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Life without adventure is like reading the same book over and over again. If you are adventurous like us, then you would love to explore the beauty of mother nature. Going on adventure requires preparation which includes the necessity of facing the tough sides.

If you love water sports or rafting on whitewater or love to paddle on the river, then a must thing to get is a life jacket. There are several types of life jackets available on the market. Today we are focusing on the best inflatable life jacket.

Inflatable life jackets are personal flotation jacket which is inflated via gas or air. This can be done via the gas cylinder or oral tube which is included in the package. Most modern jackets can automatically inflate, but those life jackets are slightly more expensive than traditional inflatable life jackets.

Absolute Outdoor Onyx M-24 Manual Inflatable Vest

Absolute Outdoor Onyx M-24 Manual Inflatable Vest

This is a perfect inflatable life jacket for kayakers. People who are into water sports would love this PFD. As the name suggests, this is a manual inflatable life vest. It’s available in two different colors and comes at a very reasonable price. Onyx M-24 comes in two different colors: Red and Camo color. Since absolute outdoor is a popular outdoor gear manufacturer, you can completely rely on the best quality they offer in their inflatable vests.

This PFD can be used in whitewater or freshwater kayaking. As this provides enough space for moving the arm, this gives you great ability to move easily. There is a soft sock liner on the neck to provide comfort all over the day. The D-ring can be used to attach other cool gears like a fishing plier, small bag, etc.

Notable Features

  • Perfect for kayaking or paddling
  • Enough space for movement of arms
  • Very comfortable
  • Excellent value for the money
  • Type III performance with the US Coast Guard approved Type V
  • D-ring for attaching small accessories
  • Comes with soft neoprene neckline for comfort
Best Inflatable Life Jackets

Mustang Survival Corp M.I.T. 100 Auto Activation PFD

This is one of the best life jackets which provides excellent support for fishing and boating. It has a very tough fabric which is puncture-proof too. 500 Denier Cordura outer shell is used to provide high durability. You will get 1.5x buoyancy than regular PFD. If you are tired of using bulky PFDs, you will be thanking me once you get your hands on this slim inflatable PFD. It comes with both automatic and manual inflation. So even if you fall into the water, the PFD will automatically inflate. On the other hand, you can inflate it by yourself.

If you are tired of using bulky PFDs, you will be thanking me once you get your hands on this slim inflatable PFD. It comes with both automatic and manual inflation. So even if you fall into the water, the PFD will automatically inflate. On the other hand, you can inflate it by yourself.

This inflatable life jacket has tough fabric, and it has high mobility too. Its comfortable buckle straps give you an extra advantage while you are casting. There is also a clear window that lets you check the status of the inflator. What’s more, Mustang Survival Corp M.I.T 100 is available in several colors.

Notable Features

  • 500 denier Cordura outer shell provides excellent durability
  • puncture proof flotation
  • Exclusive membrane inflatable technology inflation cell makes it quick
  • excellent mobility
  • Comfortable buckle strap
  • Available in different colors
  • Better buoyancy than regular PFDs
  • Slim design
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Absolute Outdoor Onyx A/M-24 Automatic/Manual Inflatable Life Jacket

Absolute Outdoor is a water sports accessories company in the United States. Unlike most other Onyx A/M 24 inflatable jackets, this one can be performed automatically or manually. Absolute outdoor used durable fabric to resist tear and punctures to keep you safe on the water. As said before, you can inflate this inflatable life jacket with the movement of the T-cord. However, it will also automatically inflate upon immersion in the water.

Due to the inflatable design, this inflatable life jacket is lightweight and comfortable. Its marvelous slender design helps you keep cool in the warm weather. Absolute outdoor also used soft neoprene neckline for all-day wearing comfort. Despite all the fantastic features, the price of the product is quite low. Considering all of the features, I think this is the best inflatable jackets for both manual and automatic lovers.

Notable Features:

  • The durable fabric used to resist tears and punctures
  • Can be inflated manually
  • Inflates automatically upon immersion in the water
  • Lightweight
  • Soft neoprene neckline
  • The slender design will keep you cool in warm weather
  • Reasonable price
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Mocotono Inflatable Life Jacket

Type: Automatic/Manual
Weight Capacity: Under 330 lbs (150KG)
Inflate time: 3-5 seconds
Best For Kayaking, sailing, fishing, surfing

If you are looking for a folding inflatable life jacket for your water activities, you are in luck! Mocotono’s inflatable life jacket comes with a clever folding design that will make it super easy to store when not in use. Mocotono’s inflatable life jacket inflates automatically using the replaceable CO2 cylinder. It comes with two CO2 cartridges. One is already inside the life jacket, and another is for replacement. When immersed in water, it will start to inflate automatically. You can also pull of the jerk to inflate cord to inflate it manually. If none of these two are working, there’s a third option: inflate the life vest using the oral inflation tube.

If you are into water activities like kayaking, canoeing, etc., you will love its slim design that does not restrict any movement. 210D nylon and TPU coated durable ripstop fabric resists tears and punctures but is still soft and lightweight. The jacket comes with a quick-release buckle that allows easy putting on and taking off. The adjustable high-strength strap webbing has a universal size and can adjust around 29-50 inches. This life jacket is CE approved and, according to the manufacturer, has been pressure tested twice before leaving their factory.

Notable Features:

  • Available in three different colors: Red, Yellow, Blue
  • Inflates automatically, thanks to the replaceable CO2 cylinder
  • Can be inflated manually too
  • Backup Oral inflation tube
  • Durable ripstop fabric used to make the inflatable jacket
  • Adjustable buckle
  • Highly visible in the dark
  • High-strength strap webbing
  • CE approved
  • Whistle system provided
  • Buoyancy: 150N
  • Great for adults under 330lbs
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Lifesaving Pro Inflatable Jacket with Reflective Bands

This is an automatic inflatable life jacket coming from Lifesaving Pro. It will be automatically inflated upon immersion in the water. However, you can also inflate it manually by pulling the inflation handle. This inflatable life jacket also comes with CE certification, and SOLAS approved USA 3M reflectors. As a result, it will be highly visible in the dark. The lightweight design makes it comfortable to wear for a long period.

You will find an adjustable belt fit to make it universal for all adults. However, it is for only adults under 330 lbs/150kg. Lifesaving Pro used high-quality materials to manufacture this beauty. It is reusable, washable, and dries quickly. Additionally, this life jacket comes at a very reasonable price.

Notable Features:

  • Inflates automatically upon immersion in the water
  • Can be inflated manually too
  • Lightweight
  • Reusable, washable, and dries quickly
  • Adjustable strap
  • SOLAS approved USA 3M reflectors
  • Highly visible in the dark
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NRS Otto Matik Inflatable PFD

It is hard to find a top inflatable PFD, and this is where the NRS Otto Matik inflatable PFD comes to rescue. Otto Matik is a self-inflating lightweight inflatable PFD that provides 22.5 lbs of flotation. This inflatable PFD meets the U.S. Coast Guard requirements as a Type III life jacket.

420-Denier ripstop nylon has been used to make this inflatable PFD. The waistbelt fit waists measuring 30-58 inches. It compactly folds into a low-profile horse-collar jacket to offer convenient flotation, which doesn’t get into your way to provide a smooth paddling session. Once submerged, the integrated bladder will instantly inflate with the CO2 gas pressure. After that, the inflatable vest secures with a waist buckle and offers one adjustment point for a snug fit. It’s a great inflatable PFD that comes with some other cool features like a zippered pocket with an internal tether for keeping essentials like a key or a whistle. It also comes with a reflective accent that provides great visibility in low-light outings.

Notable Features:

  • 420 Denier ripstop nylon
  • Manual backup cord
  • Zippered pocket with internal tether for keys or a whistle
  • Lightweight design
  • Provides 22.5 lbs
  • USCG: Type III
  • Reflective accents provide higher visibility in low-light
  • Waistbelt fits: 30-58 in
  • CO2 cartridge triggers instantaneous inflation with water (single use)
  • Closure: Buckle
  • Best for: Flatwater/Ocean/River paddling
  • Unisex design
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ONYX A/M-24 Automatic Manual Inflatable Life Jacket

Onyx A/M-24 Delux is a manual automatic inflatable jacket approved by the U.S Coast Guard. It is equipped with utility pockets to keep a spare CO2 cylinder, essentials and more. Heavy-duty 420 denier nylon ripstop and 400 denier makes it one of the most robust life jackets on the market.

Like a good automatic inflatable life jacket, this one also inflates automatically upon immersion in the water. You will love the comfort, safety, and style this life jacket brings with such a competitive price.

Notable Features:

  • U.S Coast Guard approved
  • Padded Utility pockets to keep essentials
  • Sunglasses pocket
  • Heavy-duty 420 Denier Nylon ripstop with 400 Denier offers high durability
  • The flex-back insert is stretchable
  • Can be converted easily
  • Competitive price
  • Comfortable and provides safety
  • Looks stylish
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Eyson Inflatable Life Jacket Vest Highly Visible Manual

Eyson Inflatable Life Jacket/Vest Highly Visible Automatic

Best inflatable life jackets are most of the times lightweight. If you are searching for the best lightweight life jackets, then look no further. It’s made of a very durable fabric, and it’s lightweight. The ripstop fabric can resist tears and punctures. It can be used for a long time as it’s reusable & the washability is very good. The portability is high because it’s easy to repack. It has been CE certified and approved of USA 3M reflectors. It’s perfect for people under 150 kg. Its adjustable belt is suitable for both the adult and youth. Life jackets should always offer colors that are easily recognizable, and it comes in several colors.

Notable Features:

  • Lightweight
  • Highly visible design
  • great washability
  • long lifetime
  • ripstop fabric resists tear and punctures
  • quick inflation: 5 seconds
  • adjustable belt for both adult and kid
Rrtizan Unisex Adult portable Inflatable life jacket

Rrtizan Unisex Adult Portable Inflatable life jacket

If you want a life jacket, but don’t want to break the bank, Rrtizan is a great inflatable life jacket for you. Though this is primarily made for snorkeling, other water sports lover can use it too. It comes in several vivid colors like green, light green, and orange. This makes it easy to get detected on the water more easily.

The outer layer of this inflatable jacket is made of durable canvas material for durability. The composite story strength TPU Membrane can withstand up to 220lb load. The life jacket is quite comfortable and makes it easy for the wearer to move quickly. Since this is an inflatable life jacket, it’s lightweight and packs easily.

Notable Features:

  • Durable Outer Layer canvas material
  • Vivid color available
  • Can withstand up to 220lb load
  • Lightweight and packs easily
  • Very reasonable price
Phantom Aquatics Snorkel Adult Vest

Phantom Aquatics Snorkel Adult Vest

Best lifejacket for snorkeling: This amazing inflatable life vest is a perfect fit for people who are into snorkeling. Snorkeling is a very popular water sports which require some safety. With this cheap inflatable life vest, you will be secured in the water.

High comfortability along with security straps, this is the best inflatable life vests for snorkeling. Phantom Aquatics Adult vest comes in two different vivid colors for easily get detected in the water. You can use the oral inflation tube for easy and quick inflation. Over the neck, collar style makes it super easy to wear it.

Notable Features:

  • Enough buoyancy for snorkeling
  • Very comfortable
  • Strap on the waist & crotch to make it secure
  • Can be easily inflated via the inflation tube

Eyson Slim Inflatable PFD Life Jacket

Wearing bulky life jackets can be very annoying for most people. This life jacket from Eyson is very slim and offers protection at the same time. This thin inflatable life jacket can be found in five different colors: black, blue, olive, red, and yellow. It includes CE-certified and SOLAS-approved 3M reflectors. With the highly visible color, you also get extra safety. As mentioned before, this is a lightweight inflatable life jacket that comes with a soft neoprene neckline to have improved comfort.

There is an adjustable belt fit to make it universal for adults. However, the weight limit is 330 lbs (150KG). The slender design of the life jacket helps you keep cool in the warm weather. Like most life jackets, this is reusable, washable, and dries quite fast. The buoyancy of the jacket is 150N. Considering all the features and price, this is a great inflatable life jacket for the summer.

Notable Features:

  • Available in five different colors
  • Lightweight design
  • Neoprene in the neckline for you to wear it the whole day with comfort
  • Slender design offers comfort
  • Reusable
  • Easy to wash
  • Buoyancy: 150N
  • Adjustable belt to make it universal for adults
  • CE Certified and SOLAS approved 3M reflectors used
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auto inflatable PFD -life vest, life jacket

TMS Automatic/Manuel Auto Inflate Inflatable PFD Life Jacket

Who doesn’t love auto-inflatable PFD? This inflatable PFD can be auto-inflated when needed. It can be auto-inflated upon immersion in the water & it will hardly take 5-6 seconds to do that. Its highly visible stripes make it easy to detect on the water. You will even see a whistle with this inflatable life vest for emergencies. The ripstop fabric resists tears and punctures for high durability. The universal size is perfect for adults over 80lbs. It will keep you floating for over 48 hours. No matter whether you are kayaking or a recreational boater you will love this.

Notable Features

  • Auto inflation
  • Comfort and safety package
  • High visibility via reflective stripe
  • A whistle is also included
Onyx 3200BLU99 Adult Co2 Automatic Vest

Onyx 3200BLU99 Adult Co2 Automatic Vest

Onyx 3200 BLU99 is one of the top-notch best inflatable vests on the market. Onyx 3200BLU99 is an automatic vest from Absolute Outdoor. Like other inflatable jackets from Absolute Outdoor, this one also comes with heavy durability and tons of functionalities. This inflatable life vest offers a wide range of motion to make sure you move easily on the water.

You will feel the soft neoprene used on the neckline for better comfort. It can inflate with the manual movement of the T-cord or automatically upon immersion in water. The price of this inflatable life jacket is reasonable for its quality and functions.

Notable Features:

  • A wide range of motion
  • manual inflation with automatic inflation upon immersion in the water
  • Soft neoprene neckline provides comfort
  • Lightweight
  • Easy storing
  • Slender design keeps you cool in hot weather

How to Choose an Inflatable Lifejacket?

Safety is always one of the biggest concerns when you are doing any watersports activities. This is why we need to use life jackets. Life jackets are designed to help you float on the water. Inflatable life jackets use air to help your float. You can inflate it manually, or it may be inflated automatically depending on the type of inflatable life jacket.

In this post, I am going to share the top factors to consider when trying to find the best inflatable life jacket for your next adventure. Not all the available inflatable life jackets will have all the features but choosing the one to fit your type of experience is something I suggest.

Automatic or Manual:

One of the easiest ways to divide all the inflatable life jackets is how they inflate themselves. Is it you who need to inflate, or it will inflate itself automatically? Some people prefer manual inflatable life jackets, and some prefer automatic life jackets. Most manual inflatable life jackets will use something which you need to push, trigger, or blow to inflate it. On the other hand, automatic inflatable life jackets will inflate upon immersion in the water. For better safety, I prefer automatic inflatable life jackets.


It may sound funny but wearing a highly visible life jacket is much better than wearing a dull-looking life jacket. Most of the inflatable life jackets come in different colors. You can find almost any type of color available in the market.

Adjustable Belt

Some of the inflatable life jackets will come with adjustable belts. This adjustable belt will make sure that almost all adults can use the same jacket. However, some of the life jackets are sized, and may not have adjustable belts. I prefer adjustable belts, as it gives you a fantastic fit. If you are going to wear that life jacket for a very long time, the adjustable fit should be an influential factor.


Even though most life jackets are made of good fabrics, some of them are even better than the cheaper options. Try to choose an inflatable life jacket that uses fabric that prevents tears and punctures.


Always choose lightweight life jackets. Otherwise, you will feel uncomfortable in the water. Lightweight life jackets let you roam freely, whereas a heavy life jacket will make your movements slow.

Soft neoprene neckline

A lot of good inflatable life jacket uses a soft neoprene neckline. You will wear the life jacket for a very long time, and this neoprene neckline will help you relax. This is a must-have feature if you plan to do something where you will need your lifejacket for a long time.

U.S. Coastguard approval and other certificates

A lot of places will require you to have life jackets with U.S. coast guard approval. Some of the inflatable life jackets even use 3M reflectors for high visibility as a safety concern.


The world has become green. There were times when people used to use lifetime jackets a couple of times and threw them. Nowadays, everyone is trying to reuse the same product, and the same thing goes with the life jacket too. Most of the mentioned life jackets on this list are reusable and washable. The manufacturers are making sure that you get the best out of the money you are spending by making it reusable for a very long time.

These are currently the best inflatable life jackets available on the market. No matter how good you can swim, you should always wear proper life jackets. If you find these best life jackets appropriate, then share the article with your friends. Don’t forget to take life jackets for your dog.

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