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We have previously written about why we love winter kayaking and now are once again writing to provide some quick tips about winter kayaking. No matter whether it is summer or winter, Kayaking is always enjoyable. However, kayaking in winter requires you to prepare for itself. We are going to share 10 quick tips about winter kayaking.

10 Quick Tips On winter Kayaking

#1. Wear Clothes that will beat winter

Since we are going kayaking in the cold weather, it is highly recommended to prepare for it. You should get enough appropriate clothes which will keep you warm on the water. Taking proper warm clothes will help you to stay warm & active on the water.

#2. Get warm winter gloves

If you are paddling then you should get a warm winter glove to prevent cold weather to slow down. There are warm gloves for winter which are waterproof (Waterproof touchscreen gloves for winter) and touchscreen-friendly.

#3. Take Extra Dry Clothes

It is always better to choose extra dry clothes for winter kayaking. Winter has cold windy weather and it will be worse if you get wet. Taking extra dry clothes will help you if you get soaked. Get a Dry bag to keep the clothes and gears dry.

#4. Take care of your feet with warm sock

No matter whether you are kayaking or paddling you should always take care of your feet in winter. In order to keep the feet warm, you need to get warm socks. See these cool warm socks to keep your feet warm on the kayak.

#5. Check for ice on the water

If you are kayaking in the winter, you will surely face many cubes of ice on the water. Be active and cautious as these ices may cause your kayak some trouble.

#6. Fishing on winter

Fishing in winter comes quite tough. If you are fishing on lakes where there are ices everywhere then need to get an ice fishing flasher. These ice fishing flashers will help you to locate fish easily. Check this popular Humminbird ICE-35 Three Color Flasher.

#7. Take Hot Beverages with snacks

One of the best things about winter kayaking is the hot beverages you can take in the kayak. It feels good to have a cup of hot coffee while kayaking. You should purchase a travel mug that will keep your coffee hot for hours.

#8. Get fueled up before paddling on winter

Kayaking in winter is tough and requires more energy than normal. It is recommended to get fueled up before going to kayak. Don’t let the stomach empty.

#9. Don’t forget to take GPS

If you are going to a rough environment then it’s a must to take the GPS machine or fishfinder with GPS.

#10. Always Wear PFD (personal floatation device)

Don’t forget to wear PFD. You may not like the outlook but it’s a lifesaver. You can even take snickers, torches, and other valuable important stuff with you on the journey. Check these best PFD for kayaking, Canoeing, and rafting.

We will keep providing tips for winter kayaking. Try to follow these tips about winter kayaking to make the kayaking experience better.