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If you are thinking about taking your infant on a boat journey, or to the pool, you need to have the best life jacket for infants. You need to get the best life jacket for the little member of your family. We have gathered the best infant life jackets to make them protected on the water. Take a look and choose accordingly. Always remember safety should be the priority of any decision.

Best Infant Life Jacket, Life vests, and PFD 2024

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Stohlquist Unisex Infant Life Jacket

Best Infant Life Jacket: Undoubtedly the best life jacket for infants. Just like good infant life jackets, this one also features highly visible colors. It offers great security and comfort to the users. It may be slightly more expensive than other life jackets, but it is worth the price. Made of 200 denier oxford shell and liners, the durability of this life jacket is excellent.

There are tons of features like the convenient grab handle, adjustable crotch strap, and more. Stohlquist used a unique wrap-around floatation system to turn your child’s face up. In a nutshell, this is one of the finest infant jackets for your loved baby.

Notable features:

  • Highly visible colors
  • Type II PFD
  • Quick-release buckle on the entry zipper which offers great security
  • The crotch strap is adjustable
  • The unique wrap-around flotation system turns the child face up
  • Neck collar grab loop
  • Durable and advanced security
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Stearns Infant Classic Boating Vest

Cheap Infant Life Vest: This is one of the most popular life jackets for infants. This infant life jacket is great to use on a typical beach day, occasional trip on a boat, or in the pool or lake. It comes with a highly visible color and rescue handle for better security. This infant life jacket is also Coastguard approved.

Unlike most listed infant jackets, this one is very cheap. Stearn used a double nylon construction to make it more durable. For security purposes, the leg strap and grab handle come in very handy. The carry handle also allows you to carry your infant more easily with less hassle. This life vest can handle up to 30lbs. If you are running low on money, Stern Infant Classic Series Vest.

Notable Features:

  • For infants under 30 lbs.
  • Bright color for high visibility
  • Available in several colors
  • Coast Guard approves this life jacket
  • Comes with rescue handle
  • High-quality durable construction
  • Neck float encourages face-up flotation
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green PFD for infants

Stearns PFD Heads-Up Type II

When it comes to infant PFDs, very few come close to the pedigree of the Stearns PFD type II live vest — they’ve always been built brilliantly. Sterns sold thousands and thousands of infant life vests. This particular model comes in a green/grey color and several sizes. You will be able to bag this green infant PFD in three different sizes: under 30 pounds, 30-50 pounds, and 50-90 pounds. Stearns PFD Heads-Up Type II is made using high-quality materials. Nylon shell, PE foam, and three 1-in wide webbed straps.

You can take your little one on-water activities thanks to the Stearns heads-up child vest. The extra contoured float above the neck acts like a pillow that promotes face-up flotation. As you can see in the picture, there is a rescue handle on the top that the adults can pull up the infant from the water if needed. You will also see a bright and reflective material that makes it easy to spot the kid. The two adjustable chest straps and the hydroplane material crotch strap will provide a better snug fit. In a nutshell, I felt this is a great child vest that is worth the money.

  • Available for under 30 pounds, 30-50 pounds, 50-90 pounds
  • Made using high-quality materials: durable nylon shell, PE foam and 3-in-1 wide webbed straps
  • Contoured float above the neck
  • A rescure handle
  • Reflective material
  • Two-adjustable chest straps
  • Crotch strap proivdes tight fit
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Mustang Survival Lil' Legends 100 Flotation Vest

Mustang Survival Lil’ Legends 100 Flotation Vest

This floatation vest for infants comes in fluorescent colors and two other colors. There is a heavy-duty grab strap that can be used to pull the baby from water or control the baby. Its mobility-shaped panels are very useful to move the baby easily. This is available for infants under 30 lbs.

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Salus Bijoux Baby Vest

Salus Baby Vest

Getting a lovely vest with a cool logo is perhaps the first thing that came to your mind. Salus Baby Vest is one of the cutest life vests available for babies. This is designed for babies who weigh between 9 to 25 pounds. The adjustable mesh and the webbing harness system are used to offer better security to your little fella.

Salus used a three-piece collar design with extra floatation on the sides to cradle your baby’s head in the center of the collar which offers extra security with comfort. The mesh back material will help you lay your baby comfortably on a blanket or a baby carrier.

This baby life vest is available in four different vivid colors with cute logos. Also, the Dry-lex Aerospacer liner provides breathability, temperature control, drainage, and comfort too.

Notable Features:

  • Won Canadian Safe Boating Award for best new safety product
  • Mesh back to lay the baby comfortably
  • Three pieces collar design with extra additional floatation on side
  • Available in vibrant color with cute prints
  • Dry-lex Aerospace line offers breathability, temperature control, and comfort
  • Competitive price
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Full Throttle Infant Child Nylon Vest

Full Throttle Infant Nylon Vest

Colorful Infant Life Vest: Full Throttle’s infant nylon vest is a colorful vest which comes in three different colors. As you can see there is a leg strap on the bottom, you can use it to keep the vest riding up or from shifting. Full throttle used a grab strap to keep your baby close to you.

There is also a pop-up pillow that provides head support and safety to your baby. Unlike most life vests, this one can fit infants up to 50lbs. A lot of people relied on this life vest to offer safety to their loved ones. What’s more, the price of this infant life jacket is very low.

Notable Features:

  • Leg strap to keep the vest from riding up
  • Weight limit 50lbs
  • Pop-up pillow offers head support
  • Colorful design
  • Cheap price
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Coleman PFD For Infant Stearns Antimicrobial Nylon Classic Series

This is yet another US coast guard approved life vests for the infants. This life jacket is perfect for use in a boat, watercraft or on the beach. Infants under 30 lbs will perfectly fit this life vest. One good thing about this life jacket is its shell is treated to prevent odor causing bacteria, mould, and mildew.

Notable Features:

  • For infants under 30lbs
  • Close sided vest
  • Approved by US coast guard
  • The shell is treated thus it prevents the growth of odour-causing bacteria, mold, and mildew
  • Rescue handle provided to move the infant easily
  • Adjustable chest belt, zipper, and adjustable crotch strap provided
  • Made of high-quality raw materials
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Speedo Infant Personal Flotation Device

Speedo Infant Personal Flotation Device

If you are looking for a colorful PFD for your infant, then this is a good option for you. This PFD is approved by the American Red Cross and the US coast guard. It comes with some useful extra features for the little ones. The neck pillow provides better support to the infant in the water. Besides security and beautiful design, it offers great comfort to the little ones.

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Kidder Infant Flexback Biolite Life Jacket

Kidder Infant Flexback Biolite Life Jacket

Another cool life jacket for the infants under 30 lbs. This is a type II PFD which offers comfort and security. It comes in four different colors. Note that this life jacket for infants has a different outer fabric which is constructed from BioLite material. It has been claimed that it offers the same feel and look of neoprene. The pop-up pillow gives extra support to the head, and the grab strap can be used for easy recovery.

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Infant Neoprene Life Vest

Infant Neoprene Life Vest

One of the best infant life vests in the market. The Mauri & Sons develop this life jacket for infants. This is one of the most highly visible life vests you can get on the market. The neoprene on the outer shell is very durable. The oversized armhole makes it easy to carry comfortably. What’s more, this comes at a low price.

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Connelly Skis Boys Infant Nylon Vest

Connelly Skis Boys Infant Nylon Vest

Yet another great nylon vests for infants. It comes with adjustable straps which make it comfortable for your baby to fit in. Get protection for your infant and make the trip better than ever.

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Speed Waves Baby Child Float Swimming

This is a very basic floating device for a child. Despite the fact that it’s cheap, it comes with all the necessary features to keep your baby safe on the water. Note that this is good for swimming beginner with proper guidance. For better security check others. It has a front zipper which allows easy put on and off. It is available in several s/m/L sizes.

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O'Neill Infant USCG Vest

O’Neill Infant USCG Vest

This life jacket for infants comes in three different colors. It comes with all the necessary security to secure your baby in the water. It will keep the infant’s head upon the water. Controlling your baby in the water is super easy with this life vests. The neoprene shell is lightweight, soft and very comfortable.

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These infant flotation devices and life jacket will provide the necessary security for your kids and babies on the water. But you need to be careful about your baby too. It is highly recommended to be cautious while you are taking your children on a water trip or in the swimming pool. Rest assure these life vests for infants will do the work to allow your baby to float on the water.

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