hermetic situation, while the transparent PVC layer will allow the light to get into the hut. However, if you feel suffocated or want ventilation, just detach the windows, and the air will start to flow-in.

As you can imagine, this shelter is waterproof. Tough oxford fabric covering guarantees a waterproof experience and allows a 30℉ Frost Resistance. The 2-person shelter weighs 18.5lbs / four-person ice tent weighs 22.4 lbs and fits into a bag for easy carrying on your back. This ice hut is available in two different sizes: one for two people and another for four.

  • 300D oxford fabric keeps the cold out
  • Available in two different sizes: for two people and four people
  • Waterproof
  • Frost Resistance: -30℉
  • Easy to carry and put away in a bag
  • Two layers of window fabric: oxford & transparent PVC
  • Put two of the layers for hermetic condition
  • Put transparent PVC to let the light in
  • The window is detachable for letting the air into the tent
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Ice Cube 3 Man Portable Ice Shelter by ThunderBay
Ice Cube 3 Man Portable Ice Shelter by ThunderBay

Ice Cube 3 Man Portable Ice Shelter – ThunderBay

Made of extremely durable 300 denier fabric, Ice Cube 3 is ready to block the wind. Up to three people can get into this portable ice fishing shelter for the winter season. If you hate the light to wake you up in the morning, you can take advantage of the blackout coating to keep the lights away.

This package includes six self-tapping ice anchors with a carry bag for easy transportation. Ice Cube 3 is designed to last for seasons after season. It will ensure a comfortable ice fishing session for many years.

If you want a little bit extra space, this is the best portable fish house for you.

  • Extremely durable 300 denier fabric used for high durability
  • Strong fabric to block the wind
  • Blackout coating will keep the light away
  • Easily adjustable hook and loop fastened windows
  • Six self tapping ice anchors
  • Six self tapping ice anchors
  • Carry bag for easy transportation
  • Three person can use this
  • Well-priced
  • An extra door would be great
Clam 9714 Nanook 2-Person Ice Fishing Shelter with Padded Seats
Clam 9714 Nanook 2-Person Ice Fishing Shelter with Padded Seats

Clam 9714 Nanook 2-Person Ice Fishing Shelter with Padded Seats

With a history of over 30 years, Clam Outdoors are loved for their quality outdoor gears. Clam 9714 is on the finest Clam ice fishing shelters available for sale. Clam 9714 is a two person ice fishing shelter with padded seats to combat the cold weather. This ice fishing shelter is easy top set-up to make it one of the best portable ice fishing shelters on the market. The lightweight design makes it drag to find the perfect spot for ice fishing.

The padded swivel seat with the backrest can be amazing for many people. If you are a tall guy with a heavy body, you can use this as one person ice fishing shelter. That’s totally up to you. The front and rear D-Doors provide a very easy entry and exit.

  • Two-person capacity
  • Instant set-up portable ice fishing shelter
  • RPS clips for easy tear down and set-up
  • Lightweight design
  • Front and rear D-Doors for easy entry and exit
  • Can be dragged or glided through the ice to find the perfect ice fishing spot
  • Padded swivel seats with backrest
  • Expensive
Frabill Bunker 210 Hub Top Insulated 2-3 Man Shelter
Frabill Bunker 210 Hub Top Insulated 2-3 Man Shelter

Frabill Bunker 210 Hub Top Insulated 2-3 Man Shelter

Frabill is a famous outdoor and fishing accessories maker for a long time. Frabill Bunker 210 hub is an insulated ice fishing shelter for 2-3 person. With a dimension of 80”Lx80”Wx80”H, this insulated ice fishing shelter provides 30% more fishable space than traditional ice fishing shelters.

This over-sized fishing hub can be used by two people for more space. The roof of this ice fishing hub is pretty lightweight, but provides a good insulation. The side of the shelter is also insulated to keep in the head for extra comfort. With all these cool features, this ice fishing shelter managed to come at reasonable price.


  • Lightweight insulated roof
  • Side of the shelter is insulated
  • Capacity: 2-3 person
  • 30% more fishable space than traditional shelters


  • Slightly expensive

Check Price At AmazonEskimo QuickFlip 2 Ice ShelterEskimo QuickFlip 2 Ice Shelter

Eskimo QuickFlip 2 Ice Shelter With Versa Top Mounted Chairs

QuickFlip 2 is an another best ice fishing shelter from Eskimo. It comes with comfortable fixed versa seats for better comfort. So if you are planning to fishing all day long, then this seat will be very beneficial to you.

300 denier ice tight fabric is used to make this QuickFlip 2 ice shelter. This fabric is more strong than traditional fabrics. Strong and durable aluminum poles are used to increase the durability of this ice shelter. Eskimo QuickFlip 2 comes with mesh storage pocket to keep necessary fishing gears close. What’s more, the included pull rope provides easy portability.


  • 2-person capacity
  • Comfortable fixed versa seat is great for all day ice fishing
  • 300 denier ice tight fabric used for higher durability
  • Included pull rope provides better portability
  • Mesh pocket to store necessary fishing gear
  • High fishable area
  • Easy to set up and tear down


  • Slightly expensive

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Best Choice Products Ice Fishing Shelter Tent
Best Choice Products Ice Fishing Shelter Tent

Best Choice Ice Fishing Tent Shelter

If price is an issue for you, then this is the best ice fishing tent in the market. Best choice products always had one vision: to provide quality products at a reasonable price. This ice fishing tent is no exception. With a blue color, this ice fishing tent will make you fall in love with the ice fishing. Despite the fact that the price is low, it comes with tons of features.

This ice fishing tent is made of 100% polyester, which helped it reduce the price. The 420 denier fabric used to fend off the cold and make a warmer and comfortable ice fishing experience. It comes with strong flexible poles which make it easy to assemble the tent or tear it down. Up to 2-3 people can fit in this ice fishing shelter. It also comes with windows to adjust the ventilation to control light or let the air out.


  • Capacity: 2-3 people
  • Tough 420 denier fabric to keep the cold out
  • Easy to assemble or tear it down
  • Traveler bag for easy carrying
  • Low price
  • Steaks to hold down the tent


  • Not for extreme cold weather

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Clam 9130 Big Foot XL4000T Thermal 8X8
Clam 9130 Big Foot XL4000T Thermal 8X8

Clam 9130 Big Foot XL4000T Thermal 8X8

There’s no point of introducing Clam to an avid outdoor lover like you. They have several tents which will be in many ice fisherman’s “best ice fishing tents” list. Made of durable material, this ice fishing shelter has very high durability.

If you love hub style fishing shelters, then this ice fishing shelter will be best for you. Unlike most ice fishing tents, this one is very easy to set up by one single person. It’s a great pop up ice fishing shelter with a very spacious design. Once you get in, you will start feeling the cozy vibe of it.

There are two doors which can be closed with zipper. This makes it super easy to access the tent by several person. Though, some people might argue about the price, this is one of the best ice fishing shelter with such features.


  • Durable material
  • Hub style design
  • Two doors for easy access
  • Cozy and good warmth inside
  • Spacious design for several people
  • Easy set up and tear down


  • Will get wet on heavy rain

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Eskimo Fatfish Six Sided Ice Shelter
Eskimo Fatfish Six Sided Ice Shelter

Eskimo Fatfish Six Sided Ice Shelter

Made of 300 denier ice tight fabric with a 59% higher thread count, this ice fishing shelter has a high durability. This ice fishing shelter comes with six sides and several windows for a 360-degree viewing.

Ice fishing without buddies is like playing chess by yourself. If you want to go tandem ice fishing or want to take more fishing buddies, this is ice fishing tent can take them all. Like other Eskimo ice fishing shelters, this one is also very easy to set-up and tear down.

There are large mesh pockets to keep your fishing gears. The ice fishing shelter fits in a oversized zipper bag for easy carrying.


  • 300 Denier ice tight fabric
  • Large mesh storage pockets can be used for keeping fishing gears
  • Fits on a oversized zipper bag for high portability
  • Removable windows provide a 360 degrees of viewing
  • Six sides


  • has leaking problem if heavy rain occurs

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Danchel Outdoor Pop-Up 4 Season Tent | 2-4 Person

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If you are looking for something that you can use around the year, I think Danchel’s ice fishing tent is an excellent option for you. It comes with a spacious design that can be used by up to four people simultaneously. 210T polyester fabric used to make this tent is waterproof coefficient 2000mm. A double layer of cotton ensures that the cold stays outside, and you feel the warmth inside. It also uses a velcro that can be removed to ensure adequate ventilation. Unlike most of the expensive products on this list, this has a very reasonable price tag.

How to choose the best ice fishing shelter?

As ice fishing is becoming more popular in many parts of the worlds, anglers are becoming more concerned about the gears they are using to improve their fishing experience. Just like as other gears, ice fishing shelters are very important for the comfort of the users. There are different types of ice fishing shelters available in the market. Primarily, ice fishing shelters can be divided into two categories: I) Portable ice fishing hut or shelterII) Permanent ice fishing shelter

In this article, I shared some of the top portable ice fishing shelters of the market, and I hope to help you in deciding the factors which motivated my findings.

Size and capacity

Before we move to the material of the tent, we need to understand the whole scenario changes depending on how many people will be using the shelter. Normally, two to three people use one single ice shelter, and these are quite popular. If you are planning to catch fishes with more than two people, you will have to get a shelter which can accommodate such numbers. There are many big ice fishing shelters available which can accommodate up to six people at the same time. However, if you are mostly fishing solo, I would suggest you a single-person shelter, as they are cozy and cheaper than the bigger shelters.


Portable ice shelters are manufactured from different materials, but the most common elements are nylon, canvas or poly-cotton. Even though they have their own benefits, the user should look for the thickness, durability, breathability, and resistance to the water and fire.My suggestion is to choose an ice shelter which has a thick and sturdy material but stays in your budget limit. In this way, you can ensure that you are getting the necessary warmth while the longevity of the shelter is high. Please note, that as strong and tear resistant is the outer shell, the higher the durability will be.As mentioned earlier, you need to check the breathability, water resistance, and fire hardness. If you are using a heater, the last feature may come very useful, and probably save your life.Also, you should choose a shelter which comes with dark-colored material. It will attract the warmth from the sun while keeping the inside warm. This will also keep the inside of the hut dark, allowing the user to check the display of their electronics more smoothly. However, there are advantages of using bright colored material too. Bright colors like red and yellow will make the hut more detectable to the human eye.

Set-up time

You want to invest all your time for ice fishing, not setting up the hut. I understand that, and that’s why choosing an ice fishing pop up shelter with easy and less time consumption setup time is preferred. Most of the top portable ice shelters are easy to set up and takes minutes to settle in. As you know, there are basically two types of set up style: folding and tent style. Folding type pop up tents is the easiest to deal with. It’s easy and fast to set these types of huts. On the other hand, the tent style huts will take a little bit of extra time to set up. As they usually come with aluminum or alloy poles, you may have to snap them together to prepare it. However, the time limit should be low to allow you to start fishing as soon as possible. If you are really serious about the time, I would suggest you go to local stores to check the set-up time.


Sure, you can bring your own  ice fishing chairs, but some of the ice shelters have a built-in chair. It totally depends on the user to decide which one to prefer: use the built-in chair or bring your own chair. People who need extra support are requested to check if they are okay with the built-in chair or not. You need to see if the built-in chair provides enough support or comfort. And, if the hut doesn’t come with one, you can buy one or bring from home. If you bring your own chair, you also have the freedom to place it anywhere you like which is not possible with built-in chairs.


When sitting inside the hut, you will probably want to see the outside or want to have some sunlight. This is why almost all portable ice huts will come with at least one window. Depending on the size and capacity, some of the shelters may come with two or three windows. The clear view windows allow the user to keep a tab on the tip-ups from the inside of the hut. The clear windows also allow natural light to enter the hut and make it easy for you to see. However, if you are fishing in shallow water, you may want to get a shelter with less clear windows.Some of the ice fishing shelters on the market has flaps or roll-ups in the window. This ensures that the user has the ability to determine the amount of light can enter the hut. You also want to check the position of the window as they may be awkwardly placed for you. The ideal place would be when you are sitting on the chair while having a great sight through the window. If you don’t check it properly, it may be above or below your view depending on your size.


Since we are talking about portable ice fishing huts, we need to consider the portability of the whole thing. If you are not using any truck to move your stuff, you will appreciate that some of these portable ice fishing huts will fold down into compact sleds. Sometimes, they are capable of storing all of your ice fishing gear for your one day trip. Usually, these are often made of polyethylene, and they are durable and strong. You can attach thick and reflective towing ropes to pull or attach to snowmobile or four wheelers.

Additional features

Having some additional features to make your fishing experience better is always welcomed. These helpful features may not solely influence your decision, but it’s good to have them.

Reflective material: Some of the ice fishing shelters will come with reflective strips to ensure high visibility during low-light periods for better safety.

Chair: I mentioned before that some of the huts may come with built-in chairs included.

License holder: Some of the states require to show the license outside of the ice fishing shelters. Usually, they are clear pockets on the outside to display the license or permit.

Mount: Sometimes, molded bucket with rod holders are provided to keep things neat and managed.

Storage: These storage boxes or pockets can be helpful if you want to keep your essentials, tackles, or gloves.

Final Verdict

Ice fishing is fun, but choosing wrong ice fishing shelter can cause trouble for you. If you are taking other people with you, buy a ice fishing shelter with appropriate space. Eskimo is a very popular ice fishing shelter manufacturer with years of experience. You can buy their fishing shelters and make the best out of ice fishing. If you are just two guys heading looking for a ice shelter at a reasonable price, choose Eskimo Quickfish 2 Ice Shelter or Clam 9714 Nanook. Both of these can be considered as the best ice fishing shelter for their amazing features and reasonable price.

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