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Malibu Kayaks X-13 fishing and dive package kayak is quite popular for its robust design and handful functions. This is one of the best fishing and recreational sit on top kayak which is 13 feet long with the maximum capacity of 450lbs. The combination of fishing, diving & recreational feature makes it one of the top kayaks in the market.




What Type of kayak is Malibu X-13?

Malibu Kayaks X-13 is basically a fishing and diving kayak. This sit on top kayak has been used for fishing, diving, and recreational purposes. The huge storage option allows you to store a lot of gear and stuff. Thus, a lot of people are doing kayak camping with Malibu X-13. Due to the good tracking, divers can use this for the diving purpose.


This is by far one of the best fishing kayaks on the town with its different features for kayak fishing. We have already talked about the storage it provides for fishing purpose in below. It provides amazing storage for your long journey on fishing and you can store your fishing equipment & tools on the storage.


This kayak is perfect if you are planning to roam on the small or big lakes or in the rivers and ocean shores. I would not recommend it for very rough and tough situations, but it can also handle typical wild environments. If you are planning to go for tough & wild environments, then I would suggest you choose other professional kayaks.




Length: 13 Feet
Width : 10 inch
Depth: 29 inch
Weight: 60 lbs
Maximum capacity: 450 lbs


Notable Features:

  • Bow and stern handles
  • Comfortable and dry seating
  • Adjustable foot track system
  • Gator Hatch
  • Side carry handles/paddle holders

Malibu Kayaks X-13 Review



1. Huge storage option: This is one of the best kayaks for camping. You can store a lot of stuff on this kayaks storage system. If you are going for camping with kayak, then this kayak will do an amazing job for you. You can store a lot of things including tent or cooler on it. You can store things under the gator hatch too.


2. Speed: Offers a good combination of speed & stability. As a result, this can be used in the ocean by divers. This kayak has been primarily designed to help the divers. If you are planning to kayak on the big lakes or rivers, then this kayak will be very helpful to you. You will see a good amount of speed that can be achieved very easily.


3. Fishing Advantages: This kayak is well equipped for the fishing purpose. There are already two rod holders in this kayak. You can have fish finder installed. There is enough space to mount more things if you want.


4. Balanced and Light: This kayak is undoubtedly one of the best light kayaks at this long length. Even though it’s huge but the weight is comparatively low.


5. Stylish: This is one of the most beautiful kayaks you will see in the market. It’s making, and the shape makes it different from other kayaks.


6. Tracking: Malibu X-13 offers splendid tracking. Due to the length, the kayak has very decent speed.


7. Stability: This kayak provides an excellent stability on the water. Remember it has been made for fishing and diving purposes. Thus getting in or out in this kayak is extremely easy. Even if you are a big guy you won’t face any trouble in the water.


8. Easy paddling: The sitting position and other systems allow you to paddle easily for a long time.



  • It might be expensive to some people. However, if you consider the facilities of this kayak than you will understand that it is totally worth the price.
  • Some people find it heavy. However, if you slightly healthy then you would have no problem with carrying or loading it in your car.


This is a great kayak for people who are looking for a combination of speed and stability. It might be expensive for some people but this is totally worthy. You will not be able to find this type of stylish and effective kayak in the market with this price range. This is one of the best-looking kayaks with slim shapes.


No matter whether you are looking for the best fishing kayak or the best recreational kayak, this one will do the work for you. Even if you are planning a tour or camping then this kayak can beat other best camping kayaks too.

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