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Are you looking to catch some trout fish? Trout fish is a freshwater lake that exists in several species, but the most common in the US and the ones you’re likely to catch are the rainbows, brown trout, and the brook. In this article, we are going to share how to catch trout fish.

Most trout fish live exclusively in freshwater lakes and rivers, but species like the rainbow trout might spend some time in the sea and return to freshwaters to spawn. Rainbow trout fish that spend most of their time in the ocean is called the steelhead.

Brook trout: Is a native to North Carolina and is easily distinguished by the white leading edge that is backed by black on the lower fins. This is one of the easiest trout species to catch.

Rainbow Trout: Rainbow trout Is a native to the western parts of the US and is the backbone of trout fish in the US. They have been heavily stocked in trout waters. They can easily be identified by their pink to red longitudinal band and several black spots. The gill cover is usually red or pink.

Brown trout: These are natives of Europe imported to the US and easily identifiable by their brown-yellow color, scattered black, and the red and orange spots on their sides.

Is Trout Fish Good For You?

Trout fish are a good source of protein for humans considered bony but with very tasty flesh. The flesh of the trout fish you catch is heavily influenced by their diet. Trout fish-eating crustaceans are more tasteful than those feeding on insects. These trout that feed on crustaceans also tend to fight a lot when caught by the hook.

Now that you’ve had some understanding of the trout fish let’s look at how you can easily catch it. Trout fishing is fun, but you have to learn some skills and techniques about trout fishing that can aid you in the capture.

Trout Fishing Skills and Techniques

One of the best methods to catch trout fish is fly fishing where a lightweight artificial fly is used as bait. A lightweight rod and a few artificial flies are required. You might need a pair of waterproof boots for wading some feet into the river. See: Best Fly Rods

Trout Fishing Techniques

The three-way swivel method requires three swivels and some weight that determines how deep you want to fish. This is also determined by the time of the year and place of fishing. However, 1-2oz on one line and a light lure on the other line work well. Trout like small lures more than big ones.

Trout fishing techniques usually come down to understanding what the fish wants and where it is likely to be found. You must ensure you don’t spook it so that it refuses to eat. Present the bait at a reasonable distance such that the food looks natural.

Trout Fishing Tips

  • Learn to stalk trout. Sound travels faster in water and wading faster can spook the trout. If you have to wade, wade softly and fish in the water that is closest first. See: Best Boots For Wading
  • Always keep the hooks sharp
  • After five or six casts, always examine your tippet or fly for wind knots that can weaken the line.
  • The color flies to use matter a lot. Go with lighter colors in the summer and darker tones in the fall and spring.
  • Fish in the seams; this is the division between fast and slow-moving waters. Trout fish loves to rest in such places.
  • Learn how to swing a wet fly so that it can imitate a darting minnow or emergers. Do this by casting downstream and across the waters.
  • There are tons of tips you can learn to help you catch your trout, but my advice is that you start thinking like a fish.

What Are the Best Times of The Year to Catch Trout?

  • Knowing the right season of the year to catch trout fish is important. Most trout tend to run dry during the months of March-April and then during the months of October to November.
  • This, however, can change depending on where you live. These periods mostly apply to those people who live in North America. Depending on your location, late spring is the best time of the year to fish trout. This is the best time to catch big trout.
  • Trout are cold-blooded and affected by temperatures changes. If the temperature is scorching hot or freezing, then that is not the best time to go fishing for trout.

What is the Best Time Of The Day To Catch Trout?

  • The best time of the day to catch trout is usually determined by the water temperature and cloud cover. Trout feel comfortable feeding in warm water temperatures of 34-67 degrees F.
  • Their feeding will pick up as the water temperatures go above 40 degrees F. Early morning, midday, and bright evening are the best times of the day to go fishing trout. This is when the fish is most active and feeding increasing the chances of your bait being eaten.
  • When the sun is extreme, trout seek shade to avoid the bright lights. This means shady areas are also ideal when the temperature is extreme.
Trout Fishing

How To Catch Trout Fish On A Lake?

Fish near the banks where there are enough food and the likelihood of finding fish. You can boat out from shore and cast your bait from your boat in the lake towards the banks of the river. Areas in the lakes with lots of vegetation, logs, and rocks are the best as these serve as protection for trout.

​You can also choose areas where a stream is flowing out of the lake. Patience is crucial when fishing in the lake as trout feeding turn on and off like a switch. They can feed continuously for an hour and then stop immediately.

​Your boat must move slowly to avoid spooking the trout. If you have a big boat with a big motor, try back to trolling. Check noise-less trolling motor. If deep fishing, you have to let the line go all out to the bottom. Never let out your line until it hits bottom.

How To Catch Rainbow Trout?

​Rainbow trout requires great lures like the Mepps or blue fox. You can also use a fluorocarbon liter together with a treble spawn bag and add a bobber before tossing it into the water. Rainbow trout can be caught in places where water tends to swirl most of the time. You can also use live baits like a simple hookworm or mealworm. Fly fishing is the best way to catch rainbow trout using the red or greenfly. These two colors seem to do the trick for rainbow trout.

We will continue to share more trout fishing tips and lessons on catching trout fish. Meanwhile, you can share this article or comment with your trout fishing tips in the comments section below. Happy fishing for all.

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