Best Trolling Motor Battery 2022 – Trolling Motor Battery Buying Guide

Best Trolling Motor Battery

Looking for the best trolling motor battery? Trolling motor requires deep cycle batteries to function properly. Trolling motor batteries are different than the regular battery you see in cars, trucks, and other typical vehicles. Those batteries are short-cycle batteries. Trolling motor batteries are designed in such a way that they provide better and optimum performance … Read more

10 Best Trolling Motors For Kayak 2022 – Also Canoe and Small Boats

Best Trolling Motors For Kayak , Canoe and Small Boats

Are you on the lookout for the best trolling motors on the market? Kayak trolling motors come in handy in a variety of circumstances. A trolling motor would be quite useful if you own a kayak and don’t want to paddle back. Seniors may like kayaking, but they may have health issues or injuries that … Read more