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Top 10 Best Rivers For Kayaking In United States

Not everybody likes to kayak in calm water. Some people are more adventurous than others. Some people are born to fight in the wild, explore the beauty of nature, go for adventures.

There are numerous kayakers who loves to paddle on rivers. Kayaking on river is way more fun and adventurous than paddling on lakes. United states is big and there are many many rivers which are ready for kayaking. In order for sight seeing and enjoying the mother beauty you can go for kayaking in these rivers.

Life is short but you need to have maximum fun in this short span of life. When you grew up old, you will look back and you will say that you have lived a hell of a life. Let’s grab a best kayak or canoe and explore the beauty of nature.

Kayaking in river may be challenging, enjoying and fun. Every river has their own rules which you need to abide by. Each river ranges a difficulty from Class I to Class VI rapids. You need to figure out whether you are looking for a normal sight seeing journey or an adventurer and get prepared for it. Class I means that your grandma can kayak while class VI represents the roughest one.


Important Note: 

  1. Always wear PFD (best inflatable jackets)
  2. Know what you are doing
  3. Get the best kayak, canoe for the adventure
  4. If you are taking trips then fuel up your wallet
  5. Leave your wallets and car keys to the check post

Top 10 Best Rivers For Kayaking In United States

#1. Chattooga River , South Carolina/Georgia

chattooga river kayaking
Chattooga River

Class ranges : III to IV in different section

This river is one of the best place for kayaking in USA. It’s  free flowing stream will make you feel the beauty of nature. With various sections on different classes it will surely be an epic adventure of your life. While kayaking or canoeing you can see the the beauty of wild nature. It is one of the most popular national wild and scenic river. From kayaking to whitewater rafting, it surely is one of the best place for adventure.


#2. Tuolumne River

kayaking in Tuolumne River
Tuolumne River

Class ranges : IV-V+

Tuolumne River is situated just outside of the Yosemite National park. This place is very popular for rafting. Note that the clavey river is a very tough place for kayaking. As a result even though this is a public space ,but very few kayakers are seen each year.

People who loves whitewater adventure will be pleased with this river. It’s wild and scenic sights are incredibly awesome. Every year thousands of people around the world comes to see the beauty of this place. I have this in my wishlist.

#3. Colorado River, Arizona

rafting spot on arizona
Colorado River, Arizona

Class range : Class I-IV

Colorado river goes through the Grand Canyon. From river rafting to lake kayaking in lake powell it has so many things to offer you. If you are into hiking and mountain biking then you should be super exited for this trip. You will be able to watch many things on the journey. There are many agencies who offers luxury trips also. This trip can be week long and may be more if you want to see the local spots.

#4. Salmon River, Idaho

kayaking spot in united states
Salmon River (Idaho)

Sections: Middle Fork (Class III-IV), Main Salmon (Class III), Lower Salmon (Class III)

Salmon river is a very popular spot for whitewater kayaking, rafting & canoeing. This river is known as The River of No Return. While kayaking you will be able to see amazing views of nature. The area includes deepest canyons in the continental United States.

Close cities: Stanley, Clayton, Salmon, Riggins & white bird.

#5. Youghiogheny River

Youghiogheny River
Youghiogheny River. PC:

Class: II-V

Youghiogheny river is a quiet short river for kayaking. It is 134 mile long on the west Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania. Youghiogheny river is an amazing place for kayaking, canoeing and rafting. From newbie kayakers to professional kayaker, this river offers great scene and views to the kayakers.

If you are totally newbie then you should kayak on the slower side of the river beside conellsville.

#6. The Everglades, Florida

kayaking spot in florida
The Everglades, Florida

The everglades is a natural region in the southern portion of Florida. Every year thousands of people comes to this place for kayaking, canoeing and sight seeing. From landscapes to beautiful rivers this place is a heaven for outdoor lovers. No matter whether you love peaceful or thrilling adventure, it has got everything for you.

You can choose several river spots or via the guides to find the perfect place for you. In a nutshell this will be one of the best paddle journey you will remember till your last day. Beautiful birds and sea creatures will entertain you on your paddling journey.

Gauley River

rafting in Gauley River
rafting in Gauley River

Class range: IV-V

Gauley River is situated in West Virginia. This popular white water kayaking river is 105 mile long and it merges to several rivers on it’s way through. Many paddlers come to this river for whitewater paddling and it offers great scenic view to them beside paddling experience. It’s basically popular for rafting purposes though recreational boaters loves to take any chance to hop in this river.


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