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Paddling or running under the scorching sun can make you thirsty real quick. While exercising, it is essential to stay hydrated. Sure you can bring a water bottle, but that might not be suitable any many scenarios. One easy way of paddling or running without any break is to use a hydration pack. Hydration vest or packs are designed to make sure you keep hydrated while you enjoy your outdoor session without interruption. Nowadays, manufacturers are even making it easier for outdoor lovers to carry a hydration pack that can serve as a multi-purpose bag. These versatile hydration packs are very durable, offers different functionality, and comes at a very reasonable price.

Best Hydration Packs 2022

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KUYOU PackBlack, Blue, Green, Orange, Red2L
Salomon Adv Skin 12Black2L
Mubasel Gear PackBlack Red, Blue Zipper, Lemon, Purple2L
Gelindo BackpackLight grey, Navy blue, Macaw green, Purple, Rose2.5L
mPack PackKhaki3L
CamelBak M.U.L.E. LR 15Atomic Blue, Black & Laser Orange, Burn Olive & Lime Punch, Marine Blue & Lake Blue, Racing red & Pitch BLue, Sulfur Springs/Fiery Coral3Lbuy button
Vibrelli PackBlack, SKy BLue, Tiger Orange2L
CamelBak Helena 20Navy Blazer & Amparo Blue, Deep Teal & Hot Coral, Red Dhalia & Stone Blue2.5L

Salomon Adv Skin 12 Set

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As they’ve already proven themselves time and time again with their Outdoor gears, Salomon certainly knows how to build feature-rich hydration packs. Salomon ADV Skin is primarily made for trail running. However, its side cut allows it to be used for different outdoor activities like paddling, rowing, running, and other sports. It uses Sensei construction which comfortably wraps around your body without hindrance. The sense load lifter makes the pack hug you in the right places while keeping your gear safe and close for you to have the freedom to run or paddle smoothly.

Tight fabric is strategically placed in different areas which dry quickly to offer high breathability. Also, the common areas that are prone to chaffing are made smooth. The hydration system is on the front to quickly access water. I want to call it more as a backpack than a hydration pack. You can stow a lot of other stuff in different places to distribute the weight evenly. It is available in two different sizes to serve different purposes. The price of the pack can be a little bit offsetting for some people, but you need to remember that this is more than just a pack.

Overall, the best hydration pack

  • Sensei construction: wraps your body without chafing
  • Sense load lifter: hugs at the right places
  • The proper fabric used in the proper place, so it dries quickly
  • Multi-purpose: More of a carrying solution
  • Essential hydration at the front
  • Available in two sizes
  • Elastic jersey
  • 3D pole holder
  • Motion fit

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Kuyou Hydration Pack

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Kuyou is the best cheap hydration pack available on the market. It comes with a two-liter water bladder which is perfect for running, hiking, paddling, cycling, and other light sports. Kuyou hydration pack is available in several vibrant colors: black, blue, green, orange, and red. Kuyou hydration pack is made of lightweight and breathable mesh back panel and nylon fabric. Unlike most hydration packs, this one comes with a 2L hydration bladder included. It is fairly easy to use. All you have to do is pull the rubber mouthpiece out, and the water will come out.

These bladders from Kuyou are BPA free, and FDA approved. The water bladders passed pneumatic pressure test, 24-hour swing test, and 24-hour vibration test. It is entirely pressure-tolerant and leak-proof so that it can be used in different types of outdoor activities. On top of that, it comes with adjustable shoulder straps to provide a great fit. There are two layers, one of them is for liquid container and another for small things like keys, compass, phone, and more. The reflective design ensures better safety at night.

Best Cheap Hydration Pack

  • Available in different vibrant colors
  • Made of high-quality lightweight mesh back panel and nylon fabric
  • 2L hydration bladder included
  • Easy system: just pull the rubber mouthpiece out, and the water comes right out
  • Water bladders passed pneumatic pressure test, 24-swing test, 24-hour vibration test
  • Pressure-tolerant and leak proof
  • Adjustable straps provide for a better fit
  • Weight is distributed properly
  • Two layers: one for liquid container and another for small items like keys, cellphone, and compass

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Mubasel Gear Hydration Backpack

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Thousands of outdoor enthusiasts used Mubasel Gear’s hydration backpack for its amazing features. It includes a 70 ounce or 2 Liter FDA approved food grade hydration bladder. It is available in four different stunning colors: black red, blue zipper, lemon, and purple. Besides the 2L bladder, the backpacks weigh only 2LB, thanks to the fantastic workmanship and nylon material. As a result, you can imagine that this won’t cause trouble when you are doing outdoor activities.

You will find a storage compartment with a size of 16.5 * 9.85 inches. It should be able to fit your clothes, keys, cellphone, wallet, etc. If you want, you can also take advantage of the front stretch mesh pocket, which allows you to pack more items. Adjustable shoulder straps and the adjustable chest loop allow the user to have a better fit. The hose is easy to open and close. Just in case if you are wondering, yes, it is BPA free and FDA approved. The maximum weight capacity is 132 lb, and if wanted, it can be used as a pillow if you’re going to lie down a little bit. Also, it is relatively easy to clean the bladder.

Available in different vibrant colors

  • 100% leakage proof
  • 2L FDA food-grade hydration bladder
  • The pack weighs only 0.8 lb, thanks to the incredible quality and nylon material
  • If wanted, can be used as a pillow to rest a little bit
  • Easy to clean
  • Available at a very reasonable price
  • Three independent compartments with a mesh pocket
  • Breathable mesh back

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Gelindo Hydration Backpack

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Gelindo’s hydration pack is a multi-purpose backpack, which is an excellent product for teenagers. It is very lightweight: it weighs only 0.67 lbs. The overall capacity of this backpack is 10L; however, the water bladder capacity is only 2.5L. The 10L capacity of this versatile storage backpack should be enough for most outdoor lovers. On the other hand, the 2.5L water bladder is made of EVA Taste-Free material. This BPA free water bladder is made from EVA antimicrobial material.

A black insulated sleeve is used to keep the water unaffected by the outside temperature. So you will get warm water in winter and cold water in summer. You will find a small pocket with velvet inner lining to keep the fragile items like glasses. Gelindo uses high-quality SBS zippers that are way smoother than most other products. Vertical buckles, adjustable straps, and chest straps provide an excellent fit for both kids and adults. What’s more, an elastic band is also added to the chest strap which lengthens the length of the chest strap.

Great for teenagers

  • Available in different vibrant colors
  • 10L capacity is enough for a day or half-day hike, paddling, or outdoor activities
  • BPA free 2.5L water bladder
  • The water bladder is made of EVA Taste-free material
  • Concave air mesh back padding
  • A breathable, adjustable shoulder strap provides enough airflow
  • Small pocket has velvet inner lining to keep fragile items like a glass
  • Vertical buckles, adjustable shoulder straps, and chest strap offer a great fit
  • Am elastic band added to the chest strap
  • Black insulated inner sleeve will keep the water unaffected by the outside temperature

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mPac Hydration Water Backpack

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If you are not satisfied with 2L capacity, you need to take a look at the hydration pack made by mPac. This hydration backpack comes with a 3L FDA approved food grade TPU hydration bladder. It comes with a smart hands-free hydration hose with bite valve. By gently biting the valve, it will open up and flow water. The durable plastic insert buckles with ultra-high hardness. The sleek design, along with the middle handle strap, adjustable chest strap, and shoulder strap keeps the pack where it belongs.

This cheap hydration backpack is available in only one color: khaki. It is highly suggested that you do not fill up the whole bladder, instead leave some space to carry other items like cloth, cellphone, wallet, etc. Like other topnotch water backpacks, this one is also easy to clean. Last but not least, the price of the backpack is very low.

  • Bladder Capacity: 3L
  • Bladder is made of FDA approved food-grade TPU (Also, BPA free)
  • Hands-free hydration hose is super easy to use
  • Great for outdoor activities
  • Durable plastic insert buckled with ultra-high hardness
  • Middle handle strap, adjustable webbing chest and shoulder straps offer a better fit
  • Easy to clean
  • Available at a reasonable price

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CamelBak M.U.L.E LR 15

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CamelBak is an industry leader when it comes to transporting water for outdoor activities. CamelBak M.U.L.E 15 is one of the most versatile MTB pack designed ever. This gorgeous looking hydration pack combines the storage and features of M.U.L.E. pack with lumber design. It ensures that the wearer gets more stability while treading through aggressive downhill rides. The unique design and system will shift the load to your hips, which offers more freedom of movement.

The crux delivers 20% more water per sip than normal water bladders. The ergonomic handle offers easy refilling and the on/off lever to prevent leaks. The Airfoil back panel offers great comfort with the fin ventilation. Reflective accents is used for visibility in low-light environments. So, if you are running or paddling on the light, you can be detected very easily. There is an additional top zippered pocket which has a microfleece lining to hold your media player. The separate zippered compartment can be used to organize your gears and tools. This hydration backpack is available in several colors at a reasonable price.

  • Water capacity: 3L
  • Magnetic Tube trap keeps it secure and accessible
  • Available in stunning colors
  • Reflective accents for visibility in low-light environments
  • Airfoil back panel provides great comfort with ventilation
  • Dual reservoir compression straps
  • Separate zippered compartment with gear organizer
  • Rain cover to protect your pack and gear
  • Lumber design ensures better stability during the aggressive downhill rides
  • Weight is shifted to hip for a lower center of gravity provides better movement

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Vibrelli Hydration Pack

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VIbrelli’s hydration pack is one of the most selling packs on the market. Thousands of outdoor lovers have used their product for hydrating themselves. This pack uses a high flow bite-valve. This easy one-handed shutoff button will not leak. Once bitten, the water will flow very fast and can be stopped when locked. It uses a taste-free hydration bladder which is made from medical grade PE. So you can understand that this water bladder is completely free from BPA and PVC.

Multiple storage options are provided in this hydration backpack without making it bulky. It weighs only 415g. The pack itself is very lightweight, streamlined, and super easy to adjust. There is an adjustable bungee strap provided in the front. The quick access mesh pocket can be used for keeping small items like cellphone or keys. If you are not in a mode to carry it on the back, you can also use the carry handle. This backpack is available in three different colors, and at a very reasonable price.

High flow bite-valve provided

  • High-flow bite valve included
  • Quick one-handed shutoff button won’t leak
  • Taste-free, BPA free, PVC free water bladder
  • Available in three colors
  • Multiple storage options
  • Quick-access mesh pocket
  • Reflective safety tab and light attachment for safety
  • Carry handle
  • Ergonomic side stabilizers
  • Very reasonable price

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CamelBak Women Helena 20

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I know I have already mentioned a hydration backpack from CamelBak. Helena 20 is a great hydration backpack for women. It has a crux which delivers 20% more water per sip than normal crux’s. The ergonomic handle offers easy refilling with an on/off lever to prevent any leaks. Like any other good hydration vests, this one also comes with a lightweight and breathable air mesh back panel which offers great comfort.

If you are going an all-day hike or paddling session, this hydration pack is the perfect solution for you. Despite the seemingly simple appearance, it has enough space for extra layers, pocket for essentials, and a waist belt which offers a stable fit. The reservoir of this pack can hold up to 2.5 liters of water. You can also take advantage of the side pockets to put two more water bottle if needed. The main compartment and the separate pockets come very handily if you want to be very organized to access your items very quickly.

Best Hydration Pack for women

  • Crux delivers 20% more water per sip
  • Made of high-quality lightweight mesh back panel and nylon fabric
  • 2.5L reservoir
  • Ergonomic handle offers easy refilling with an on/off lever which prevents leaks
  • Removable sternum strap
  • Has extra layers
  • Main compartment and organizer pockets for essentials and a waist belt for stability
  • Lightweight and breathable air mesh back panel
  • Stretch overflow exterior pockets

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How to choose the best hydration pack?

If you are a runner, hiker, paddler, or outdoor lover, getting a hydration pack is a no brainer. Spending hours walking or running in the woods will make you thirsty, and you need quick access to water to quench your thirst. There are hundreds of amazing hydration packs available on the market that can significantly improve your outdoor experience. We have provided a list of the best hydration packs above, but it is always good to know the factors to find the suitable hydration pack for you. 


At first, you need to decide the type of hydration pack you will need for your kind of activities. Depending on your activity, you may need a different type of backpack. For example, if you are a runner, you need a hydration backpack that has a sung fit. While running, you will have to move a lot, and a hydration pack without a snug fit will wobble a lot. If you are into running, cycling, hiking, or paddling, it is always wise to buy a low-profile backpack style.

Running hydration pack or vest:

As mentioned earlier, hydration pack for running needs to have a perfect snug fit so that it doesn’t move when running. A running hydration pack will have a hip-belt and low-profile design. A hydration vest for running will feature a lot of pockets, and there should a reflective design so you can run at night or dark and still be visible.

Hiking hydration backpack:

One of the most prominent usages for hydration packs are for hiking. Hiking makes you feel thirsty a lot, and having a backpack is a must if you are doing it for half-day or full day-long hiking session. Hiking hydration backpacks are quite simple but allow you to carry food, snacks, or extra layers.

Paddling hydration backpack:

Paddling requires you to move your hand a lot, and unlike other backpacks, these will have a bigger armhole for you to paddle with ease. A kayaking hydration backpack may not feature a lot of space unless you are going for camping. Usually, they are small but allows quick access to small items.

Reservoir size

Reservoir size is one of the most important things to consider when buying a hydration pack. You can find packs ranging from 0.5 liters to 3 liters of a reservoir in the market. However, it is wise to buy a hydration pack with a bladder which can store from two to three liters liquid. Any more than that might become a burden to carry. And, less than the two liters might be very small for most people. Personally, I prefer reservoir sizes of two liters as they offer a great balance while storing the right amount of water. On the other hand, if you are not those type of people who would stop to refill, it is wise to use a three-liter reservoir, but be cautious about the weight of it.

Water taste

Some of the cheap hydration backpacks uses poorly made water reservoirs, which would make the water taste different. Most of the top-notch manufacturers of the market use BPA free materials to make the reservoir/water bladder to keep the water tasteless.

Water temperature

Some of the water bladders are also insulated to keep the water warm or cold in cold or warm weather. In this way, you don’t have to worry about the outside temperature, as you will find the water drinkable.

Torso length and weight

Besides the reservoir size, some of the hydration packs will have different sizes. These hydration packs will have a different sized torso. It is up to you to find the one which suits you best. Besides that, the weight of the torso also plays a good role too. You want to explore the wilderness, and you don’t want a heavy hydration pack. Having a heavy hydration pack can limit your speed of running, walking, paddling, or cycling. It is highly suggested that you use a lightweight hydration pack.

Hydration pack features

Some of the features of the hydration pack can significantly influence the buying decision. Let’s take a look at them:

Bite valve shutoff switch

Modern hydration packs will come with a bit valve. Some of the bladders have valves that will provide the right amount of water flow and stop when not bitten. A one-way valve will ensure that there is no leakage of water.

Tube holes

Usually, there are two holes found in a pack to transport the tube out of the pack. However, some of the packs will have only one simplified hole.

Wide mouth opening

This is a feature which becomes very useful when you are cleaning your reservoir. You might be able to put your hand inside the reservoir to clean it.


The color of the hydration pack can be helpful to detect you easily. It can play as a measure of safety as vivid colors are easy to spot. Most of the hydration packs available on the market come with several colors to choose from. Also, the reflective design can serve as a measure for safety

Extra storage and compartments

Sometimes, hydration packs can be the only thing you need to carry to transport your items. If you are on a half-day long hike or a short paddling session, you might not be carrying a lot of things. In such cases, you can stow the small items into the pockets of the hydration pack. There might be several pockets on the front or sides of the pack where you can keep small items like cellphone, keys, snacks, or maybe a book to read when you reach the summit. The main compartment and the water bladder can be divided into a pack to be more organized.

Other small features may influence the buying decision too. For example, sometimes it might become annoying to carry a pack on the back. In such cases, having a carry handle will allow you to carry the pack with ease. Another important thing is the mesh back panel of the pack. Having a mesh back panel will make it more comfortable for the wearer.

Final Verdict

I hope this article helps you to find the best hydration pack for your type of activity. If you are struggling, I would suggest you look at the products I have mentioned above. You can also take a look at the factors I outlined above, which will help you make your decision easier. One easy way would be to buy a hydration pack from the top manufacturers as they are known for their high-quality products. I am a big fan of the products from Salomon and Camelbak. However, there are other top-notch products from other manufacturers too. I would suggest you not to look at the price factor, as cheaper hydration packs might not last for a long time. You will be using the pack every now and then. So, it is wise to buy a hydration pack which has good quality and will serve you for a long time.