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Nothing beats a fun day in the water when you have some free time. Water sports and water activities are entertaining and captivating whether you are with your friends or family. In order to get the best experience while in the water, you need footwear that is comfortable and suitable for the conditions. Water shoes are essential for a boundless adventure in the water. The best water shoes for women not only give you convenience but also add unmatched protection. You can never go wrong with the right pair of footwear whether you are kayaking, fishing, or just engaging in aquatic fitness.

10 Best Water Shoes For Women 2022

#1. Merrell Women’s Waterpro Maipo

These Merrell shoes are a great choice for water sports for many reasons. First, the shoes have an adjustable design that allows the user to customize the fit using the many laces. This design is great for increasing your safety while enhancing comfort. In addition, the shoes come in a synthetic leather and textile construction. This means that they are very strong and durable.

The sole, on the other hand, is Vibram and great traction is expected from the shoes. The streamlined design is also great for keeping sand particles out, and thus comfort levels are assured with this shoe. The design and construction of the shoes are definitely the highlights of the Merrell Women’s Waterpro shoes. They are sturdy and assure users great comfort.


  • Synthetic leather, textile, and mesh upper
  • Vibram outsole
  • High durability
  • Excellent for hiking and water activity
  • Hydry drainage footbed to offer better breathability
  • Lycra & neoprene stretch collar offers easy to get in and out
  • Nylon arch shank provides excellent stability
  • Anti-friction treated with antimicrobial solution
  • Available in different colors and sizes
  • Merrel air cushion used in the heel can absorb shock and Offers better stability
  • Dynamic lacing system can lock the mesh-upper with supportive synthetic leather strapping
  • Available at a very competitive price


  • You may need sock to prevent blisters
  • May run one size larger

#2. Adidas Outdoor Women’s Terrex Climacool

These shoes are defined by their sturdiness and comfort. They come in a synthetic build that makes them quite soft on the feet. Despite their soft textile build, they feature a strong base that provides good protection from any sharp and hard rocks in the water.

The synthetic material is also great for enabling quick movement in the water as it does not suffer from water drag. Regarding drainage, the shoes are excellent as the interior is not hollow to retain much water. The textile material also makes them dry faster. These shoes feature a rubber sole construction that allows comfort and stability. Shoelaces are included ensuring a good fit and enough security. Since the shoes also come at a competitive price, they are definitely an excellent choice for value.


  • Textile and synthetic upper
  • Available in several colors and sizes
  • Sleek and smart design
  • Easy to get in and out
  • Climacool open offers incredible breathability
  • Climacool provides 360-degree cooling
  • Highly breathable mesh fabric provided
  • Traxion outsole offers great grip
  • Stretchable heel insert for better fit
  • Comfortable tongue
  • Great if you are into paddling/kayaking/rowing
  • Great value for the price


  • Runs one size larger
  • Not for wide feet users

#3. Speedo Women’s Hydro Comfort 4.0

On the outside, these shoes might not look like they are not of any worth in the water. They are however some of the best if you are interested in comfort and functionality. The shoes have sufficient means of ejecting water from them. The design allows for the efficient removal of water through side holes.

The shoes are also designed to provide steadfast drying. The included laces feature a quick-fit toggle and thus provide sufficient security and usability. The single-layer top is great for allowing them to dry quickly. The insoles are also removable to provide convenience. Overall, the design of the shoes is great and because of the construction, they are rather lightweight. The shoes are quite versatile and can be used for fishing, trekking, and wading through water.


  • Synthetic textile upper
  • Rubber outsole
  • Quick-drying ability
  • Midsole is lightweight
  • Side port drainage system
  • Cheap price
  • Cute look
  • Excellent fitting
  • Great for multi-purpose activities
  • Pull tab on the heel offers easy on and off
  • Non-marking rubber outsole


  • Bottom holes might let the dirt stick or enter
  • They may run one size smaller

#4. Aleader Women Mesh Slip On Water Shoes

Aleader is a famous water shoe manufacturer. If you aren’t ready to spend big, you should check this water shoe. This shoe is available in several colors, so matching it with your outfit won’t be a trouble for you. The upper of the shoe is made of fabric, and the sole is made of rubber. Its breathable and durable mesh upper will allow your foot to breathe while you wear it for a long time.

It is one of the most lightweight water shoes for women. The solyte midsole used in this water shoe is very lightweight and has a bounce-back ability. Due to the lightweight design, you may question its durability, but it is very durable. On top of that, the ComforDry sockliner offers great cushioning performance to have a cooler and dryer feeling to your foot. In a nutshell, this is one of the best cheapest water shoes for women.


#5. Pooluly Women Outdoor Quick Drying Water Shoes

Pooluly is an excellent quick-drying water shoe for women. Its quick-drying textile upper enables the wearer to keep their feet dry. Its stylish design makes sure you get to use it in different scenarios like water to land. Also, the color variation helps if you love matching shoes with the dress. Pooluly’s women’s water shoe even comes at a very low price.

Pooluly used slip-on closed and flexible fabric to make sure the wearer can use it with ease. You will be able to get in and out of the shoe very quickly. Despite the flexibility of the fabric, it has good durability. The slip-resistant EVA cushion sole is lightweight. The maximum grip is guaranteed with full drainage capabilities. What’s more, the soft molded cushioning offers incredible shock absorption.


#6. RYKA Women Hydro Sport Water Shoe

Ryka is a unique sports company that only caters to women. This women-only sports company comes with a lot of water shoes for women, and Ryko hydro sport is one of them. Ryka Hydro sport is a great water shoe for women. The upper of the shoe is made of synthetic mesh with a cute design. Due to different colors, you can match it up with almost any outfit.

The upper of this shoe has quick-drying ability while being chlorine-friendly and supportive. Just like a good water shoe for women, this one also has a good water drainage system. Besides the water drainage system, the sole is pretty flexible and has extra traction. No matter whether you are walking on the beach or planning to visit the pool, this water shoe is always there for you.


#7. Chaco Women Outcross Evo Free Sport Water Shoe

Founded in 1989, Chaco has grown into a famous footwear brand in the United States. Outcross Evo Free is a water shoe for women with style. The upper of the shoe has mesh and polyester jacquard webbing with synthetic leather. This shoe is designed in such a way that it releases the water very easily and quickly.

It is equipped with speed lacing and a quick cord lock. Also, the semi-collapsible heel construction allows better flexibility to the wearer. If you are well aware of how support works in shoes, you already know a shank can come very useful. There is a nylon shank along with the luvseat PU midsole to offer better stability and durability. What’s more, the shoe has antimicrobial treatment for odor protection.


#8. Columbia Women Drainmaker III Trail Shoe

Columbia Sportswear Company is a famous American company that specializes in making footwear and sportswear for outdoor lovers. Like most of its shoes, the Drainmaker III trail shoe also comes with incredible features and durability. Columbia Women’s Drainmaker III trail shoe comes with a textile/synthetic upper and a rubber sole.

Columbia used midsole ports for a better air-flow and water drainage system. The shoe’s water drainage system has been designed in such a way that it gets dry very quickly. If you aren’t ready to test a lot of women’s water shoes, this one can be a great pick for you. It’s durable, comes in several colors & sizes, has great features, and has a competitive price.


#9. Teva Women’s Gnarkosi Water Shoe

Teva has a wide range of footwear from sandals to shoes. Teva Gnarkosi is one of the best water shoes for women out in the market. Its synthetic upper with the rubber sole makes it a very stylish looking water shoes for most women. Its sneaker-inspired look is one of a kind of its type. You will have a hard time finding a water shoe with such a colorful design.

Despite the sneaker type look, Teva managed to offer a good amount of drainage ports on this shoe. Teva Gnarkosi has a heel stabilizer with a protective toe guard. It is highly unlikely for a water shoe to come with a protective toe guard, but Teva did it, and it’s a good thing if you are protective about your toes. The drain frame technology on the heel and toe of the shoe offers better dry ability than most women’s water shoes.


#10. Vibram Women Signa Water Shoe

If you are involved in activities that require frequent movement, then this is the best women’s water shoe for you. As rowers and kayakers have to move their bodies a lot, they can take advantage of this incredible water shoe. Its stretchable abrasion-resistant polyester mesh upper with the rubber sole do the trick to make you feel very comfortable while wearing this shoe. There are drainage ports on several points to let the water escape and offer better breathability to you. The wave grip outsole and zero-drop make it incredible. Just remember this while you wash, do machine wash cold with air dry. Besides the incredible features and look, the competitive price even makes it better.


How To Choose the best water shoes for women?

When it comes to choosing the right shoes, the choice mostly boils down to preference and the features of the shoes. There are some factors that you should however never overlook when selecting a good shoe. Some of these factors include:

1. Functionality

The functionality of your footwear will depend on the conditions you will subject them to. If you expect to use your shoes primarily for water activities, then the best type of shoe will be that which is lightweight and streamlined. Such shoes provide maximum utility regardless of your activity level. Great water shoes should also be easy to wear and remove but still possess a good grip on your feet. Some shoes also come with arch support in order to be suitable for versatile conditions. You should thus always consider the most appropriate construction for your needs.

2. Drainage System

Drainage system Activities like fishing involve a lot of contact with water. This is why shoes with a good drainage system are necessary for the pursuit. The material and design of the shoe can affect the effectiveness of the drainage system. Regardless of the construction, however, you should prioritize shoes that have a comprehensive drainage system if you want to increase your comfort and safety in the water. In general, the best shoes for drainage are those which have a porous material and also include some drainage holes in the footbed.

3. Fabric composition

The fabric of a water shoe can be crucial to both the comfort and durability of the shoe. Water activities are as physical as any other sporting activities. Your footwear can thus become vulnerable with sufficient pounding. This is why the best fabric for women’s water shoes should be both durable and soft. There are many different options for such material. When selecting your water shoe according to the fabric, always choose the fabric which will give you comfort and also be tough enough to last a good while.

4. The design

The design of your water shoe can determine your mobility and safety. There are generally two kinds of women water shoes – closed or open. If you prefer to get the quickest drying speeds, then an open design is the best option. Open shoes are also great for allowing you to move with ease. Closed shoes, on the other hand, provide maximum safety and protection. These shoes are best for beginners and experienced people alike. They provide the best experience in the water regardless of the environment you are in.

5. Usability

Finally, the best water shoes should be user-friendly. Regardless of the material or design of the shoes, you should always choose shoes that are closest to what you are used to. The size of the shoes, for instance, should be fitting and not too big or too small. Other smaller things like the mechanisms of tying the shoes should also be considered depending on what is preferable to you. Usable water shoes are the key to getting the best experience in the water. Taking the above factors into consideration, some of the top rated water shoes for women in the market are listed above.


I hope this article on the water shoes for women will help you to find the perfect shoe for you. Taking a regular shoe on a pool or beach might not be a good choice, and this is why you need to see the products and factors to choose which one suits the most for your cause. Also, you can recommend your favorite best women’s water shoe in the comments section below.