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Nowadays, kayaking is becoming a very popular sport. Since the rising of kayaking, people are looking for cheap kayaks to get wet or pass some quality time on the water. No matter whether its winter or summer, it’s always a pleasure to be in the water, especially if it is summer.


Coleman Quikpak k1 is a small inflatable kayak for one person. Coleman Kayak comes with all the necessary features to paddle without any hassle.


Coleman Quikpak K1 Kayak review

What type of kayak is Coleman K1?

As we have mentioned earlier, Coleman K1 is a sit-on-top inflatable kayak which can be used for recreational purpose. You can use Coleman K1 kayak for a picnic, day touring in the lake or maybe in the backyard pond. Note that this is a kayak for a single person. For double person check tandem kayaks.


Notable Specs

Weight 18 pounds
Weight capacity up to 400 lbs
Construction material: polyethylene
Dimension: 30x36x103 inches


Where to use?

Coleman K1 inflatable kayak is perfect to use on lakes, mild river or in the backyard pond. This kayak should not be used in rough or choppy water.


Coleman QuikPak K1 kayak
Coleman Quikpak K1 Kayak is a fantastic choice for kayaking in Lake. This recreational kayak comes in a very decent price tag and offers solid performance on the water. Check At Amazon


Material and Durability

Coleman K1 kayak is made of strong and durable 21-gauge PVC. As a result, it is perfect and rugged to use in the lake. The bottom of ColeMan K1 kayak is made of tarpaulin bottom which protects it from getting punctured.

There are multiple air chambers in this inflatable kayak. Thus, if one of them gets punctured by anyhow, it will still stay inflated. The Airtight system guarantees not to leak.


Portability and Folding abilityColeman Quikpak(TM) K1 1-Person Kayak

Coleman K1 is just like another typical sit-on-top kayak which can be folded in it’s integrated backpack. What’s more, you will notice that it has shoulder straps to carry easily. You can carry the kayak in or out of the water with the help of carry handles in both front and back.


This can be stored easily in the car, truck or the vehicle you are using. It will take a very small storage and this makes it super portable.


Stability and Tracking


Coleman K1 offers decent stability. As this kayak is for use in lakes and calm waters only, it offers decent stability on the water. The tracking may not be fantastic, but decent enough to paddle on the lake.


Inflating and deflating

Coleman K1 kayak takes only five minutes to inflate. the backpack system can be turned into a sit-on-top kayak within five minutes. Same thing goes with the deflation process, less time, less hassle and more fun for you. The double lock valves use two locking points for easy inflation and deflation process. The mini double lock fast valves assist the process. The package comes with a hand pump.



This inflatable kayak doesn’t come with a lot of storage option, but you can keep some necessary items with the bungees. I would suggest you to get some food and drink bottles in the bungee net. Also, there is cup holder to keep your drink bottles.



The backpack system turns into the seat. You can use the backrest to lean back and enjoy the ride. The multi-position foot rest allows you to find the most perfect and comfortable position while riding. You can easily stretch your arm, leg and body to feel comfortable.



Coleman K1 inflatable kayak comes at a very competitive price. Usually, a good inflatable kayak will cost more, but Sevylor managed to offer Coleman K1 kayak at a very low price. You can check price at amazon.



  • Rugged 21-gauge PVC construction
  • Tarpaulin bottom to protect from punctures
  • High portability
  • Easily foldable
  • Quickly inflates and deflates
  • Cup holder
  • Airtight system
  • Multiple air chambers to stay inflated
  • Multiple footrest position
  • Carry handles for easy carrying


  • only for calm water, can not be used in choppy water