What to do if an alligator attacks your kayak?

Alligator on water kayaking problem

‍ Yes, alligators do attack kayaks, paddleboards, and supboards. Alligators are more afraid of you than you are of them. Statistically speaking, you’re more likely to be struck by lightning than attacked by an alligator. However, as the presence of alligators increases in populated areas, kayakers and other outdoor enthusiasts need to take precautions when … Read more

Are Inflatable Kayaks Safe?

Lagoon 2 Advanced Elements Inflatable Kayak

The first time you see an inflatable kayak, you might think it’s not safe at all. How can something that looks like a blow-up pool be safe for the open water? Well, as with anything related to boating, there are risks involved with an inflatable kayak. However, the risks are no different from any other … Read more

What Causes a PFD to Wear out Over Time?

a man paddling

Personal flotation devices (PFDs) are designed to keep users safe in the water, but even the most durable ones can wear out over time. If you own a PFD, it’s crucial to know what causes them to deteriorate slowly. This way, you can replace your PFD before it becomes unsafe or poses a significant risk … Read more

50+ Best Fishing Quotes

Father and son fishing

Are you looking for the best fishing quotes of all time? As an avid angler, I have always looked for ways to go fishing all the time. There are some great quotes coming from famous anglers and people about fishing that just added fuel to the burning desire of going fishing. 1. “The act of … Read more

Different Types of Fishing Reels

Different Types of fishing reels

Nowadays there are so many types of fishing reels available on the market, that even the pro anglers struggle to figure out their applications. The fishing industry is changing rapidly, and this is why new types of fishing reels are introduced to different kinds of fishing. There was a time when we used to use … Read more

Top 10 Health Benefits of Kayaking and Canoeing

Health Benefits of kayaking

Participating in various types of exercise and sports is a great way to stay in shape. Many people go running or play basketball, with an even larger segment of the population opting for the gym. However, we are all familiar with how crowded gyms are becoming, and the workouts are often tedious and little fun. … Read more

10 Best Fishing Apps 2022 – Fishing Apps Review

best fishing apps

Fishing apps are becoming very important for anglers. Gone are days when you had to rely on tv weather reports to learn about the weather. Besides the weather, there are tons of other services that you can use from your cellphone. A lot of older people would argue that technology ruined a lot of fun, … Read more