10 Best Fishing Spots in The World

Do you love sports fishing? Perhaps it is time you left your home area and enjoyed fishing from different spots around the world. You get a chance to enjoy different climates, beautiful scenery and interact with cultures around the world. Here are world’s best fishing spots.

​1. Lizard Island, Australia 

Lizard Island Australia

The Lizard Island is one of the premier locations in Australia especially during the fall season which occurs between September and October. The angling destination is best known for Black Marlin.

​Anglers come here for the famous but very elusive two-grader Black Marlin. Getting a first grader is good enough (they are hard to come by). The most preferred method of fishing by the anglers in this area includes jigging, trolling and flats fishing. Get ready to learn any of the fishing styles or adjust if you prefer other methods.

2. Iztapa, Guatemala

iztapa guatemala fishing

The best period for sports fishing in this spot is between November and May. The waters at Iztapa are calm, and the temperatures are moderate at the period making your fishing experience amazing.

Anglers at this destination love the traditional techniques and fly-fishing. Trolling is also very common in this place, and it comes with a rigged ballyhoo.

​If you are one of the people that love the Pacific Sailfish wars with the fishermen, this is the location to be. You also get time to unwind in the scenic coast and enjoy the rich cuisine of the locals.

3. Watamu Kenya

watamu fishing kenya

If you love some rich saltwater fishing in a green paradise, Watamu is here for you. Watamu is found off the coast of Kenya and takes pride in offering a diverse range of salty water fish. In these waters, you will fish for sailfish, blue marlin, black marlin, broadbill swordfish and the striped marlin.

This is one of the few fishing spots around the world that you can catch several fish species in one area. If you get bored with fishing, you can take a safari trip in one of the many game reserves in Kenya.​

4. Ascension Bay, Mexico

Ascension Bay Mexico

For those people that have some vacation time at the beginning of the year, Ascension Bay is the place to have some fun fishing. The fishing spot best fishing time is between February and June. The most common fish that you can catch in this area include Permit Tarpon and Bonefish.

There are a lot of areas to fish in these waters. There are lakes, varied flats and hidden lagoons with lots of fish. This is the location for you if you love flat angling fishing styles.​

5. Montauk, New York

Montauk, New York

Do you love to fish in the late fall? Montauk, NewYork is the place you can have all the fun fishing a diverse variety of game fish. The most common varieties include Striped Bass, False Albacore, and Bluefish.

​Most of these species migrate south at late fall season. Since the move close to the coastline, anglers have an opportunity to catch a bountiful of almost elusive game fish. Several other smaller species are hard to catch during the rest of the year but easy to catch in late fall.

6. Pi-AS Bay Panama

Pi-AS Bay Panama

This Panama location is a great place to fish during winter. It also has a good number of both small and big game fish. The small game fish is usually found inshore while the large fish such as Sailfish and Blue Marlin are found out in the sea.

This fishing destination also has a large number of vacation hotels and a very beautiful jungle that will keep relaxed between your trips to the sea. The location is actually found at the foot of the famous Darien Jungle.​

7. Chalk Streams England

chalkstreams england

Chalk Streams is a world renowned location for fly-fishing. It is also one of those places that you can catch a really large trout in one of the loveliest fishing techniques. It is not as easy as it sounds, but it’s really great.

The spring season is the best time to head to Chalk Stream. There are lots of trout fish in the waters at the time. You can also get amazing discounts and offers. Therefore, you enjoy some great fishing without having to break our money safe.​ See: Fly Fishing Books

8. Rio Colorado, Costa Rica

Rio Colorado Costa Rica

Rio Colorado rivers in Costa Rica are known to be a popular destination for those who would like to catch large game fish within the precincts of South America. You can also kayak here for fishing. Check best kayaks here.

Fish does not come easily. Be ready for a fight with the heat of the summer sunshine and the large fish that will not be willing to leave the ocean. Get your muscles ready for a tug of war with a large-sized tarpon that you will remember your entire lifetime.​

9. Punta Gorda, Belize

Punta Gorda Belize fishing

This fishing location is located in Southern Belize in Punta Gorda. It is one of the best places to try fly fishing. Apart from deep sea fishing, you also get a chance to try inshore angling for such species as tarpon and bonefish.

If you would like to test your skills in the deep sea, brace yourself for a hunt for sailfish, white marlin, blue marlin, dolphin fish, and wahoo. As you fish, you also get to enjoy a relaxing atmosphere and a serene background of Maya Mountains. Away from the sea, you get to enjoy the ultimate Caribbean experience.​

10. Kona Hawaii

Kona Hawaii fishing

Kona is the premier destination for big time game fishing and a favorite for anglers around the world. There is a broad variety of great game fish that includes Wahoo, Marlin, and Tuna among others. However, the commonest deep water fish is the Pacific Bluefish which is as heavy as 500 pounds.

Kona is also a great place to play with calm Hawaiian breeze, enjoy stretches of the beautiful coastline as well as sandy beaches and great food. There is so much to explore when on in the waters.​

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