10 Best Bilge Pumps for Kayak 2021 – Bilge Pumps Reviewed

Do you want to find the best bilge pumps for your kayak? As an avid kayaker, I know that there are times when we see unwanted water on the deck of our kayak that we don’t want. The simplest method is to remove the unwanted water from the top of the deck or from the hatches using a bilge pump. The same is true for canoes, as you can pump water from the bottom to the outside.

Bilge is the lowest compartment of a water vessel. You may want to have anything in there except water. However, if water is present in your boat’s bilge, you should get rid of it as soon as possible. There are numerous reasons why your boat’s bilge may contain water, but getting rid of it should be your top priority.

We all know that water in the boat is not a good thing. It should be outside of your water vessel. Since the bilge is under the water level, it can’t drain out the unwanted water. You will need a pump to get rid of the water.

Finding the best bilge pumps for kayak can be tricky. Check our list of top bilge pumps for kayak today. #Kayak

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NRS Kayak Bilge Pump

NRS is a highly popular accessories maker for kayak and small boats. Like other incredible kayak accessories from NRS, this bilge pump also offers incredible value for a very low price. Y

ou can use this amazing bilge pump from NRS to keep your kayak dry and clean. By using this bilge pump, you can remove the unwanted water from the deck of your kayak or boat.

Unlike most bilge pumps, you will not need any hose with this bilge pump. Its clever design will make the water spray out over the side of your kayak, canoe, or boat. Also, the full-length foam float ensures that it doesn't sink if you drop it mistakenly on the water. It can pump up to 8 gallons of water per minute. Also, it comes with a vivid color to easily spot it.

  • Floats on water
  • Can pump 8 gallons per minute
  • Bright color for easy detection
  • You don't need a hose to use this bilge pump
  • Reasonable price
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Seattle Sports Paddlers Bilge Pump

Finding a high-quality bilge pump for your kayak can be difficult if you do not consider the paddlers bilge pump from Seattle Sports. This bilge pump is made specifically for small boats and kayaks. It has a rubber over-molded handle that is comfortable and easy to grip. The highly visible neo yellow colour allows it to be quickly and easily identified.

The bilge pump itself weighs only 12 ounces. It is 21 inches long and has a diameter of 1.75 inches. Because of its small size, this bilge pump is simple to use and store. Keeping your kayak dry has never been easier, thanks to Seattle sports paddlers bilge pump.

  • Highly visible colors
  • Easy grip rubber handle
  • Comfortable
  • Reasonable price
  • Compact design

Perception Kayak Bilge Pump for kayaks

Besides making incredible kayaks, Perception Kayak also produces quality bilge pumps for kayaks. This bilge pump comes at a decent price for you to keep your kayak dry. You can use this bilge pump to keep unwanted waters out of your kayaks. 

Both the upward and downward strokes will expel the water out of your kayak. Thus, you can get to have the maximum efficiency with less fatigue.

Its ribbed output nozzle offers an attachment for an external hose. This bilge pump comes with a foam padded handgrip to allow you have a better grip. It makes it non-slip and provides the necessary buoyancy you need. The synthetic body and the shaft can withstand the corrosive power of the salt water.

  • Green vivid colors
  • Non-slip foam padded handgrip
  • Ribbed output nozzle
  • Can expel water both upward and downward
  • A synthetic body which withstands the corrosive salt water

17-Inch LINGVUM Bilge Pump for Kayak, Canoe, and Boat

kayak hand bilge pump

If you're looking for a hand bilge pump for sale, Lingvum's 17-inch manual bilge pump for kayaks is a great option. This manual bilge pump measures 16.5" in length. The maximum unfolded length is 25.5", with a 23.3" long hose that makes life so much easier by easily reaching the bottom of your kayak. 

This hand kayak pump has a 1.14" water-absorbing post and a 1.18" diameter hose, with a maximum discharge of 0.4L and a pull and push action. This hand bilge pump comes with two water inlets and a long hose that can be attached to either end while removing the water very quickly without making you tired.

On top of all the cool features, this hand bilge is also extremely portable, thanks to its ultra-lightweight design that makes it weigh only .78 pounds. This is the best kayak hand bilge pump on the market, and we wholeheartedly recommend it.

  • Manual bilge pump
  • Pump length 16.5"
  • 23.3" long hose
  • Two water inlets and a long hose removes water quickly with less energy
  • Highly portable: weighs only 0.78 pounds
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Pelican Boats Floating Manual Bilge for Kayak & Canoe

Pelican Boats - Paddlers Bilge Floating Hand Pump – PS1374-2

Finding a manual bilge pump for kayak is not easy, and it becomes harder if you are looking for a bilge pump that floats! Pelican boats PS1374-2 is a great floating bilge pump that is extra tough but lightweight. 

Despite its compact design, it is considered to be one of the toughest bilge pumps to evacuate water out of your kayak or canoe quickly. It is equipped with a comfortable foam sleeve that allows better grip and flotation.

  • Compact design
  • Powerful
  • Easily evacuate water out of a small water vessel
  • Foam sleeve helps with the grip and flotation
  • Corrosion & shock resistance
  • Lightweight
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Shoreline Marine Bilge Pump 600 GPH

Shoreline Marine makes some of the best bilge pumps on the market. Despite its small size, this bilge pump has a capacity of 600 gallons per hour. Unlike most bilge pumps, this one is relatively simple to install. When you connect this bilge pump to your boat's battery, it will begin pumping water out of your kayak through a 34-inch hose.

  • You will be glad to know that the marine grade wiring makes it possible to work the thing very quickly and without any modification. Yes, it needs no modification to work. It also comes with a mounting bracket and stainless steel hardware. Despite all the cool features, it comes at a very reasonable price. You won’t find such a manual electric bilge pump at this price.

    • Easy and quick installatiom
    • Powerful: Gallon per hour is 600
    • No modification needed
    • Cheap price
    • Marine grade wiring used
    • Universal mounting
    • Mounting bracket and stainless steel hardware is included

    Sea Eagle High-Volume Manual Bilge Pump

    If you've been kayaking for a while, you've probably heard of the Sea Eagle. Sea Eagle is a well-known manufacturer of kayak accessories. This manual bilge pump from Sea Eagle was designed for small watercraft such as a kayak or canoe.

    This powerful bilge pump can quickly remove water from the kayak's bottom or deck. Sea Eagle used a corrosion-resistant plastic material with a convenient hose to push water out of your kayak.

    • High-volume bilge pump
    • Corrosion-proof plastic material
    • Can pump water quickly
    • Cheap price

    Aqua Bound Kayak/Canoe Bilge Pump

    Aqua bound's bilge pump can be used for kayak, canoe, and small boats. This highly visible kayak bilge pump comes with a comfortable T-grip handle.

    The design of the bilge pump focuses on an ergonomic shape to offer better usability. The body length of the bilge pump is 17". It also comes with a stainless steel piston rod.

    Aqua bond used high-density foam sleeve to make it floatable if you accidentally drop it in the water. It has 7.5 strokes per gallon which is designed for optimum water displacement. What's more, the spout size snugly size fits a standard diameter water hose.

    • Comfortable T-grip handle
    • Ergonomic shape
    • Highly visible color
    • Reasonable pricing
    • 7.5 strokes per gallon
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    Amarine-Made Kayak BIlge Pump

    If you want to prevent capsizing or swamping of your kayak, you better get this incredible kayak pump from Amarine-made.

    This highly visible kayak bilge pump is used to evacuate water from inside of your kayak or hatch. The bilge pump comes with an anti-leak design removable gasket to prevent the water flowing out of the water inlet.

    As previously mentioned, the kayak bilge pump comes with a highly visible red color to spot it quickly. The outer EVA wrappage is also antiskid which can increase the floating ability. It is easy to grip, thanks to the ergonomic design handle. What's more, the price of this kayak bilge pump is very reasonable.

    • Quickly evacuate the water from your kayak's deck or hatch
    • Anti-leak design removable gasket
    • Ergonomic design for better handling
    • Highly-visible color

    How to choose the best bilge pump for your kayak

    Choosing the best bilge pump for your kayak can be a trouble if you are not well aware of how bilge pump works. Well, a bilge pump is an essential tool for boat, kayak, or canoe users. If you are buying a new kayak or small boat, you need to buy a bilge pump to keep the unwanted out of your kayak or boat. There are tons of bilge pumps available in the market, but finding the best bilge pump for kayak should be your top priority. I will share some factors on how to choose a bilge pump:

    Gallon per minute

    It means how many gallons of water a bilge pump can clean per minute. The more gallons of water a bilge pump can clean, the better. However, if you are looking for a bilge pump with a higher gallon per minute, it will get bigger. 8 gallon per minute is more than sufficient for a small kayak or boat.


    We highly suggest choosing a bilge pump which comes with a highly visible color. Good for us, most manufacturers understand this and makes bilge pump with vivid colors like red, yellow, or blue. Some of the bilge pumps come with fluorescent colors to glow in the night or low light.


    Durability is one crucial thing to consider when buying a bilge pump. Even though most bilge pump comes with a sturdy design, there are some bilge pumps in the market with lousy durability. Most of these low-quality bilge pumps come with a cheap price, and we suggest you not to buy them. Try to buy a bilge pump with a moderate price tag which offers high durability.

    Compact Size

    Since you will have to keep the bilge pump in the kayak or canoe, it is better if you choose a bilge pump with small size. Most of the mentioned kayak bilge pump in this post comes with a compact size to save space. Also, a lot of people travels with their gears; so, it will be easier for them to store the bilge pump. 


    The handle of the bilge pump needs to offer excellent grip to the users. You will need to have a good grasp as it will get slippery when you are using it. Some of these bilge pumps come with the anti-slip feature. These types of handles will offer incredible grip so that you can pump the water out of your kayak or canoe.


    As you will be kayaking or canoeing, you might drop the bilge pump on the water. This is why most bilge pumps manufacturer makes them float-able. Thus, even if you accidentally drop the pump to the water, it will float. It's essential that you buy a bilge pump with float-ability so that you don't lose. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do I need a bilge pump for my kayak?

    Yes. It's important that one should be prepared for emergency situations. If you have a smaller kayak, I highly recommend you getting a small bilge kayak pump.

    What is the best kayak bilge pump?

    I am a huge fan of the NRS bilge pump as it has been used by thousands of kayakers and received positive feedbacks. I also recommend Seattle Sports pup, and Pelican pumps if you are looking for the best manual kayak bilge pump. 

    How do you use a bilge pump on a kayak?

    If it is a manual hand bilge pump, use the hosepipe that goes to the pump, and start using the pump to clear out the water to outside. 

    Why do I need a kayak water pump?

    Let's imagine you capsized your kayak or shown some impressive kayak skills that resulted in water in the bilge. Kayaking in this way will be inconvenient for you, and it will also slow you down because the kayak will become heavy. You'll need a water pump to clean it out.


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