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As the fog lifted from Deer Lake in Burnaby, I could see the sun beginning to climb above the horizon, its rays illuminating the picturesque landscape in a vivid palette of pastel hues. My wife, Annisa, and our little one, Angel, were buzzing with anticipation, their faces lit up with excitement. This was a weekend getaway from our hustle and bustle in Vancouver. We were prepared for a day of leisurely kayaking, something we had been planning for months.

The rustic beauty of the lake, cradled by the rolling hills and verdant woodland, was the perfect backdrop for our adventure. Annisa secured Angel’s life jacket as I loaded our kayaks with the essentials – sandwiches, sunscreen, water, and a blanket for a planned picnic later.

The lake was calm as if welcoming us into its serene embrace. We gently pushed off from the shore, each stroke of our paddles syncing with the rhythm of our excited hearts. As we began to paddle, Angel was mesmerized by the reflection of towering trees that danced on the water’s surface. I could see Annisa’s face light up at his wide-eyed curiosity, a mother’s joy unmistakable in her eyes.

As we drifted further, we could spot a few deer grazing near the lakeside, their tranquility as captivating as the picturesque surroundings. Annisa, an avid photographer, seized the moment and brought out her camera. Clicks echoed over the water, preserving the serene panorama for posterity.

At midday, we decided to stop at a grassy area by the shore, the perfect spot for our picnic. Annisa spread out the blanket as Angel excitedly pointed towards a pair of squirrels, playfully chasing each other up a nearby tree. We ate our sandwiches, laughed at Angel’s stories, and soaked up the sun. A gentle breeze blew, whispering tales of the forest into our ears.

After lunch, we lay on the blanket watching the clouds float by, each seemingly a new story conjured by Angel’s vivid imagination. I held Annisa’s hand, and as we watched Angel playing around, I realized the magic of these simple yet profound moments, which effortlessly etches themselves into one’s heart.

The remainder of the day was spent lazily paddling around the lake, watching the ducks and the distant outline of Burnaby Mountain. As the sun began to dip, the lake transformed into a molten gold expanse, a sight so breathtaking that we sat in our kayaks, just watching in silent awe. Tired from the day’s excitement, Angel dozed off in Annisa’s lap.

By the time we paddled back to shore, stars were beginning to adorn the night sky, and the sounds of nocturnal creatures started to fill the air. We packed our things, Annisa gently waking up a drowsy Angel. As we drove home, the rearview mirror reflected the image of Deer Lake, shimmering under the moonlight, bidding us a silent farewell.

burnaby deer lake green pathaway

That day, we didn’t just kayak on Deer Lake. We created a bouquet of precious memories, a testament to our family’s adventure. Burnaby had given us a story, not only to tell but to relive and cherish forever. The tranquility, the laughter, the love – everything was wrapped in the beauty of that day. And as I turned the car onto the highway, I knew we would be coming back soon, the whispers of Deer Lake already calling us for another adventure.

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