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Top 5 Best Whitewater Kayaking Helmets 2017

Are you looking for the best whitewater kayaking helmets? If yes, then you have come to the right place. We are sharing the best helmets to use for whitewater kayaking.

Whitewater kayaking is a very popular water sport. It’s a sport where you will be paddling a kayak on a whitewater river’s moving water. Nowadays, many people are doing whitewater kayaking.

Even though whitewater kayaking is fun, but it requires you to take the proper security before you jump on it. Today we are going to share the best kayaking helmets for whitewater kayaking. These whitewater kayaking helmets have on simple things to do: protect your head and enhance your kayaking experience in whitewater.

Best Whitewater Kayaking Helmets 2017

Sweet Protection Rocker Fullface Helmet5
WRSI Current4.7
NRS WRSI Current Pro Helmet4.8
NRS WRSI Trident Composite Helmet4.8
Sweet Protection Wanderer Helmet4.5
NRS Havoc Livery Helmet4.4
Sweet Protection Strutter Helmet4.5
NRS Chaos Side Cut Helmet4.8

Sweet Protection Rocker Fullface Helmet

whitewater kayaking helmets
Sweet Protection Rocker Fullface Helmet

Sweet Protection’s Rocker Fullface helmet is our bet choice in case of safety and performance. From excellent outlook to super performance, this is the best helmet for whitewater. If you are that ruthless kayaker who loves challenges, or regularly charge the waterfalls & rapids, then this is the best helmet you will find on the market.


Rocker Fullface Helmet is undoubtedly the best whitewater kayaking helmet available in the market. It is made with Sweet Protection’s Thermoplastic Laminated Carbon shell technology. This technology makes sure to provide the maximum efficiency in accurate place. For example, the shell is softer in the crown area and stiffer along on the sides.


With the high impact and low weight EPP foam inside, this combination provides excellent versatile impact protection when needed. Sweet Protection’s Rocker Fullface helmet’s jaw guard is sturdy and protects your face and mouth. The drainage of this helmet is pretty cool; it drains very quickly.


If you are into creeking, then this is the best creeking helmet for you. Many creekers are using rocker helmet to protect their head. Creeking can be dangerous if you don’t take the necessary precaution.


If you are serious into whitewater kayaking, then you should get this kayaking helmet without any hesitation.

Best helmet for serious whitewater kayaking



  • TLC: Thermoplastic laminated carbon fiber technology for best elasticity, rigidity, and strength to the helmet
  • Sweet Protection’s CRP shell technology
  • ABS THERMOPLASTIC SHELL is super impact resistant via it’s special rubber toughened construction
  • OCCIGRIP no roll tensioning system ensures no roll forward or side-to-side movement and impact
  • EPP padding with EVA reinforcements
  • Fit pads for customized fit
  • Composite Jaw guard to protect your face, chin, mouth
  • Coolmax liner to keep you cool by allowing the user’s sweat to move rapidly away from skin
  • Coolmax liner dries quickly
  • Adjustable visor to protect user’s eye from spray and sun ray
  • available in several colors and sizes


  • Expensive

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NRS WRSI Current Pro Helmet

whitewater helmet
NRS WRSI Current Pro Helmet

WRSI’s full abbreviation is whitewater research and safety institute. This organization is founded to provide and develop whitewater safety awareness and technology. As a result, you can understand that they have a good authority on making whitewater helmets.


Best Budget friendly kayak helmet.


This is a great kayaking helmet by WRSI. This kayak helmet comes with a 3 layer impact absorption with carbon composite shell. Its shell material is ABS plastic with a polyurethane sub-shell. Current pro helmet comes with interconnect retention system, which holds the helmet in optimum place.


With the help of 9 custom-fit EVA custom fit kit, you will get great comfort and security. It’s lightweight, provides protection to your head and face, performs well. It even comes with a very reasonable price (see price) for the users.


  • Lightweight
  • 3 Layer impact absorption
  • Eva Foam liner
  • Interconnect retention system to keep the helmet in optimum position
  • Flow-through Visor will guard your eyes from sun and rain; also protects your face
  • Removable ear protection will protect your ears, provide warmth and reduce impact from waves
  • Compatible with WRSI Pinch Face Protection
  • stylish and effective design


  • sun brim might be seen while paddling

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NRS WRSI Trident Composite Helmet


WRSI Trident composite helmet is an another excellent helmet for kayakers. The best part of this kayak helmet is it’s stylish and rugged design.

Trident composite Helmet
Trident features a sleek design to make you feel comfortable. It is made of a rugged carbon composite shell which combines with an EVA foam liner and polyurethane sub-shell. This is to effectively disperse the impacts.


Trident comes with 9 pads with different thickness to easily make a custom fit using a hook-and-loop attachment system. Thus, it can be used by different sized people. Besides these, the WRSI Trident helmet uses “interconnect retention System adjustable harness” to provide a better safe and secure fit.



  • Sleek and stylish design
  • Carbon composite shell
  • EVA inner line
  • 9 adjustable fit pads
  • Visor/Sun brim
  • Interconnect retention system adjustment for a safe & secure fit


  • No ear protection

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Sweet Protection Wanderer Helmet

wanderer helmet for kayaking
Sweet Protection Wanderer Helmet

Want a good whitewater helmet but don’t want to spend crazy like the rocker helmet? Then you should get this Sweet wanderer helmet. It comes way less than the rocker yet possesses very good protection. This helmet’s carbon fiber reinforcement will keep your head safe on the water without added weight to it.

It has a high durability also, thanks to high-impact ABS shell. Unlike the strutter helmet, this one provides direct ventilation which will keep air flow on your head. Sweet protection’s Occigrip fit system will keep the helmet in an optimum position to provide protection to your head.

You can even put the self-adhesive fit pads in the shock absorbing line and the stitched liner to get the perfect fit protection for you. It has a certification for class I-IV (whitewater).



  • Very comfortable
  • great value for the price
  • Occigrip fit system keeps the helmet in optimum position
  • CRP technology used to provide better strength to weight ratio
  • Added pad can provide perfect fit
  • direct Ventilation system to flow air on the head
  • small sun brim
  • lightweight
  • shock absorbing EVA foam liner


  • not for extreme whitewater kayaking

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NRS Havoc Livery Helmet

cheap whitewater kayaking helmet
NRS Havoc Livery Helmet

This is the best cheap whitewater kayaking helmet. Usually, whitewater kayaking helmets are costly, but not this one. This helmet can protect almost all adults. This helmet comes with several colors to choose from. With the help of a knob, you can use the DialFit system to custom fit it.


It’s lightweight shell makes it easy for you to move without any hassle. One of the great features of this helmet is that it can be used by almost any adult. Its EVA protection liner provides great impact protection. In a nutshell, this is the best cheap whitewater kayaking helmet. However, if you are kayaking in risky whitewater environment, you should get sweet protection’s rocker or wanderer kayaking helmet.


Best cheap helmet for kayaking, rafting and boating



  • Very cheap price
  • Adjustable chin strap
  • Colorful
  • Same helmet can be used by almost any person
  • Lightweight
  • Eva foam liner for great impact protection


  • Fitting issues
  • No sun brimBuy From amazon

Sweet Protection Strutter Helmet

whitewater kayaking helmet
Sweet Protection Strutter Helmet for whitewater kayaking

Sweet Protection’s strutter helmet is a very popular helmet for whitewater kayakers. Strutter helmet comes with a baseball cap style design. Made of LFT (long fiber thermoplastic composite) & CRP (carbon-fiber-reinforced polymer) with EVA this helmet is great for whitewater kayaking. It has been certified for Class I-IV whitewater usage. It’s OcciGrip fit system is excellent. Because of the OcciGrip the fitting is very comfortable and the helmet won’t roll forward or side to side. I would recommend it for whitewater kayaking in a less risky environment. For advanced white water kayaking helmet, you can check the: Sweet Protection Wanderer Helmet (above review)


  • Sturdy and durable
  • made of LFT, CRP, and EVA
  • Eva foam liner is shock absorbing
  • CRP technology used to provide better strength to weight ratio
  • Occigrip fit system ensures a comfortable fit
  • Pad thickness added for easy fitting
  • integrated sun brim
  • baseball cap design


  • Not suitable for creeking
  • While paddling, you may see the sun brim
  • No adjustable vent

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I hope you have already found the perfect kayak helmet for your next epic journey. You can use these kayak helmet for rafting and creeking also. Safety is a very important issue, and it is highly advised to use a proper kayak helmet for the proper situation. Grab the suitable helmet and thrive in the water.

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