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We the kayakers are always ready to roll with our kayaks. Kayaking is fun especially when it is winter. Each season has their own features and loves for the kayakers. However, most of the kayakers loves to go for a kayak patrolling whenever they have times. Some people like me are massive lover of Kayaking In Winter.

It’s the time of the year when everything turns into white. The winter has come and it has a different charm to the kayakers. Many kayakers like us loves to kayak in winter. Kayaking in winter has different feelings and there are several reasons to love kayaking in winter. We are going to share 10 points why we love kayaking in winter.

10 Reasons Why We love Kayaking In Winter

#1. Who doesn’t love some change?

The first reason why we love kayaking in winter is the change of a new season. it’s not like that we are having winter throughout the year but only for certain period of time.

#2. Who doesn’t loves less crowd?

One of the beauty of kayaking in winter is that there are less people in the outside. It makes people like me happy to see that there are few people on the water. Sometime you won’t even see a single kayaker or paddler on the water. Not everybody loves to kayak lonely but some people do. Sometimes it is necessary to sped some time lonely and winter helps us to do that.

#3.  Find peace

Winter makes everything look so peaceful and calm. Make some time for yourself and paddle through the calm water and find the peace.

#4. Challenge

Kayaking in winter is different than other times and it requires you to prepare for it. You need to take a good preparation to beat the cold weather, you need few extra accessories and make up your mind. These are small challenges that makes winter kayaking more beautiful.

#5. Hot Cocoa, Coffee and other food with beverages

I have always loved to take beverages on the kayaking tour. Now is the time coffee or hot cocoa will be more tasty. My cousin Sara loves to take sandwiches and other hot beverages while kayaking. However, you can get a travel coffee mug which will keep your coffee hot for hours.

#6 Cold Weather

It sucks to face the same weather for long time. This is why I love winter as it brings really cold weather to us. Kayaking in the cold weather will give you different feelings than other time.

Kayaking In Winter

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#7. Sight Seeing or different scenario

If you are going to kayak in the winter then you will be able to see different types of scenario than normal. The change of the new season brings the joy of seeing a different environment than usual. If possible try out the lakes beside mountains. it feels so good to kayak on such places. You can choose Lake powel in Utah or Twin lakes in Alaska. Indeed, we have an article on 10 Most Breathtaking Places In United States For Kayaking.

#8.Winter kayaking is magical

Everything feels magical on winter . When you get on your kayak you will be able to feel the magical presence of winter. You can pass the icebergs and ices beside your kayak and wonder how god made life so beautiful

#9.  Seeing Wildlife

The arrival of winter always makes an impact on the wildlife. They are busy to prepare for the winter and thus you may be able to watch them from closely.

#10. Camping on winter

Camping on winter is a different level of fun. You can go to camping with taking kayak for a tour and that will surely make you feel good. It’s a different type of fun which you won’t be able to do everyday. I have always loved to go to camping on winter and this time I am taking my kayak. I repeat don’t miss this adventure.

There are several reasons to love kayaking in winter. These are some of the reasons why I love winter kayaking and my fellas too. Don’t be lazy and start paddling !!!