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I cannot praise the Pelican Solo 6 Feet Youth Kayak enough! This kayak is ideally tailored to the needs of young paddlers, providing a safe and enjoyable introduction to the exciting world of water sports.

The first feature that grabbed my attention is the 100 lb maximum weight capacity, which is more than sufficient for most young paddlers. Moreover, it offers an extra layer of safety, thanks to the clever scupper holes that efficiently drain any water that might find its way into the kayak. This feature should set many a parent’s mind at ease!

In terms of design, the Solo shines with its twin tunnel hull, providing exceptional stability on the water. The kayak remains steady and secure, making it easier for the young ones to get in and out. This stability is a huge confidence booster for beginners and experienced young paddlers alike.

Who should buy this kayak?

The Pelican Solo 6 Feet Youth Kayak is ideally suited for:

  1. Parents looking for a safe and durable kayak for their children: With its built-in safety features, such as scupper holes for water drainage and a high-visibility color, this kayak can provide peace of mind to parents.
  2. Young and beginner paddlers: Its lightweight design, excellent stability, and size make it an ideal choice for young or beginner paddlers learning kayaking ropes.
  3. Those in need of a reliable and easy-to-carry kayak for occasional leisurely paddling: Thanks to its high-impact resistance RAM-X material and light weight, it’s easy to transport and sturdy enough for recreational use.

Tech Specs

Length6 Feet
Weight9 kg (approximately 19 lb)
MaterialHigh Molecular Weight Polyethylene (RAM-X)
ColorOrange, yellow, blue, etc
Design: Twin Tunnel Hull
Maximum Weight Capacity
100 Pounds (approximately 45.4 kg)
Drainage System:Scupper Holes at the bottom
Included Components
Seat and Aluminum Paddle (check package as it may be different from different sellers)
Safety FeatureSafety flag

The Pelican Solo is crafted from a high molecular weight polyethylene, renowned for its extreme durability and high-impact resistance. This patented RAM-X material ensures that the kayak will withstand the test of time, despite any rough handling it might endure during adventures. Despite this robust construction, the kayak is remarkably lightweight, weighing in at just 9.98 kg. Its 6 ft length makes it perfectly proportioned for smaller paddlers and easy to maneuver both in and out of the water.

In terms of aesthetics, the vibrant orange color is visually pleasing and enhances visibility on the water, a crucial safety feature. The package includes a comfortable seat and an aluminum paddle, so you have everything you need to hit the water immediately.

The Solo kayak is a testament to Pelican’s commitment to safety, durability, and usability. It’s a remarkable kayak that will inspire a new generation of water enthusiasts. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to any parent looking for a reliable, fun, and safe way for their children to explore the great outdoors. All things considered, it’s a solid 5 out of 5 stars from me!

Twin Tunnel Hull

The Twin Tunnel Hull is a distinguishing design feature that gives the Pelican Solo 6 Feet Youth Kayak its exceptional stability. This design essentially consists of two narrow, parallel hulls incorporated into the structure of the boat, akin to a catamaran. This results in increased balance and stability on the water, significantly reducing the chances of capsizing. For young and beginner paddlers, this feature ensures a secure and steady ride, building confidence and encouraging them to explore further. Additionally, the twin tunnel hull design makes it easier to get in and out of the kayak, another great benefit for those just starting their kayaking adventures. Thus, the twin tunnel hull plays a crucial role in enhancing the safety and usability of the kayak.

Growing with the Young Paddlers: Multiple Footrest Positions

Recognizing that kids grow quickly, the Pelican Solo Kayak is designed to grow with them. It features multiple footrest positions that can accommodate different sized children, allowing for a custom and comfortable fit. This ensures that even as your child grows, they can still enjoy their favourite Pelican toy on the water. Recommended for kids over 5 years old under adult supervision, it is more than just a kayak; it’s a gateway to a lifetime of nautical adventures.

Wave-Riding Fun with the Swim-up Deck

Built for both leisurely paddles and playful wave-riding, the Pelican Solo doubles as a versatile beach toy. The unique Swim-Up Deck feature is a true boon when kids are playing in the water and need to climb back onto the kayak. This design encourages kids to ride the waves, adding a whole new dimension to their watersport activities.

Stay Dry with the Self-Bailing Kayak Design

Safety is paramount in any children’s sports equipment, and the Pelican Solo kayak doesn’t disappoint. Its self-bailing design includes a scupper hole in the cockpit area, ensuring that any water that finds its way inside the kayak drains away easily. Paired with a simple-to-use drain plug, this kayak offers both fun and peace of mind, letting your kids enjoy their nautical adventures while you relax knowing they’re safe.

Pros and Cons


  1. Safety Features: The kayak has a scupper holes system for water drainage, providing parents an extra safety layer and peace of mind.
  2. Stability: The twin tunnel hull design offers excellent stability, making it secure and easy for children to navigate, as well as get in and out of the kayak.
  3. Durability: The high molecular weight polyethylene construction ensures the kayak’s high-impact resistance, promising longevity even with rough handling.
  4. Lightweight and Sized for Kids: At 20 lb and 6 ft, it’s perfectly proportioned for young paddlers, making it easier for them to maneuver.
  5. Complete Package: It comes with a seat and an aluminum paddle, so you’re ready to start your adventure immediately.
  6. Visibility: The vibrant orange color enhances the visibility of the water, adding to the safety features.


  1. Weight Limit: With a maximum weight capacity of 100 lb, older or heavier children might quickly outgrow the kayak.
  2. Material: While the high molecular weight polyethylene is durable and lightweight, it might not offer the same performance or feel as more premium materials, which could be a consideration for more advanced young paddlers.
  3. Single Seater: It’s designed for solo paddling, so it might not be suitable for activities that require tandem kayaking.
  4. Lack of Storage: There’s not enough storage space for gear or snacks during long trips on the water.
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Alright, wrapping this up – the Pelican Solo 6 Feet Youth Kayak is a super cool start for kids who wanna try out watersports. It’s got lots of safe bits, like holes that let water drain out and a super bright color, so parents can chill. Its design and sturdy build make it pretty stable for a smooth ride, boosting your kiddo’s confidence. Sure, it’s got a weight limit and there’s room for only one, but that’s cool because it’s made for the younger crowd. Even though there’s not a lot of space to stash stuff, you get a seat and a paddle in the deal, so it’s a bang for your buck. The Pelican Solo 6 Feet Youth Kayak is all about fun on the water and is a great way for kids to dive into the world of paddling.