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My nephew and I love to fish a lot. Sometimes we like to head over to remote places for fishing. One of the common problems we have found is transporting the fishing rods. We were facing problems regarding the fishing rod transport system and then my friend suggested we buy a fishing rod transport system. Even though fishing in remote places is entertaining, it can be very annoying to carry your fishing gear. No matter whether you are going fishing in lakes, rivers, or remote areas, you need to transport them in the easiest way. We are using my old car to travel to the fishing spots. We are going to share some of the best fishing rod transporting systems with you fellas.

Fishing Rod Transport System

DU-BRO Fishing Trac-A-Rod Storage System

DU-BRO Fishing Trac-A-Rod Storage System

Another cool fishing rod transporting system to be used on vehicles. As you can see in the image, the fishing rod storage system allows you to store rods with reels on. It’s great if you don’t want to hassle the assembling at the fishing point. This system is better to be used as horizontal but can be used as vertical. Besides mounting on car or vehicle, you can use this transport system on boat, truck and etc. If you want you can use it in your garage too. It can hold up to 6 fishing rods.

Notable Features

  • Allows you to store and transport your fishing rods without getting tangled
  • Keep the reel while storing and transporting
  • Rust resistant
  • Can be used to mount horizontal and vertical
  • Great to be used inside of cars, boats, trucks, vans, and more
  • Store up to six fishing rods
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Fishing Rod Transport System Magnetic-Vacuum Rod Racks

Fishing Rod Transport System: Magnetic-Vacuum Rod Racks

This magnetic vacuum rod rack system can be used to transport your fishing rods. Unlike other conventional car rod mounting, this one uses a very convenient mounting and allows you to easily remove the rods. You can use almost any type of rod with this fishing rod transport system. You can use fly rods, surf sticks, baitcasting rods, and almost all types of fishing rods. It has an open-ended design to offer easy mounting with easy removing ability. Besides that, it is lightweight and has good portability. You can pack the system into your luggage or bag if you want. You can carry up to four rods with this system. You can mount them on cars, and SUVs with helpful, powerful magnets and suction cups. These can be easily installed and removed.

Notable Features

  • Easy mounting
  • Suction cup
  • Perfect for cars with a nonmetallic hood
  • Good portability with easily removable option

Magnetic Rod Rack by Tight Line Enterprises

Magnetic Rod Racks for Car

If you want a magnetic rod rack for easy transportation of your fishing rods, this is a good option from Tight Line Enterprises.

Like the previously mentioned model, this one also has the ability to be easily mounted. You can quickly remove the fishing rod. You can keep fly rods, surf sticks, reel casting rods and almost all types of fishing rods can be kept with this rack.

Notable Features

  • Great to be used on magnetic hood car
  • Easy mounting and removal of the rods
  • Can be used to mount different types of fishing rods
  • Lightweight and portable

FishMark Car Boat Rod Trasport System

FishMark: Car Boat Rod Trasport System

No matter whether you want to keep fishing rods vertical or horizontal, you can rely on this magnetic rod holder. This ultra-strong rubberized magnet comes with a very lightweight design. You can use this rod rack holder on the magnetic/metallic part of a vehicle’s body. You can carry up to 4 fishing rods at the same time. You can use this system to move long fishing rods too. The rubberized magnet will prevent damage to the car paint. Since the installation process is very easy, you will be able to transport your fishing rods more comfortably.

Notable Features:

  • Doesn’t require screws
  • Easy installation
  • Rubberized magnets protect the paint of the car
  • Extra-long rods can be transported too
  • Transport up to 4 fishing rods at the same time
  • Very lightweight

Rod Saver Vehicle Rod Carrier System

Rod Saver Vehicle Rod Carrier System

This rod carrying transport system will carry the rods on the inner side of the car. As you can see in the image, you can carry at least seven fishing rods without any hassle. One of the important things is how well you mount this gear into your car. You need to mount it properly or it might cause trouble. However, once you mount it properly it will take some space on your vehicle, but hold six to seven fishing rods easily.

Notable Features

  • Can be used to keep up to seven fishing rods easily
  • Can be used on almost all street vehicles
  • Spring clips allow you to easily remove the fishing rods

Orvis Sumo Car-top Rod Rack

Orvis Sumo Car-Top Rod Rack

People who are into fishing know Orvis. Besides making fantastic fly fishing rods, they also make some portable fishing rack carriers for easy transport. This is a suction cup fishing rod rack to be used on cars, trucks, boats, and more. The ball-and-socket connections with adjustable mounting positions allow you to mount in different positions. There is an additional ball and socket connection provided to balance it. The double shock cord and EVA Foam for rest make sure your best fishing rod gets the rest it deserves.

Notable Features

  • High-quality raw materials used
  • Can be used on all non-porous surfaces
  • Easy mounting and easy removing
  • Additional ball socket connection for resting the fishing rod
  • Option for excellent magnetic attachment option

RodMounts Sumo Magnet Rod Carrier

RodMounts Sumo Magnet Rod Carrier

Rodmounts is one of the best fishing rod carriers with a decent price range. Another cool magnet rod carrier for easy fishing rod transportation. You can use this magnet rod carrier on steel surfaces. It is equipped with four magnets with each generating 95-pounds of holding force. The fishing rod transporting system comes with the option to hold them in a balanced way. The installation and removal are very easy, and you can remove the fishing rods with less hassle.

Notable Features

  • Magnetic rod carrier
  • Additional ball and socket connection for balance
  • Easy installation and removal
  • Keep four rods easily

Fishing is a great activity to pass some quality time. No matter whether you are a serious or novice angler, you will be highly benefitted to have a good fishing rod transportation system. I hope this article will help you to have a good carrier for your fishing rods. Meanwhile, you can share your favorite fishing rod transportation system, so the readers can be benefitted. Happy fishing.

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