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Autumn is one of the best times to explore nature. One easy way of enjoying in autumn is getting into a kayak, and paddling through the water. Unlike the summer, you will find fewer people out there to make it more enjoyable if you love a peaceful paddling session. No matter if you are paddling or walking, you will see the leaves of the beautiful maple trees and gingko tree turning yellow and red. I can keep writing, but I think I have already made the point that kayaking in autumn is amazing. However, there is one catch, the cold weather. Kayaking in autumn is wholly different than kayaking in summer. You have to prepare for the weather and take some other necessary steps to enjoy the beauty of the autumn kayaking.

Paddle in the afternoon

Usually, in the autumn, the weather gets warm in the afternoon. Therefore, it is wise to take advantage of the midday temperature, and kayak in the afternoon. If you decide to kayak in the afternoon, you get a lot of time in the morning to prepare for the kayaking trip. However, if it is not convenient for you to kayak in the afternoon, try to choose a time of the day, where the weather is warmer than usual.

Dress up properly

As of October starts, the weather starts to become colder. The water is not warm like the summer. If you dip your toe into the water, you will understand what I am talking about. Kayaking is a water sport, and whatever the preventive measures you take, you will definitely in touch with the water. Don’t worry, I am not suggesting you wear a swimsuit, but to dress up moderately so that even if you are in the water, you don’t feel the cold that much. 

Choose your clothes wisely. Try to choose a shirt, pants, and underwear made of quick-dry fabrics. As the cotton traps moisture and clings to your shirt, it is wise to avoid them. If the water is already too cold, you can try the kayaking wet-suits. Just try not to create a lot of splash with the kayak paddle.

Get a GPS for navigation

Wondering in the wilderness is fun unless you get yourself lost without a GPS or a smartphone. By bringing a smartphone with GPS features will help you navigate remote areas or in the dark. Safety should always be the primary concern when you are exploring places you don’t know properly. Surely, most of the smartphone available in the market comes with GP features. But the batteries of these smartphones are questionable. They die pretty fast. I strongly suggest getting a handheld GPS with a strong battery life. Most of the times, they even come with additional features to make exploring more fun and enjoyable. See these best kayak GPS.

Don’t kayak with an empty stomach

Let’s get one thing straight – do not paddle with an empty stomach. Kayaking takes a lot of energy, and if you are hungry, you will not have enough strength to paddle or enjoy the trip. This doesn’t mean that you need to eat a lot but getting some light snacks will also do the job. Also, try to hydrate whenever you have time while paddling. If you are well fed and hydrated, you will be able to paddle with ease. Carbohydrates along with the rich foods will give you the energy and warmth. Just in case, if the water is cold, you will be better off with an empty stomach. Also, if you are paddling in a cold night, it is wise to bring a vacuum sealed flask with your favorite warm beverage like coffee, hot chocolate or cider. However, do not consume alcohol while paddling.

Rent a good kayak

A lot of seasonal kayakers rent kayaks instead of buying. This helps them to save some money and eliminates the hassle of managing the kayak in the garage. If you are living in an area where renting kayaks are popular, try to rent the kayak before the season starts. In this way, you get the best deals while having the opportunity to choose a good kayak for your type of paddling. If you are a recreational kayaker, try to choose a kayak with excellent stability and durability. Try to spend a little bit extra money to get some cool features like a cup holder or extra storage. Just in case you are into buying a kayak, try to get the best kayak at the market.

Get a sit-in-kayak

Personally, I love sit-on-top kayaks. But in the colder weather, it is wise to get a sit-in-kayak to have warmth. Sit-in-kayaks are more comfortable than sit-on-top kayaks in a colder area. Usually, the wind passes by, and the kayaker gets a cozy feeling.

Choose locations wisely: Lake, River, or Ocean

Choosing the best spot for kayaking can be tough for a lot of people. The primary reason is not being able to know what to expect from different types of locations. You can try lakes, rivers, ocean, or even the backyard pond. There are some fantastic kayaking spots where you get to see a lot of natural scenarios along with some wildlife. I am a big fan of kayaking in the river where the mountain is nearby. It makes me feel the vastness of the world and helps me enjoy. Try to learn the know-how of different types of kayaking spots and choose accordingly. Check these best rivers for kayaking in the United States.

Safety is number one priority

Safety. Safety should be the number one priority when doing outdoor activities. Water sports are fun, but any bad thing can happen, and taking preventive measures are the best thing one can do when kayaking. Try to get a life jacket or a PFD when going kayaking. If you are bringing your dogs with you, get a life jacket for your dog too.

Pack Wisely

Packing is an art. My mom knows what to pack, and possibly, I am the worst packer in the world. Try to bring the necessary items and leave the stuff that you won’t need. Don’t make the backpack heavy and keep it lightweight by bringing the necessary things only. Try to bring a sunglass, warm hat, sunscreen, shorts, and more. Keep your electronics in a dry bag to keep them safe.

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