Best Places For Kayaking In Arizona – Rivers, Lakes, and more

Arizona is famous for its desert weather, and that is why not many people know it as an excellent kayaking destination. Arizona is blessed with both permanent and seasonal rivers from molten snow and rainfall. These rivers offer good scenic view against the sunny background most times of the year. Arizona has plenty of fresh water lakes for kayaking lovers. Many rivers are dammed, and the results are enormous freshwater lakes and reservoirs that can be accessed for kayaking all year round. Arizona is also home of the Grand Canyons.

These are the 10 best spots for kayaking when you visit Arizona.

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1. Blue Ridge Reservoir.

These waters offer peace and tranquility. There are no motorized vehicles allowed in this lake, leaving you with plenty of space for kayaking. Blue Ridge reservoir is placed 6700 feet above ground offering all its visitors scenic views of the mountains and surrounding forest. The ridge borders the large canyon walls at the Mogollon Rim. Here you are promised of good weather for kayaking and very nice backgrounds suitable for taking photos and enjoying the beauty of nature. This in undoubdetly one of the best places to kayak in arizona.

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2. Lone Rock Canyon

If you are looking for an unforgettable place, then this one should come out on top across the entire country. Besides getting stunned by the natural views every time you turn your head, you can choose to join thrill seekers in cliff diving. The big walls of the canyon have different spots for cliff diving if you are looking for an unforgettable experience. But for kayaking lovers, the waters are calm and the view stunning. This is a good place for you especially if you are new to kayaking.

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3. Lake Pleasant

If you are new to Arizona, you should allow the beauty of this state to sink on you. You should definitely try getting a tour guide to show you the best spots of the 11.5-mile Lake Pleasant. You will enjoy the hours and get lost for hours in these radiant waters. Lake Pleasant is a favorite spot for locals who love kayaking, and this makes it a great place to hang out if you are looking for people with similar interests as yours. Visitors are assured of pleasant times when they visit lake pleasant.

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4. Lower Salt River

There is abundance in wildlife giving you an extraordinary experience besides kayaking. If you have never seen a wild horse, then you are most likely to see one at Lower Salt River. The spectacular sight of the lush green cover on the big stunning cliffs is amazing for any first time visitor. If you are tired with kayaking, you can try angling to give you a separate feel of this river. Visitors often enjoy the flawless beauty of the green Tonto forest as they navigate through Lower Salt River.

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5. Upper Salt River

There is so much to see as the river snakes miles inside the middle of a national forest. The river is a tributary of Gila River. The unusual rock formations are large and need experienced paddlers to wade through them. This river has so many water rapids and can make it difficult to explore within a single day. You should plan a trip that allows you days of exploration through this river.

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6. Big Lake, Apache County

Many people are yet to discover the beauty of this place because of where it is located. It sits in the White Mountains in the middle of Northern Arizona. It is one of the best kayaking areas for a peaceful and calm adventure. Kayak anglers are also in to have a good time. The immense numbers of trout fish make it quite an experience. Outdoor activities are plenty and beautiful scenery is guaranteed. The Big Lake has different spots for you to enjoy when you are out kayaking. No gas engines are allowed, and this makes it very spacious for kayakers. The 450-acre lake has a 9000 feet elevation.

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7. Lake Powell

There is everything to love about this place. Both beginners and experienced paddlers will enjoy the outdoors because there are plenty of places to explore. A single day can be filled with so many adventures. The canyons provide real beauty. As you paddle along Labyrinth Canyon, Lone Rock Canyon and Antelope Canyon you will be entertained by the different sights and the geological history available.

8. The Grand Canyon

There is a reason the Grand Canyons is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. This is an excellent adventure for experienced paddlers to explore while out kayaking in Arizona. The Colorado River takes you through the beautiful scenes of the Canyons. Only paddlers with class 4 white water skills are allowed to go on unguided explorations. This is because most of the water you paddle through is from the white water rapids and could be dangerous for new paddlers.

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9. Willow Springs Lake

It has a hook shape that provides different and beautiful sceneries all around. If you are looking for a variety of good camping sites, the Willow Springs Lake will take you days of exploration. Both sides of the lake are like two different worlds. You can have more exploration spaces as you travel deep through the peaceful and quiet edges of the Sitgreaves National Forest. The lake is surrounded by big trees, and the weather is always temperate.

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10. Bear Canyon Lake

This is placed high in the Coconino National Forest. It is suitable for beginners because it is not too wide and makes it easy to cross. It is also easy to return to shore once you finish your ride. The journey that takes you to lower elevations is quite intriguing, an experience you get when you kayak the entire Bear Canyon Lake. This location is also good for rock climbing, hiking and setting camp. There are so many outdoor activities to do including fishing. But you can also visit the bear canyon lake just to take in the sights.

Arizona is a beautiful place for kayaking because it has a mix of lakes, reservoirs, rivers, and canyons. This makes Arizona top of the list of places you should visit.

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