Old Town Vapor 10 Kayak Review

Old Town Canoes and Kayaks have made fantastic kayaks for years. One of their most popular kayaks is the Vapor 10. The vapor 10 kayak review will focus on the specifications, benefits, efficiency, and features of Vapor 10. Once you read the Vapor 10 review, you will be able to know how amazing this kayak is.

Not everybody loves a big kayak, but some love to have a compact kayak with ample area. Old Town Canoes and Kayaks are popular for their compact yet spacious kayaks, and Vapor 10 is one of them.

Vapor 10 Comes in three different models for different types of purposes. Even though we are here discussing the Vapor 10, you can check other models at Amazon. Please note that this is the Vapor 10 recreational review. Passing leisure time on a lake fishing with your Vapor 10 is very entertaining. You can transform a vapor 10 recreational kayak into an angler kayak, or you can get the Vapor 10 angler kayak.

Notable Specification

  • Length: 10 feet
  • Width 28.5 inches
  • Depth 16.75 inches
  • Weight 47 pounds
  • Maximum weight capacity: 325 pounds

What Type of Kayak is Vapor 10?

Vapor 10 is a recreational kayak to be used by fun lover kayakers. Vapor 10 kayak comes at three different models. Our review focuses on the Vapor 10 recreational kayak. There are other two models of Vapor 10 angler kayak and Vapor 10XT kayak. Vapor 10 is a single-user kayak to be used for recreational purposes.

Where to use the Vapor 10 kayak?

Vapor 10 recreational kayak is primarily designed to be used on lakes, ponds, and other slow-moving rivers. Thus, you can calmly paddle on the lakes, rivers, and backyard ponds. Besides rapid and sea, you can use this Vapor 10 in almost all places. You can use Vapor 10 to explore remote lakes or rivers also.

Who Will Be Benefited from the Vapor 10 kayak?

People who are looking for fun will be highly benefited from the Vapor 10. You can kill your leisure time drinking beer on the lake with Vapor 10. Kayak beginners can take advantage of vapor 10. It’s a good beginner kayak with a decent price tag.

By getting the Vapor 10 angler model, you can go fishing. You can transform the Vapor 10 recreational kayak for fishing too, but that would require you to install and mount rod holders and other gears.

Vapor 10 can be used for sightseeing, leisure time killing, fishing, or calm paddling on the lake or river. Beginners, anglers, and photographers can take advantage of Vapor 10.


A good kayak will always be made of highly durable material for longer use. Vapor 10 is made of highly durable single-layer linear polyethylene. This offers Vapor 10 to be durable and sustainable for a long time.  If you take proper care of vapor 10, it will last for a lifetime.


Since Vapor 10 is made for recreational use, it offers great comfort to the users. Vapor 10 comes with a comfortable seating system to pass more time on the water without any problem. Vapor 10 uses a comfort flex seat which flexes while paddling for better comfort to the users. The material of the seat is foam for better comfort. However, the seatback could be padded better for resting.

There are comfortable thigh/knee pads to protect your thighs and comfort them while paddling. What’s more, the glide track foot brace system offers you to adjust your legs for better paddling position and control.

The foot brace system will be helpful to adjust your legs for better positioning.

Large Open Cockpit

Vapor 10 kayak comes with a large open cockpit. Due to the large open cockpit, it is super easy to get in or out of the kayak. This is a great feature for the newbies or anglers, as they may need to get in or out of the kayak more frequently than average users. If you are a new kayaker and have issues with managing a kayak or tip over kayak frequently, the large open cockpit will be beneficial to you.

yellow orange colored old town vapor kayak


Despite the fact that Vapor 10 is a small kayak, it manages to offer a decent amount of storage for the users. If you wish to fish with the Vapor 10 kayak, you will be able to store your basic and necessary small gears. The stern day well can be used for easy access to essential items. You can easily access the stern day well. For other items, you can use the bilge of the kayak. The stern day well can be used for easy access to essential items. You can easily access the stern day well. For other items, you can use the bilge of the kayak. Even if you want you can go camping with this kayak. You can take a day trip’s gear and other essentials stuff in vapor 10. You have to manage the storage well to do camping with this kayak.

Tracking and Maneuver

Vapor 10 comes with good tracking. It tracks very well at the river and lakes. You can comfortably paddle without any fatigue for a long time. The Vapor 10 kayak is designed to have better tracking and decent maneuverability. You need to understand that if the tracking is better, the maneuverability will be hurt. Vapor 10 offers better tracking and decent maneuverability. Don’t it suck to get down from the kayak to clean the fallen trees? Well, yes, it sucks a lot. If your kayak doesn’t have decent maneuverability, there are chances that you will have to get down from your kayak to clear the path for your kayak. However, if you can manage to turn your kayak easily, you can avoid such events. Vapor 10 offers good maneuverability to prevent such mishaps. Since you can use it for fishing purposes, it is good to have decent maneuverability. So that you can easily turn and move your kayak and fish peacefully.


Despite the fact that Vapor 10 is a compact and mid-range kayak, it manages to offer high stability to the users. Most beginner paddlers are concerned over stability and security, as they are still in the learning phase. Old Town Vapor 10 kayak comes with excellent stability for lakes, rivers, and ponds.

Vapor 10 has good primary and secondary stability.

Some kayakers even informed that they managed low choppy water with Old Town Vapor 10. Please note that we are not recommending Old Town Vapor 10 for choppy or rough water.

Old Town Vapor 10 Recreational Kayak


  • Single-layer durable polyethylene used for long use
  • Adjustable comfort flex seat
  • Padded seat for comfort
  • Thigh pads
  • Glide Track Foot Brace system offers a good fit and control
  • A stern day well for easy access to essential gears
  • Storage under bilge
  • Tracks well with decent maneuverability
  • The short hull and compact design allow easy transportation and storing
  • Skid plate used to protect Vapor 10 from wear and tear
  • Molded cup holder, paddle rest, and cockpit tray
  • Large open cockpit for easy entry


  • The backrest could be more comfortable
  • Open cockpit may be a problem if it’s raining or the water might get in (you can use a kayak bimini for the rainy season)

Final Verdict

Vapor 10 is a great kayak available in both recreational and angler models. By following the Old Town Vapor 10 Kayak review, you already know that this is a great kayak for fun-loving people. If you want to paddle on the lake or river, and fishing is also your favorite chore, you can get your hands on the vapor 10 kayak. Beginners who are just starting to paddle can rely on the high stability of the Vapor 10 kayak. There are lots of additional features with a comfortable seat on the Vapor 10 kayak. The best part is it is available at a very competitive and decent price. If these features meet your requirements, Old Town Vapor 10 is a great choice for you to have. If you are already a proud owner of Old Town Vapor 10, let us know your findings in the comments section below. I hope you have loved our Vapor 10 kayak review, don’t forget to share us with your friends. Happy kayaking.

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