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Whether you’re a seasoned kayaker or just dipping your paddle in the water for the first time, one piece of gear that should be on your checklist is a reliable dry bag. A dry bag can mean the difference between a camera filled with memories and a camera filled with water; it is an unsung hero that safeguards your essentials from the unpredictable elements.

In our article “Best Dry Bags For Kayaking,” we’ve rounded up some of the top performers in the market, considering factors such as durability, size, material, waterproof capabilities, and overall value. Our goal? To help you navigate through the multitude of options out there and choose a dry bag that not only fits your needs but also withstands the tests of nature. From lightweight options for the minimalist kayaker to larger, more robust models for the adventure-laden enthusiast, we’ve got you covered. So grab your paddle, secure your gear, and let’s dive right in!

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~Kayak Dry Bags Review!

Sea to Summit white dry bag

Sea to Summit Event Compression Dry Sack

This dry sack from Sea to Summit features a valve-free compression method that uses a breathable base made of eVent waterproof fabric. The unique characteristic of this fabric allows the air to be pushed out but prevents the water from entering the dry sack. The sturdy 70D Nylon waterproof fabric is in the body and lid. It has reinforced stitching on all stress points for durability. Polyurethane coating is used which offers ultimate waterproofness, and the seams are tape sealed and double-stitched. It is available in several sizes like 6 liters, 10 liters, 14 liters, and more.

This is a great dry sack for storing compressible items like sleeping bags, clothes, and other bulky items. It uses roll-top Hypalon closure with lid and 4 straps which evenly compress and maintained the compressed size. If you are into backpacking, camping, and kayaking, this is an excellent product for you to use. It has a compact and lightweight design while featuring a pull handle on the bottom for easy carrying. Despite all the features, this dry sack is available at a very reasonable price. Hands down, this is a great waterproof bag for kayaking.

Notable Features:

  • Available in different sizes
  • eVent waterproof fabric allows air to be pushed out but prevents the water from entering
  • Sturdy 70D nylon waterproof fabric
  • Reinforced stitching for better performance
  • Double-stitched and waterproof tape seams
  • Hypalon rolltop closure
  • 4 extra-long straps
  • Pull handle on the bottom for easy transport
  • Highly durable
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Earth Pak Waterproof Drybag

Earth Pak’s waterproof dry bag is considered one of the best dry bags out there on the market. Earth Pak’s roll-top dry compression dry bag is an excellent option for different types of activities like kayaking, rafting, hiking, boating, camping, fishing, beach, etc. This highly-rated waterproof dry bag is available in several colors and sizes. 10L & 20L dry bags come with a 24-42-inch single shoulder strap. On the other hand, the 30L, 40L, and 55L dry bags come with backpack-style shoulder straps.

They recently added the 55L comes equipped with a heavy-duty waist-belt. 55L dry sack is big enough to fit up to two weeks of gears. A ten and twenty liters dry backpack is great for storing a day-long hike trip. On the other hand, thirty and forty-liter dry-sack is great for week-long camping clothing and gear.

This bag comes with a clear phone case with a waterproof rating of IPX8 to keep your phone protected while you are on the water. Thousands and thousands of watersports lovers choose this dry bag for its incredible features. Additionally, this dry bag comes at a very reasonable price to make it one of the best dry bags in the market.

Notable Features:

  • Available in different colors and sizes
  • Comes with a shoulder strap for 10L and 20L
  • Backpack style shoulder strap for 30L, 40L, and 55L
  • IPX8 certified waterproof phone case provided
  • Reasonably priced
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Premium lightweight Best Dry Bags

Waterproof Premium Dry Bag by Freegrace

Outdoor enthusiasts have widely utilized this waterproof dry bag from Freegrace, and the majority of them have praised it for its useful features. This dry bag is quite lightweight but boasts essential features. It comes in a wide range of colors and sizes. I recommend that consumers pick bright colors that are easy to detect in the water. This dry sack, unlike typical roll-top bags, has multiple zip-lock closures to keep it watertight. Traditional methods are less safe than the premium double closure strip seals.

The bag is also quite light, making it much simpler to carry. In addition, the backpack also comes with a waterproof phone cover that is IPX8 certified to keep your phone safe just in case you drop it in the water. If you are looking for something cheap, this is the dry bag for kayaking for you.

Proven to offer incredible safety with high durability


  • Very lightweight
  • Made of premium material
  • Available in five different sizes
  • Available in various colors
  • Perfect fit for kayaking, snowboarding, rafting, etc
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Unigear Dry Bag

This is a floating dry bag made by Unigear for people who love to swim or go kayaking or rafting. This lightweight dry bag comes in many colors and sizes. Despite the fact that it’s lightweight, its durability is still high. Unigear offers an extra long adjustable and removable shoulder sling for easier carrying. What’s more, there is also a waterproof phone bag offered to keep your phone protected from the water. Undoubtedly one of the Best Floating Dry Bags for Kayaking, rafting, or swimming.

One of the best dry bags with all the essential features

Notable features:

  • Very lightweight
  • High durability
  • Protects your important stuff and gadgets from water, dirt, sand
  • Easy to hold and carry
  • Available in three different sizes: 5L, 10L, 20L
  • Bonus: A touch-friendly phone bag with the pack

Dry Bag by Adventure Lion

Adventure Lion is a waterproof dry bag manufacturing company with a clear goal in its head – to offer the best quality at a reasonable price. Thousands of outdoor lovers have used this premium waterproof dry bag with satisfaction. Unlike most cheap alternatives, Adventure Lion Premium waterproof bag has one extraordinary thing to offer – incredible durability. This beautiful dry bag is considered one of the best toughest dry bags in the market. The solid roll-top closure is made of top-notch quality materials to keep them soft and flexible at the same time.

There are four sizes available to make it easier for the users to choose from. So no matter what type of outdoor lover you are, Adventure Lion always got you covered. It is also equipped with ergonomic features for easy transport. For the 5L and 10L version, they offer adjustable straps. If you choose the 20L Ocean Lion, you will find a handle. You can also use it as a dry backpack, thanks to the second strap available for the 40L version. Considering all the features, I would love to call this one of the best dry bags on the market.

Best Dry Bag for camping, kayaking, and boating

Notable Features:

  • Incredible durability
  • Available in four different sizes
  • Available in highly visible colors
  • Made out of high-quality raw materials
  • Ergonomic features for different sizes
  • 5L & 10L offers adjustable straps
  • 20L version provides a handle
  • 40L size offers a second strap to wear it like a backpack

Heavy Duty Waterproof Dry Bag by Leader accessories

Leader Accessories specializes in making accessories for watersport lovers. This amazing drybag is one of the examples of amazing goods they can manufacture. This is considered one of the best heavy-duty dry bags which comes in seven colors and sizes. The heavy-duty vinyl polyester trilaminate construction ensures that this bag can withstand tough marine environments.

Kayaking, boating, rafting, or any other water activities, this dry bag is there to help you keep protected your expensive gear from the water. It comes with an adjustable shoulder strap to make it more comfortable and easy to carry.

One of the best heavy duty dry bag on the market

Notable Features:

  • Available in different colors and sizes
  • 100% waterproof
  • Adjustable shoulder strap for easy carrying
  • Great for kayaking, snowboarding, rafting, and other water-related sports
  • High durability

Lightweight Dry Sack by Sea to Summit

Some kayakers prefer dry bags over dry sacks. Even though most of the companies design their bags in such a way that you can call them dry sacks, this one stands out with its aesthetic look. Sea to summit’s dry sack is very popular among kayakers. This lightweight dry sack is made of nylon. Due to the low weight, it is very easy to manage on the go. There are various sizes of this dry sack available. It has some bright colors which are easy to spot while on the water.

Unlike most of the mentioned dry sacks, this one is available at a very reasonable price. This is designed keeping in mind the kayakers and backpackers. What’s more, the bright white inner used will laminate for high visibility.

Best lightweight dry sack

Notable Features:

  • Very lightweight design
  • High-performance waterproof fabric
  • great visibility
  • D-ring attachment point at the buckle
  • Hypalon -stiffened roll-top closure
DRYCASE Deca Dry Bag

Drycase Deca Dry Bag

Keeping your gears dry in the wet season can be a problem if you are not using a dry bag. Drycase’s Deca roll-top dry bag is one of my favorites for its amazing features. This dry bag comes with an integrated two-way valve. You can fill up the bag with air to float it in the water. Also, you can use the valve as a drain if you are using it as a cooler or shower. Its 100% waterproof construction allows it to be used as a flotation device, portable cooler, and outdoor shower. It can be compressed, so the bag rolls up and can be stored easily. Drycase used marine-grade waterproof vinyl, and the bag comes with a single shoulder strap to carry it easily. What’s more, it features a bottle opener.

  • 100% waterproof watertight construction
  • Can be used as a flotation device, portable cooler, or outdoor shower
  • Can be compressed to roll up easily to store easily
  • Features a bottle opener
  • Made of marine-grade waterproof vinyl
  • Features a single shoulder strap
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Osprey Ultralight Dry Sack

Osprey Ultralight Dry Sack

Osprey was established in the year of 1974. From then, Osprey made incredible sports products. Osprey ultralight dry sack is a great sack that is made of 40D nylon ripstop fabric. It’s durable, lightweight with waterproof coating throughout the seams. You will see the roll-top closure is coated with a clip. This rectangular-shaped dry bag is available in four different vivid colors to easily spot on the water. You will be able to buy this dry sack in five different sizes: 3L, 6L, 12L, 20L, and 30L. Also, the price of the dry sack is very reasonable.

Notable Features:

  • Available in four vibrant colors
  • The unique rectangular shape helps with the packing
  • Durable 40D Ripstop nylon used to make this bag
  • Roll-top closure
  • Easy to spot
  • Taped seam
  • Siliconized ripstop nylon used
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Seattle Sports Glacier Clear Dry Bag

Do you want to see the gears or things your dry bag is storing without opening it? You are in luck! This is one of the best clear dry bags where you don’t have to open the closure to see the things you stowed there. This might sound silly to some people, but people like me love to save time. You can easily grab the item by opening the closure as you can see it from the outside. That’s something you will not be able to do with normal-dry bags.

This clear dry bag is available in five different colors. I am a big fan of the green one, as it looks so cool. You can grab the dry bag in five different sizes ranging from XS 5L to LG 40L. Don’t let the clear material fool you. This 20 mil vinyl is rugged, and the bottom is also strong. The reinforced side wrap also offer high durability. What’s more, the D-ring offered can be used to attach more gear or to lash with the boat or kayak.

Best clear dry bag out there on the market

Notable Features:

  • Clear design to make it easy to locate gears
  • Rugged design
  • Durable bottom
  • Available in highly visible colors
  • Comes in different sizes
  • 3-roll closure
  • D-ring to lash to the boat or to attach more gears


multi purpose dry bag

SealLine Baja Dry Bag

SealLine’s Baja Dry Bag comes in only two different colors and sizes. Unlike most dry bags out there, this one is quite expensive. The reason is simple: high quality. SealLine used Dry Seal ™ roll-top closure to ensure the best possible watertight seal. 19 oz. scrim-reinforced vinyl side is used with 30 oz. scrim-reinforced vinyl bottom. SealLine wanted to make this dry bag universal to be used for multi-activities. No matter whether you are into kayaking, boating, or motorcycle touring, SealLine’s Baja dry bag got you covered. Some of the users will find it expensive, but the durability and features actually justify the price.

Best Dry bag for the multi-purpose

Notable Features:

  • Available in different colors and sizes
  • Dry Seal roll-top closure
  • Good reliability and durability

Waterproof Dry Bag by Sea To Summit

Finding a 65L size dry bag is quite hard. Most manufacturers usually make smaller dry bags, but Sea to Summit walked one extra mile to offer this huge dry bag. I know a lot of people actually need extra storage to keep their gears, and for them, this is a good deal. Just like most dry bags, this one is also available in several colors and sizes. Seat to summit used TPU laminated fabric with 10,000 mm water head to make this dry bag. The super hard and abrasion-resistant 420D nylon fabric can take a lot of pounding, and keep your gears protected for a long time.

It is double stitched for extra protection and reinforced with tape-sealed seams. Hypalon lash loop is used for secure attachment. However, be careful that the bigger bags will be heavier than the smaller bags.

Notable Features:

  • Space-saving design
  • Double-stitched and tape sealed seams
  • Hypalon roll-top closure
  • made of super and abrasion resistant 420 D nylon fabric
  • 65L size available
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What is a Kayak Dry Bag?

A dry bag is basically a bag with the ability to keep your belongings safe in a watertight manner. Some people often call them dry sacks too. They are usually brightly colored so that they may be easily identified in the water. Dry bags are made of lightweight materials to make them easy to carry. Also, most of them come with shoulder straps to carry with ease. Dry bags are widely used in kayaking, canoeing, rafting, and other water sports or activities. They are designed to keep your valuables protected from water damage. You can also carry clothes, keys, and other items that might be damaged if exposed to water. Most outdoor lovers put their electronics, sleeping bag, and clothes inside these dry bags to keep them dry.

How to buy the best dry bag?

Now we are talking. Finding the best dry bag isn’t that hard if you know the deciding factors. You have to consider the size, fabric quality, features, and more. I will go through some of the important things to check before deciding to choose the dry bag. Let’s start:

Quality and the Craftsmanship

The quality of the dry bag’s craftsmanship is crucial when one is thinking about buying a dry bag. The primary purpose of a dry bag is to keep the items inside safe from the water. You need to check the quality of the welded seams and the durability of the joints. Please remember that even if the dry bag is made of high-quality materials, poor craftsmanship can make it bad. On top of that, you are requested to check the closing technique and the strap joints for better performance from your dry bag.


When buying a dry bag, the most important factor to consider is the size or capacity of it. You will find dry bags ranging from 5L to 65L on the market. Usually, most people buy the 20L or 30L dry bag. To be honest, it entirely depends on the type of trip or excursion you are planning to do. For example, if you are just going for a day-long paddling trip, a 5L dry bag is enough. However, if you want to do a week-long camping or kayaking trip, you are better off with the 10L, 20L, or 30L dry bag. On the other hand, a 50L dry bag can carry a lot more clothes, gears, and valuables for a couple of weeks. 


Always buy highly visible colors. The reason is simple: spot the dry bags easily and quickly. Most of the available dry bags come with vibrant colors to make it easier for the user to find their bags. It can work as safely as the chance of losing your bag is reduced.


Always buy the best dry bag available at your budget. If a dry bag is out of your budget, try to increase your budget, but buy the best one. As this dry bag will be protecting your expensive gears, it is always good to buy a dry bag with high durability. Most mentioned dry bags in this post has good durability, and I suggest you buy those bags.


Some of the dry bags have roll-top closure, some of them have a zipper and more. The most important thing is if they offer good safety or not. Because, if the water gets in, your valuable items will be damaged.

Shoulder or handle

Some people love to carry their dry bags with the shoulder strap, and some love to use them as their backpacks. Usually, the smaller dry bags come with a shoulder strap. These shoulder straps are normally adjustable to adjust it to the user’s preference. Bigger dry bags are equipped with two shoulder straps to make them wear like a backpack. However, some of the smaller dry bags are also equipped with shoulder straps. There is also an alternative where you can find handles in some of the dry bags.

Padded Shoulder Strap

If the dry sack uses a shoulder strap, ensure they are padded. Unless you are carrying lightweight clothes, I highly suggest you find a dry bag with a shoulder strap or it will hurt like hell.


What is a dry bag?

A dry bag is a flexible container with a roll-top closure designed to keep your belongings dry even when fully submerged in water. They’re often used for outdoor activities such as kayaking, boating, camping, and hiking.

Why do I need a dry bag for kayaking?

You’re often exposed to water from paddling, waves, or potential capsizing when kayaking. A dry bag ensures that your essential items (like phones, cameras, food, clothing, etc.) are kept dry and safe.

What size dry bag should I get for kayaking?

The size of the dry bag depends on the amount of gear you plan to bring, and the space available in your kayak. Common sizes range from 5 liters (for essentials like phones and wallets) to 30 liters or more (for larger items or multiple days trips).

What material should I look for in a dry bag?

Dry bags are usually made from either nylon or vinyl. Nylon is lightweight and good for backpacking, while vinyl is heavier but more durable. Some bags also have a TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) coating for added water resistance.

How do I properly seal a dry bag?

To seal a dry bag, press out as much air as possible, then fold the top of the bag over itself at least three times. Then, connect the buckles to create a seal.

Can I fully submerge a dry bag?

Yes, most high-quality dry bags are designed to withstand full submersion for short periods of time. However, they are not designed to be underwater for prolonged periods.

How do I clean and maintain my dry bag?

After each use, rinse the bag with fresh water and allow it to air dry completely before storing it. Avoid using harsh detergents or scrub brushes, as these can damage the bag’s water-resistant coating.

Can I use dry bags for other activities?

Absolutely! While they are popular for kayaking, you can use dry bags for various outdoor activities like camping, hiking, fishing, or any water-related activities.

Can a dry bag float?

Yes, most dry bags can float if they’re sealed correctly and not overloaded. This feature can be particularly helpful if accidentally dropping it in the water.

Are all dry bags waterproof?

No. While all dry bags are designed to keep water out to some degree, not all are fully waterproof. Always check the product’s specifications to ensure it meets your needs.