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Are you looking for the best ice fishing boots? Since you are here, I will assume that you are looking for an ice fishing boot for your next fishing trip.

Ice fishing is not about sitting next to a hole in the ice and hoping to get lucky. It requires determination, skills, and a little bit of luck. While doing this, you will face the extreme cold weather while standing on ice for a very long time. To do this, you will need a pair of nice ice fishing boots to help you tackle the cold weather. Standing on the ice is painful if you are wearing regular boots/shoes. You will need a solid ice fishing boot, and you need to grab one before the season starts. In this article, I am going to share the tips on how to choose the best ice fishing boots, and before that, I will share the top ten ice fishing boots on the market.

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Best Ice Fishing Boots Men 2022

Rating / Insulation
Baffin Men's Control Max-70C/-94F4.8
Muck Boot Arctic Sport -40 °F to 40 °F
-40°C to 4°C
4.8buy button
Columbia Men's Bugaboot Plus III-25F/-32C4.5
Kamik Men's Greenbay 4 -25F/-32C4.5
Sorel Men's Intrepid Explorer -100F/-73C4.7
Kamik Men's Canuck-40F4.5
Lacrosse Hunt Pac Extreme 10''2000g insulation4.3
Korkers Footwear Men's IceJack BOA600g Thinsulate insulation4.3
Dream Men Insulated Boot-25F4
arctiv8 Men's 170390-M -25F4.6

Baffin Men Control Max Insulated Boot

By one of the most highly respected footwear makers in the world, Buffin, this is arguably the best ice fishing boots available to the ice fishing community. Buffin is a proud Canadian footwear company established in 1979. From then, Baffin continued creating different types of footwear for various industries. Baffin used leather and rubber sole to make this amazing ice fishing boot. It looks both sporty and sturdy at the same time. 

Baffin Control Max can put you in charge of comfort and warmth when visiting that sweet ice fishing spot you found last week. Control Max has Timberwolf leather uppers with fully sealed seams to keep the moisture and cold out for good.

Full-grain insulated leather is used in making of Control Max. You will see Multi D-ring lace fastening in this boot. The waterproof seam-sealed upper will prevent the water to get into the boot. You can buy Buffin Men Control in two different colors: Black and Brown. It has been insulated in such a way that it has a temperature rating of -70C/-94F with the waterproof construction. It also features an EVA midsole, round toe, rubber outsole, and removable liner. It has been tested in extremely low temperatures to ensure that it offers warmth and comfort. Also, it features a fully-tractioned sole for a non-slip grip. The removable boot liner provides extra insulation from the cold. What’s more, the top cinch even helps keep the warmth inside.Considering all these features, I can safely announce this the best ice fishing boot on the market.

Overall, Best Ice Fishing Boot for men.

  • Full-grain insulated leather
  • Has temperature rating of -70C/-94F
  • Eva midsole, round toe, removable liner
  • Waterproof upper and rubber outsole
  • Fully-tractioned sole offers a non-slip grip
  • Removable boot liner offers added insulation from the cold
  • Top cinch keeps the warmth inside
  • Offers top-notch warmth and comfort
  • Arctic Flex base can naturally support your foot for a healthy gait
  • Anatomical footbed
  • Timberwolf leather nylon upper

Muck Boot Arctic Sport Rubber High-Performance Men Winter Boot

Established in 1999, Muckboots has grown into a top-notch footwear manufacturer of the world. Wearing a comfortable boot in a messy and slushy condition can significantly help the wearer to do their jobs efficiently and comfortably. This high-performance men’s winter rubber boot from Muck Boot is an excellent choice for ice fishing. Thousands of people enjoy wearing this boot during the ice fishing season.

This fantastic boot is available in two different colors: Black and Moss. A lot of cool features are used in this boot to make it an ideal option for the cold weather of winter. For example, Muckboots used 2mm thermal foam underlay to keep it warm for the users. You will also find cushioned EVA midsole to make it more comfortable.

As the Muckboot always delivers good value to the customers, this boot is no exception. Arctic Sports keeps the standard of comfort and quality of Muckboot footwear. It can keep your foot warm in frigid weather by using its special fleece lining, which can keep your toes warm even in -40 degrees. It has a comfort rating of -40 °F to 40 °F (-40°C to 4°C). This amazing ice fishing boot also offers you a snug fit to give you a warm feeling. The 5mm neoprene adds extra comfort and flexibility while adding great waterproofing shock absorption and heat retention properties. On top of that, the outsole with rugged molded lugs provides great traction on slippery and uneven terrain. All of these features make this one of the best ice fishing boots on the market.

One of The Best Ice Boots for Men on The Market.

  • Comfort rating: -40 °F to 40 °F (-40°C to 4°C)
  • 5mm neoprene adds comfort and flexibility
  • Available in two colors: Black & Moss
  • 2mm thermal foam underlay provides great warmth
  • EVA molded midsole comes with a contoured footbed
  • Waterproofing, shock absorption, and heat retention properties
  • Completely sealed rubber shell offers protection from moisture
  • Soft fleece lining adds extra warmth
  • Outsole with rugged molded lugs for extra traction on slippery fields

Columbia Men Bugaboot Plus III Omni Cold-Weather Boot

Columbia is one of the finest sportswear manufacturers from the United States. Columbia Sportswear’s boots are widely used in different types of activities. Bugaboot Plus III is specially made for the cold weather. This super-warm boot uses leather, textile, and rubber sole. With 200g insulation, Bugaboot can tackle extreme cold weather.

On top of that, the thermal reflective liners make it even better. It has a temperature rating of -25F/-32C. From ice fishing to building snowmen, this awesome boot can come very helpful in the winter. 

Bugaboot III comes with tons of features including the Omni-Heat reflective, Omni-Grip non-marking traction rubber, Techlite, and more. The techlite lightweight midsole of the boot will offer long-lasting comfort, excellent cushioning, and high energy return. The upper of the boot is made of a combination of leather, nylon, webbing, and metal hardware shell. The waterproof seam-sealed construction with the 200g insulation can help you focus on the ice fishing rather than the cold weather. Columbia Bugaboot III comes in different colors and sizes. What’s more, the price of this ice fishing boot is very reasonable. After careful review of the features, I can say that this is one of the best ice fishing boots for the buck.

  • 200g insulation
  • Thermal reflective liners provided
  • Temperature rating: -25/-32C
  • Leather, nylon, webbing and metal hardware used for the upper
  • Omni-Grip non-marking traction rubber used
  • Techlite lightweight midsole offers long-lasting comfort 
  • Superior cushioning and high energy return
  • Waterproof seam-sealed construction
  • Different colors and sizes
  • Reasonable pricing

Kamik Men Greenbay 4 Cold-weather Boot

Established in 1898, Kamik is a family owned Canadian company. With 100 years of expertise in boot making, Kamik specializes in making winter and rain boots. If you have noticed, most ice fishing boots are quite expensive, but not this one. This is one of the best cheap ice fishing boots you will find on the market. Kamik used tough snow shedding duration 600 nylon upper to keep the user warm on the cold weather. What’s more, the 600-denier nylon upper is also waterproof. It comes with a removable 8mm thermal guard liner which is also moisture-wicking.

PULSE rubber outsole provides a better grip when taking steps in ice. Inside moisture-wicking lining is used to prevent sweaty vapor from forming up and freezing your toes. This amazing but cheap ice fishing boot is available in three different colors: black, charcoal, and triple black. 

Best Cheap Ice Fishing Boot for men.

  • Available in three different colors
  • Low price
  • Temperature rating: -25/-32C
  • Tough and rugged construction
  • Pulse Rubber outsole for grip in ice steps
  • Drawcord on the cuff to keep the deep snow out of the boot
  • Hook and loop strap
  • Moisture-wicking lining to prevent the sweaty vapors forming 
  • Thermal-guard liner
  • 600 denier nylon

Sorel Men Intrepid Explorer Extreme Snow Boot

Sorel is a Canadian company established in 1962. Sorel uses their long heritage of expert craftsmanship into the modern world of footwear fashion. Today we will see one of the best boots from Sorel: Intrepid Explorer. The Intrepid Explorer is an extreme snow boot for men. It can be used for different types of activities like ice fishing. The upper of the boot is made of waterproof PU backed synthetic textile.

On the other hand, the sole is made of rubber. Sorel used a built-in gaiter with barrel lock closure system. The seam-sealed waterproof construction will keep the water away from the boot. This makes it a great winter fishing boot.

This rugged waterproof ice fishing boot has a removable 13-mm ThermoPlus felt inter boot which has an Omni-Heat reflective lining. You will also find a 12-mm EVA internal midsole and a removable molded EVA footbed. The multi-directional lugged outsole will enhance the traction. Intrepid Explorer has a temperature rating of -100F/-73.3C. 

  • Waterproof PU backed synthetic textile
  • Built-in gaiter with barrel lock closure system
  • Seam-sealed waterproof construction
  • Removable molded EVA footbed
  • 12mm EVA internal midsole
  • Removable 13mm Sorel meltdown midsole
  • Temperature rating -100F/-73C
  • Rugged design
  • Multi-directional luffed outsole offers impressive traction
  • Runs a little bit large

How to Choose the Best Ice Fishing Boots

Ice fishing is a very popular sport in North America. Unlike fishing in summer, ice fishing requires the fisherman to be prepared for the cold weather. They will have to wear proper clothes, footwear and carry the necessary gears to tackle the freezing weather. You will be standing on the ice for a very long time, and this is why you need the best ice fishing boot. There are a lot of ice fishing boots available on the market, but few will suit you. This is why we decided to review the top ice fishing boots on the market and share our findings with the fellow fisherman. 

There are tons of factors to consider when choosing an ice fishing boot. For example, the traction of the boot, the material, upper, warmth, comfort, temperature rating, and more. We will guide you through all of this, and help you find the best ice fishing boot for your next fishing trip.

The material of the boot

The first thing to check in an ice fishing boot is the material used to make it. You will be looking for the raw materials like the rubber, nylon, webbing, synthetic inner, and more. If you are choosing a boot with rubber, try to find one which prevents the water from getting into the boot. Leather uppers are usually reinforced with metal webbing to keep it hold together. Some of the best ice fishing boots come with synthetic materials as they are lightweight and feel softer. The sole of the boots is usually made of rubber. They help to increase the traction and lets the user take steps on ice easy.


Most of the ice fishing boots will come with a rubber upper. Rubber is also used on the outer shell of the booth while having a synthetic inner boot. The primary reason to use rubber on the outer shell is that they are waterproof and thick enough to prevent the cold air from getting inside of the boot.

Synthetic Materials 

Synthetic materials are soft and feel comfortable. Additionally, synthetic materials are lightweight.


Just like the rubber material, leather also offers a hard surface that won’t be worn out easily. Typically, leather boots will come with a reinforced heel, toe surfaces, and a shank for extra support.

Ice fishing boots: snug fit or not?

A lot of the fishers love to have a snug and cozy fit. If you are one of them, then I highly suggest you choose something like that. On the contrary, a lot of people doesn’t like the snug fit. They think these types of boots are narrow for them. In such cases, you can order one size larger, and stay relaxed in the roomy boot. 


Insulation is a crucial factor when you are fishing in extreme weather. If a boot uses insulation, it will keep your feet warm in the severe cold weather. A lot of people confuses gore-tex as insulation, but it is not. Manufacturers use different types of insulation level for different types of weather. Depending on the weather, you will have to choose a higher or lower level of insulation. For easy understanding of what to choose, manufacturers have decided to put temperature rating of their boot. I have mentioned most of the boot’s temperature rating in this post for you to choose easily. For example, The Baffin men control max has a temperature rating of -70C/-94F. There are different types of insulation offered by different manufacturers. Most popular are Thinsulate, primaloft, heatseeker, Zylex and more.


It doesn’t matter if it is intended for ice fishing for just walking around; laces are very important to check. Before buying any ice fishing footwear, you need to check if the laces are properly securing your boot. Sure, some of the ice fishing boots won’t come with any lacing system, but if it does, check the quality of the material. Metal clamps will secure the front to keep the laces from slipping out. These are the types of lacing that are easy to open if you need to. Personally, I prefer thicket laces, but you may prefer thin laces. Thick laces are easy to use with gloves on. Just make sure that the lacing system is easy to fix on the spot. Trust me; you don’t want to spend hours securing the boot in frigid weather.

Sole Pattern

Often overlooked, the sole pattern is quite crucial for ice fishing boots. If your ice fishing boot comes with a flat sole, you are in big trouble. A good ice fishing footwear will come with enough grooves and openings that will allow the ices to move without being stuck on the sole. Both the sole and the outsole with a strong rubber compound will ensure that it lives for a long time.

Final Verdict

I hope this article helps you find the best ice fishing boot for the upcoming fishing season. A lot of people tends to save money when buying boots, but my suggestion is not to hold on and spend a good amount of money to have a relaxing ice fishing trip with your friends and family. If you are struggling deciding, try the first two ice fishing boots mentioned in this article: Baffin Men’s Control Max  & Muck Boot Arctic Sport. Thousands of ice anglers have used them for years, and they provided great performance. I will try adding more amazing boots to the collection, and meanwhile, you can recommend your favorite in the comment box below. Happy ice fishing.

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