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Today we are to offer you the Intex Explorer K2 Kayak Review. This inflatable kayak is loved by thousands of people for its brilliant performance at a cheap price.

Gone are days when we used to pay a lot for boats. Now people are crazily adopting kayaks and inflatable kayaks are getting popularity for their easy portability & price. Intex Explorer K2 kayak is one of the topnotch inflatable kayaks which manages to offer great values at a very cheap price. If you are short on times, you can check the point-rated Intex Explorer k2 review at the bottom of this article.


Intex Explorer K2 kayak
Intex K2 is a beginner recreational kayak for having fun on lakes and rivers. It comes with a sturdy design along with tons of features in a very decent price tag. Check At Amazon



Intex Explorer K2 Kayak Review

What type of kayak is Intex Explorer K2?

Intext Explorer K2 is an inflatable kayak which can be used by two persons, meaning tandem kayaking. So if you love tandem kayaking, but don’t want to break the bank, then this might meet your expectations. By following this review of Intex Explorer K2 kayak, you can take a valid decision on whether this kayak is suitable for you or not.


Where to use Intex Explorer K2?

Intext Explorer is designed to be used in mild lakes and mild rivers. However, the high-quality material of this kayak allows it to be used in rapids and streams. You are suggested to use this kayak on mild lakes and mild rivers.


Who will be benefitted with Intex Explorer K2?

Intex Explorer K2 is a beginner kayak which can be used for recreational purpose. Sure, you can take a fishing rod for fishing, but you need to use it properly. If you are a beginner or semi-pro, you can get benefitted with this kayak.  If you go to rapids but only mild lakes or mild rivers, then Intext Explorer K2 kayak is a good choice for you. Follow this Intex explorer k2 kayak review to know if it fits you or not.


Important Specs

  • Weight 37.8 pounds
  • Weight capacity 350 pounds
  • Dimensions: 20 x 36 x 123 inches

intex explorer k2 kayak review


Intex Explorer K2 might not be the finest inflatable kayak, but it offers great value for the decent price tag. As we have talked earlier, this kayak offers enough space for two adults to sit and paddle easily. You can comfortably sit and relax while paddling. This kayak inflates and deflates quickly, thanks to the Boston valve on each side. More amazing features are described below


Notable Features


  • Easy assembling: One of the biggest advantages of using Intex Explorer K2 Kayak is its easy assembling process. No matter whether you are a total newbie or an experienced kayaker, assembling this kayak is very easy. It takes only 10 to 15 minutes to prepare this amazing kayak. Inflating and deflating is quick and can be done easily.Intex Explorer K2 inflatable Kayak
  • Vivid color with a sporty look: Intex Explorer K2 Kayak comes in vivid color. This bright yellow type color gives the kayak a sporty look. Due to the high visibility, it is very easy to detect on the water. This bright color will be very helpful in case of an emergency. The kayak can be spotted easily on the water.
  • Removable skeg: The skeg can be removed for directional stability.
  • Inflatable seat: You get two inflatable seats with this kayak. These inflatable seats are very comfortable and have backrest option. You can adjust the seating position by loosing or tightening the strap attached to the kayak.
  • Space: Kayaking is about having fun, and it requires some space to paddle easily.



Durability is a common issue in inflatable kayaks. Most of the inflatable kayaks are made poorly and gets punctured if not taken care of properly. Intex Explorer K2 kayak is an exception in terms of quality. Intex Explorer K2 kayak is made of rugged vinyl construction for excellent durability. Even though the material used to make Intex Explorer k2 kayak is strong, it comes in a very low weight. As a result, this kayak is lightweight and easy to carry.


A strong and lightweight combination makes Intex Explorer an excellent choice for users.

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Adjustable seats

You will see two inflatable seats in this kayak. These seats are attached to the floor of the kayak via velcro straps. The seat comes with backrest for better relaxation. You can adjust the seat by loosing or tightening the straps.


Skeg of intex Explorer k2 kayak


Safety is a common concern for all water sports activities. The manufacturers of Intex Explorer K2 knows very well about this issue. As we have talked earlier, they made the kayak strong by using high-quality materials to ensure the proper safety to the users.

It is unlikely to flip the kayak. The maximum weight capacity of this kayak is 350 pounds. So two adults can easily ride this kayak without any hassle. Intex Explorer K2 kayak’s hull is quite deep to prevent the water from flowing in.

This kayak comes with a very vibrant yellow like color to offer high visibility. Due to the vivid color, the kayak can be easily spotted on the water.

This kayak is U.S coast guard I.D and TUV approved. You will get a repair patch with the package. The grab lines both end to offer more convenience. The inflatable I-beam floors five more stability to the users. As a result, there is little to no chance of falling down while seating.



  • Easy assembling
  • Moderate inflating and deflating time
  • High visibility color to spot easily
  • Lightweight design
  • Rugged Vinyl construction makes this sturdy kayak
  • Adjustable inflatable seat with backrest
  • Excellent value for the price
  • Grab line and grab handle at each end for both riders
  • Repair patch kit included
  • Intext high-output pump for quick and easy inflation
  • streamlined design allows easy paddling
  • The detachable skeg offers steadiness in direction
  • Boston valve for quick inflation and deflation with the included output air pump
  • Approved by the U.S coast guard I.D



  • Tracking could be better
  • Solely for recreational kayaking


Final Verdict

If you are a newbie or just loving to paddle on the water, then Intex Explorer k2 should be an excellent choice for you. I have mentioned previously that this kayak is not suitable for rapids. Thus, if you want a kayak that can be used in rapid, then my friend, this is not for you. However, if paddling on mild river and lakes are fine for you, don’t hesitate to get this kayak. A decent price with tons of features makes this kayak very lucrative to many people.


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