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Whitewater kayaking

Best Kayak Reviews 2017 June – kayaks Review 2017

Welcome to the best kayak reviews website. We the people at loves to kayak a lot and hope that you are like us too. We are going to share many reviews on different kayaks and a lot of other kayaks related things on this website. Be with us !!!

There are many types of Kayak In the market including fishing kayak, Recreational Kayaks, Touring Kayak, Modular Kayak, Sit on top kayak, modular kayaks, inflatable Kayak, etc. At first, we are going to share the best kayak reviews with you in this post.

Best Kayak Reviews 2017

Malibu tandemMalibu Tandem Kayak12-Feet57 lbs, Recreational
Riot Kayaks Edge 14.514.5-Feet60 poundsTouring
Sea Eagle SE370K Inflatable Kayak Pro12 feet32 pounds
Tarpon 100 Kayak10'55 LBSRecreational
Advanced Elements AE1007-R 15'550 lbs Recreationalbuy button
Sun Dolphin Aruba 1010'40 poundsRecreational
Sun Dolphin Journey sit-on-top Fishing Kayak10-Feet40.79 poundsFishing
Useful UH-TK181 12.5 foot12.5 foot68 poundsTandem Fishing
Lifetime 10 Foot Sport Fisher Tandem Kayak10 Foot65 poundsTandem fishing
Old Town Predator 13 Kayak13 foot57.73 pounds
Sun Dolphin Excursion 10 10-Feet40 lbs,
Wilderness Systems Pungo 120 12 feet49 lbs
Perception Kayak Tribe Roxie9.5 feet
11.5 feet
Recreationalbuy button
Vapor 1010-Feet47 poundsRecreationalbuy button

Kayaking is a very popular water sport. A lot of people are trying to hit the water with this small vessel. You can use a kayak for different types of activities. While kayaking you can do several kinds of activities like fishing, diving, scuba diving, going for camping, touring and even snorkeling too.  For example, you can use your kayak for recreational purpose, fishing or maybe just for touring purpose.

Nowadays many people are using fishing kayaks for fishing, as they are way cheaper than average fishing boats. Kayaking is becoming very popular day by day for its low cost and other benefits which are hard to find on big boats.

There are several types of kayaks on the market, and several kayak manufacturers are trying to provide the best kayaks to the kayakers.

People who are new into kayaking loves to buy cheap kayaks and then realize that they made a mistake. My suggestion is to purchase a kayak with moderate price and modest features. If you look for a specialized kayak for different purposes, then we have good news for you. We have written some best kayak reviews via scrutinizing their pros and cons.

In this kayak website, we are always judging and evaluating new kayaks, and you can get all of the reviews to find what’s best for you. However, if you love to purchase cheap kayaks we have a list for that in this post too.

Let’s see how many types of kayaks are available in the market and their features. We have detailed reviews of these kinds of kayaks, and you can get the links in the paragraph.


Types of Kayaks Review and Comparisons

Kayak For Beginners

If you are entirely new to kayaking, then you should choose a kayak which is suitable for beginners. Beginner kayaks are less expensive than a specialized kayak. Most of the newbie usually use inflatable kayaks. We have already written a paragraph on inflatable kayaks below. For your information, nowadays inflatable kayaks are used in almost all types of kayaking.

If you are just planning into kayaking, then you need to understand where you want to kayak. Thus, you will need to judge which kayak will be best for you. Check our handpicked best beginner kayaks.

Recreational Kayaks

Recreational kayak is one of the most common types of kayaks. Recreational kayak is a type of kayaks which is made & designed for casual paddling on lakes, streams, and white water. Most of the kayakers purchase recreational kayaks as they made the most sell in the kayak market for low costs.


Recreational kayakingRecreational kayaks are widely used and usually have a larger cockpit for easy entry & exit. Recreational kayaks usually have a wider beam which provides better stability on the water. Despite the fact that recreational kayaks have a wide beam, these kayaks are shorter than twelve feet in length. As a result, recreational kayaks are more stable, lighter, less expensive, and easy to handle. Note that; these kayaks have less tracking ability than longer kayaks. Due to the wider hulls, you won’t have fast speed with these kayaks.


If you are not into camping or diving, then recreational kayaks are fantastic for you. In a nutshell, recreational kayaks are easy to enter & exit, lighter, has moderate tracking and priced reasonably.

Fishing Kayak

Fishing kayaks are used to fish in ponds, sea, lakes and other places. Basically, all kayaks can be used for fishing purpose with just one single rod. However, fishing kayaks are specialized for holding all fishing gears and allowing you to fish more efficiently. Check the best fishing kayaks.

If you want a fishing kayak to meet all of your demand, then you may have to pay a little bit more than ordinary kayaks. Note that most of the fishing kayaks are made of polyethylene for their low cost and high durability. Some of them are made for fly fishing from a kayak. A good fishing kayak will help you to mount fishing gears on kayak like kayak fish finder, portable fish finder, fishing rods for kayak, etc.

However, there are cheap fishing kayaks also. It is advised to get sit on top kayaks as they happen to be the best kayak for fishing. You will be able to move and cast freely without any hassle.


fishing kayakSome of the fishing kayaks allow you to stand on the kayak. It’s important because you won’t love to sit for hours. There is some kayak design (twinhull -catamaran) which will allow you to both paddle and fishing from standing position. You can check some best sit on top kayaks here. While going for kayak fishing you need to get prepared also; you will need a fish finder, kayaking paddle, life jacket for fisherman, fishing rods, catch cooler for kayak.


If you want to save time while going for kayak fishing, then use trolling motors for kayak. See a detailed guide on best fishing kayaks.

Inflatable Kayaks

There was a time when inflatable kayaks are used to be water toys. But time has changed and so does inflatable kayaks. Inflatable kayaks have changed over the last couple of years, and they are stronger than ever. People are using inflatable kayaks from whitewater to fishing, and they can finally compete with the hard shell kayaks.

Inflatable kayaks are used in all types of water kayaking, and they are made of better raw material than previous. As a result, no matter whether you are planning to go for a fishing kayak or just a random recreational kayak, you can always rely on the inflatable kayaks. Before purchasing an inflatable kayak, you need to understand your usage pattern and decide upon that. Check these best inflatable kayaks.

Sit On Top Kayaks

In general, kayaks are divided into two categories: Sit on top and sit in kayak. Sit on top kayaks are recreational kayaks which are mainly used for fishing, scuba diving, and other purposes. Sit on top kayaks allows you to move easily on the kayak.

As a result, it will not only give your more flexibility but to do other chores like fishing easily.  If you are living in a warmer place then sit on top kayaks are best for you. Check the best sit on top kayaks.

Sit in kayaks

Sit on kayaks are the kayaks where you will literally sit in it. Sit in kayaks are usually used in cold weather. So if you are living in a cold place then it will be better to use a sit in kayak. Sit in kayaks have it’s problems too. It sucks to drain the water out from it.

Tandem Kayaks

Tandem kayaks are the types of kayaks where more than one person is on the kayak. A tandem kayak can be a fishing kayak, touring kayak or may be just a recreational kayak. Most of the times sea kayaks are tandem kayaks. Tandem kayaks are usually bigger than standard kayaks, and they may cost you more.

Tandem kayaks can come in a hard shell or even in inflatable form. There are inflatable kayaks available in the market too. Tandem kayaks may come either in sit on top or sit in style. It’s up to you to choose the right one for you.

Tandem KayaksAnglers who love to fish with other people tend to get tandem kayaks. There are some excellent tandem fishing kayaks which allow several persons to get along while fishing on the kayak.

If you want to take your child or dog or maybe your spouse, then tandem kayaks are the best. There are some tandem kayaks which are specifically made for kayaking with kids or dog. Many happy couples love to kayak along with their partners and tandem kayak is a great option for them. In a nutshell, tandem kayaks are fantastic when you want a company while kayaking. Check the best tandem kayak reviews.

Sea and Touring kayaks

A sea kayak is one kind of touring kayaks. Let’s assume they are same. Touring kayaks are used to kayak in the open waters. Sea kayaks have better tracking and  than regular kayaks. Since we are planning on a journey, it doesn’t require maneuverability that much but having fast speed is necessary.

Though single touring kayak is available in the market, most of the time sea kayaks are two or three people. Sea kayaks usually have better storage capacity than normal kayaks. Sea or touring kayaks usually range from $1000 to $5000. You may be able to find a cheaper if you comprise some additional benefits.

White water kayaks

Whitewater kayaking is a very popular form of kayaking. In this kayaking form, you will paddle a kayak on a moving water which is called whitewater river. There are several ranges of the activeness of moving water. It can range from simple moving water to extreme whitewater. If you are planning for extreme whitewater kayaking, then you need to get prepared properly for it. Check best white water kayaks.

Whitewater kayakingWhitewater kayaking is divided into subcategories like river running, creeking, slamom, playboating, squirt boating. White water kayaking is kindly difficult than normal kayaking as there are some risks in the process. However, by taking proper cautions, you can go for whitewater kayaking.

Note that; you need to get a top rated best kayak for whitewater kayaking. Learn the basics and go for whitewater kayaking. Kayaking in whitewater rapids is tough and take proper caution while going for white water kayaking. Always bring your kayaking helmet on whitewater kayaking.

We will continuously update this best kayak reviews article. I hope you get a kayak which fits your need. However, don’t forget to buy the necessary kayak accessories for enhancing your kayaking.